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IrisVision Inspire is a ground-breaking assistive technology that allows users to live independently, participate in virtual vision rehabilitation, and remain connected to people, physicians, and daily activities. 

Irisvision is now available in a much lighter and less bulky headset called Inspire. 

Inspire is a new, lightweight headset that incorporates IrisVision’s award-winning software and is intended for anybody with poor vision who wants to make the most of their vision. 

Inspire is a smaller and less bulky wearable software platform that provides low-vision users with functional sight. Inspire is an all-in-one, all-distance, and autofocus solution built for intuitive ease-of-use by the same team that created the multiple award-winning IrisVision Live headset. 

Only Inspire provides a developing software platform that includes two years of unlimited cellular data to keep customers connected and supported no matter where they are. 

Inspire's Dimensions

  • Width: 6.5”  
  • Height: 2.6” 
  • Temple: 7.8” 
  •  Inspire weighs only 172 grams or .38 lbs. 

Inspire's Features

  • It comes with a comfortable, soft eye guard that can be removed for certain conditions and can provide complete blocking of the peripheral light if needed.
  • The PD can also be adjusted for the best user experience.  
  • 70 degrees of field of view 
  • Capable of 14x of magnification 

The Irisvision Live

 The Irisvision Live is still available in the wearable headset and uses a cellphone mounted in the headset. It is much larger and bulkier but about 1/3 less expensive. 

Ease of Use

Using the Irisvision is a breeze with voice activated controls like “reading or distance mode”, “Zoom in” or “zoom out and “reduce brightness”.  This vibrant, high-definition vision delivers quick auto focus and an industry-leading 70° field of view with up to 14X magnification for distant, intermediate, and close work. 

For distant, midrange, and near tasks, this bright, high-definition vision provides rapid auto focus and the largest available, 70° field of view with up to 14X magnification.  This makes it useable for outdoor activities such as walking, navigating, watching TV or sporting events. Doing hobbies at intermediate distances or reading and writing.  Now with the new lightweight Inspire model it can be worn longer and more comfortably. 

 It comes with a cellular data plan and unlimited data and wifi, making it easy to connect with the customer support team along with loved ones. So not only does IrisVision help you to see but it helps keep you connected socially and even medically with remote telehealth features. 


The All new Inspire costs $3995 and the IrisVision Live is $2995 

 They both come with a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day evaluation period in which you can return it. 

 Each unit comes with: 

  • The headset 
  • Display unit  
  • Headset lanyard 
  • Charger and cable 
  • Training guides 
  • Headstrap 
  • Ear Clips 

 The company offers free remote support and software updates along with one-on-one coaching. 


1. Does insurance cover the Irisvision? 

Most insurance companies don’t cover this device; however, some grants and financing may be available.

2. “Can I drive with the Irisvision?”

Unfortunately, as good as this is, peripheral vision is not enough to safely drive a car

3. Will I be embarrassed to wear this? 

If aesthetics is a big concern for you then you should opt for the new Inspire model. It is much smaller sleek and visually appealing; however, the Live model just looks like you’re wearing a VR device, its about form and function and not fashion.

4. How long will this last or when will it need to be replaced?

It is an electronic device so care will need to be taken with it. With proper care and software updates, it should last you many years.

5. Do I need a prescription for the Irisvision? 

You do not need a prescription for the irisvision, however seeing a low vision specialist before purchasing is recommended, they can help you navigate whether the device is right for you and that it will meet your needs and expectations.

6. Will the IrisVision work for me?

Depending on your visual acuity and the severity of the issue, the IrisVision may help people of all ages and with a wide range of eye disorders.

7. Can I buy the device for my relative? 

Absolutely! Just make sure they are willing and able to learn and use innovative technology. They should be able to use a smartphone efficiently.

8. What is the return and 30-day evaluation policy? 

IrisVision and their personal coaches will work with you all the way through the process to provide the best possible results for your requirements and objectives, including setting expectations and assisting you in determining your alternatives. The 30-day assessment period at IrisVision begins on the first day of coaching or six weeks after the ship date, whichever comes first. If IrisVision Live isn’t the best fit for you or a loved one, please contact them for a return authorization number so you may begin and trace the return process. It may take time and effort on both sides to become acclimated to technology. As a result, if you finish your three coaching sessions, you will get a full refund.

9. Is there any help still available after the coaching?

Customer support and training videos are always available even after your coaching period is over. If you want to return right away, there is a $295 assessment and coaching cost that will be removed from your total payment. This price is applicable to all pricing plans (excluding Priority Shipping and/or international shipping rates).

10. How long does the battery last? 

The battery life of the Inspire is 3 to 4 hours. On continuous usage, it can last 3+ hours, and on standby, it can last 8-10 hours.  When you are not utilizing the IrisVision, you should turn it off if possible.

11. How do you charge the Irisvision?

We do not suggest charging the Inspire Phone by connecting it to a computer. Using the charging wire and wall socket, make sure that the Foldable Stand-Up Charger is plugged into electricity. Put the Inspire Phone on the charger after disconnecting it from the Inspire glasses. A steadily flickering blue light indicates that the device is charging properly; a flashing green light indicates that the device is misaligned; and a steady green light indicates that the charger is on standby. You may also use the connection from the Foldable Stand-Up Charger with the micro-USB type C adapter that comes with the wireless charging pad as an option. After separating the Inspire Phone from the glasses, connect it to the Inspire Phone and plug it into an outlet. The Inspire Phone will charge quicker if you use this approach, generally within an hour.

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