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Have you been told nothing else can be done by your optometrist or retinal specialist? This just isn’t true! There is hope! Although it may be true from a medical and surgical standpoint it absolutely isn’t true relating to functional vision. There are many things we can do and tools to help.


Get all the information regarding low vision condition, low vision aids, support information for a family member suffering with Macular Degeneration and other Low vision diseases. Empowered with information you can then get access to a Low Vision Specialist near you.

Being visually impaired doesn’t mean you cannot do your daily activities. A Low Vision Aid can help you keep an independent life style.

Low vision specialist can help you setup your home in a way that provides a safe environment. Low vision devices will give you the confidence to live by yourself in your own home. 

Our bioptic telescope glasses will allow you to safely see street signs and pass your driver’s test.

Microscope glasses, handheld magnifiers and other electronic low vision aids make reading possible again.

Want to know more about Low Vision?

Low vision condition can’t be corrected by ordinary glasses or contact lenses. It is a condition of vision loss that cannot be reverted by surgery. Low vision patients experience blind spots, blurry sight, and poor night vision. Although Low vision mostly occurs during old age, younger adults and children might also suffer from this impaired vision condition.

Explore more about Our Low Vision Aids

Low vision aids assist patients suffering from low vision condition. Patients can notice significantly improved vision performance when using prescribed low vision aids. Low vision patients can get back to enriched experience of their daily activities and start reliving their independent lives. Vision impairment can be felt as a thing of the past.


Did you know that while caring for a visually impaired person you should always treat them normally without showing any pity? If you are a caregiver, you have a special responsibility toward a visually impaired patient. In addition to ensuring their safety, you have the onus to find a low vision specialist who can diagnose their low vision condition and prescribe corrective low vision aids.

Explore Low Vision Solutions

We are committed to providing people with vision loss a high functioning, high quality of life. Helping our patients maintain independence, mobility and safety. We specialize in prescribing low vision aids that are hands free and the most optically advance devices available. Our member doctors do this with compassion, integrity and with the most education and professionalism in the industry.

Need personal assistance?

Our group of low vision specialists are highly experienced in identifying your visual loss condition and prescribing the most suitable low vision aid.

What Our Client Says

Our clients have spoken about our network of low vision specialists. Both low vision patients and caregivers have said that our group of specialists are problem solvers and experts.

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Low Vision Specialists provide prescriptions for low vision aids and products for the legally blind and visually impaired