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The newest low vision device from Zoomax is the Luna 6 portable electronic video magnifier. It is a 6-inch pocket-sized magnifier that you can conveniently use everywhere you go.

The Luna 6 is a functional but stylish visual aid that helps poor vision individuals who want to continue participating in visual activities in daily life. It has a comfortable grip and a special wireless charging capability.



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Custom Wireless Charger For People With Severe Vision

The zoomax Luna 6 video magnifier offers two ways to charge it. To charge the Luna 6, you may use either a wireless charger or a direct connection with the adapter.

People with severe low vision who may find it difficult to accurately plug in the charge port will be glad to use the wireless charging option.

Placing the Luna 6 on the wireless charger allows for a fast and simple charging, after which everything is ready to go.

Luna 6 wireless charging

Easily Operated With a Robust Built-In Handle

The Luna 6 has a strong integrated grip that significantly eases reading for those with vision impairment. A Luna 6 can magnify up to 19 times and is as simple to carry as a regular magnifying glass. For elders, using the Luna 6 is simple even with trembling hands since the handle can securely maintain any position required. Close the handle and open the stand to convert the Luna 6 from handheld to desktop if you’d rather set it down on a table.

Luna 6 handle

The Luna 6 Has A 5 Hour Battery Life

Since having poor vision makes it easier to live a visually rich life, Luna 6’s remarkable 5-hour battery life frees you up to concentrate on what matters rather than when to charge it. The Luna 6 has one of the best battery lives among portable electronic video magnifiers currently available. Looking through the family photo album, a book, recipes, or filling out a form… Luna 6 is always willing to assist! It is consistently the greatest low vision reading aid for you.

Reading with Luna 6

To Carry Around, It Must Be Slim And Lightweight

A grip, a 13-megapixel camera, a large battery, an HD screen, and more Amazingly, the features are all fitted into a 6-inch little body. With a weight of.46 lb (comparable to a mobile phone) and a less-than-half-inch-thin design, Luna 6 may easily be slipped into your pocket, carried about, and used to view things wherever you are. Of course, a handy carrying case is a required component!

Luna 6 with handle

Outstanding image quality for viewing and reading

The Luna 6 has amazing functionality, but it also has a pleasant reading design in addition to its superb picture quality. The text remain very obvious in high contrast color even when you move while reading a book. The visual of reading a recipe on Luna 6 is as vivid as cooking. The edge is still crisp even when the text is greatly enlarged. a need for someone with reduced eyesight to keep engaging in daily visual activities they like.

Luna 6 picture quality



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