The Humanware Explore 8 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

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The Humanware Explore 8 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

What is the Explore 8?

The Explore 8 is an HD touch-screen magnifier designed to help empower those living with low vision. It is smaller, lighter and more cost effective than most 7-inch handheld magnifiers available today while offering more than 30 percent larger images at unmatched image quality. Furthermore, its user friendly software was specifically created with mobile users in mind.

It is the lightest and simplest portable magnifier with two 21-megapixel cameras to provide superior magnification with advanced features like color enhancement, contrast control and image stabilization that make reading anywhere effortless.

This device was designed with low vision users in mind, from its sleek yet robust reading stand that sets up in seconds to its customizable functions like preferred zoom level settings and automatic toggle that switches easily between desktop and distance viewing; plus HDMI compatibility for quick connection to large-screen TVs; its LED lights power off automatically when raised; plus auto shutoff provides additional safety measures.

Ideal for work and school environments, the LG G Flex 2 can enhance your reading, watching and gaming experiences with apps on smartphones or tablets. Plus, its text-to-speech and OCR capabilities let you have documents or webpages read aloud to you!

What is the Battery Life?

Humanware Explore 8 handheld electronic magnifiers are our latest innovation. Providing smaller, lighter, more affordable versions than most seven-inch magnifiers on the market while offering larger screens that will make life much simpler – they make life simpler for users!

The Explore 8 is compact yet packed with power, featuring an Ultra HD screen for comfortable reading and cutting-edge features that keep your vision sharp on the go. Its touch-screen is simple to navigate while its twin 21MP cameras offer outstanding image quality.

This smart and portable magnifier is perfect for active people with mild to medium-severe low vision who require variable magnification and contrast enhancement. Its light weight and ease of use makes it suitable for use anywhere – at home, the office or wherever it may be needed.

Diamond Edge Text technology automatically outlines letters within seconds, maintaining sharp and clean lines even when magnifying them – an advantage many other video magnifiers lack, making the difference between just seeing dots and understanding words.

The 3.5-inch touch-screen provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience designed to be as intelligent as it is simple. Its intelligent software was specifically created with mobile users in mind; therefore this handheld magnifier easily adapts to any lifestyle or environment – from reading restaurant menus to solving crossword puzzles!

It features a sleek and streamlined design with a durable reading stand that quickly sets up in seconds, designed for ergonomic comfort. Plus, HDMI compatibility means quick and effortless connections to any large-screen TV for hands-free viewing! Other handy features include automatic toggle for desktop/distance viewing selection as well as LEDs that turn off automatically upon device being raised up, plus auto shutoff to provide peace of mind.

What is the Weight?

The Humanware Explore 8 is the lightest touch-screen portable electronic magnifier available, designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible for people with low vision to use, and includes advanced features to make life simpler for its users. While lightweight, this magnifier is very durable and suitable for multiple situations.

Another outstanding aspect of this device is that it can be used hands-free. This feature makes this ideal for readers of books or newspapers who need both hands free yet still want to see text clearly, as well as people performing other two-handed tasks such as nail clipping or replacing batteries in other devices.

There are various handheld video magnifiers on the market, such as tablets, smart magnifiers and desktop models. Each type offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks; to find one best suited to you it is important to fully understand these differences before making your selection. For example, tablet video magnifiers are typically larger in size and designed for use on flat surfaces; though they may be difficult to transport they provide a more versatile viewing experience than some alternatives.

Humanware offers several handheld video magnifiers, including the Explore 8 and 5, that are both designed for ease of use. Both come equipped with advanced software designed specifically to make mobile use simple; in particular, the Explore 8 stands out as particularly user-friendly with intuitive buttons and a large touchscreen making navigation straightforward.

If you are in the market for a humanware explore 8, it’s advisable to contact a blindness and low vision store or assistive technology supplier near your location. They may be able to show you different models before helping you select one that best meets your needs and train you on how to use the device while answering any queries that arise.

What is the Size?

Optic magnifiers made of curved glass allow users to move around the reading material more freely while seeing more at one time, making portable electronic magnifiers ideal for short-term reading tasks such as looking at thermostats or menus while out and about, or illuminating wordsearch puzzles or crosswords. Known as digital or portable video magnifiers, these devices range in size from five inches up to tablets; their compact form makes them easy to travel with; typically coming complete with carrying cases to keep them protected during transit.

Optic magnifiers tend to be more costly, but these devices also provide several distinct advantages over others models. Their primary advantage lies in being portable – meaning you can take them with you anywhere! Therefore, they are great options for use at school, work, shopping centers and restaurants alike.

Humanware’s Explore 8 handheld electronic magnifier is an innovative device created with mobile users in mind that boasts numerous features and functions in an easily portable package. Boasting close up and distance viewing capabilities as well as two 21-megapixel cameras to meet all your magnifying needs, this magnifier also features touchscreen and button controls, built-in stand, 4.5 hours of battery life and more!

Humanware offers another handheld magnifier with an attractive slim and compact design: the Explore 5. With its light frame and premium glass material, this unit can easily be carried around to perform simple tasks such as reading menus or bills hands-free – ideal for reading menus or bills from car windows! Or use it enlarge small print items or catch sight of an address label from outside a vehicle window.

Finding a portable magnifier tailored to your individual needs is paramount in selecting one. While some units require training or more advanced features, others can still provide excellent magnification with basic functionality. Consult a specialist about which unit would best meet them all!

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