EZReader System

EZReader System

How and where to purchase?

Purchasing is easy

Purchase securely online. Just click on Buy Now at newvisionconcepts.com or call for more information.

Gary Beene

New Vision Concepts


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Purchasing is easy

How it works​

If you purchase the complete system the software comes pre-loaded. Simply plug in the computer and turn it on. You will schedule a training session to go over the functions and choose the apps you’ll use most to go in the large font tool bar at the bottom of the screen.  One click launches the app and you’re off and running.

What is EZReader?

EZReader combines a touch screen computer, document camera, and proprietary software package with over 75 applications for vision-impaired people.

What is EZReader

EZReader makes the computer easy to see and extremely easy to use.

With custom applications such as a book reader, email client, camera viewer, text editor, games and more, EZReader supports the needs of Seniors and low vision users:

• Minimal Computer Skills Needed
• Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Operation • Clean, Simple Screen Designs
• Unlimited Text Size
• High Contrast Colors
• Text-to-Speech
• Voice Dictation

EZReader makes the computer easy to see


What makes EZReader different?


  • 75+ low vision apps  
  • Provides apps that contain magnification/speech 
  • i3, 4GB recommended (works on stick PC) 
  • Hardware included in the cost 
  • Minimal learning curve 
  • Simple operation 
  • Touch-screen support 
  • Gesture support 
  • Text and Background Color control 
  • Very low visual complexity 
  • Easy access to Windows Ease-of-Use features
  • Alternate Internet access and operation
  • Magnified Windows taskbar 

Other Devices

  • No low vision apps
  • Applies magnification/speech to separately purchased apps
  • i7, 16GB recommended
  •  Very high learning curve
  • Complicated operation
  • No Touch-screen support
  • No gesture support (application dependent)
  • No text color control
  • Increases visual complexity
  • No specific access to Ease-of-Use features
  • No specific Internet access/use features
  • No magnified Windows taskbar



  1. EZReader apps have an extremely visually-simple user interface (very low visual clutter), making it much easier for low vision users to see the various onscreen elements
  2. Larger fonts, high contrasting colors, text-to-speech and voice dictation are built into EZReader applications. 3rd party software is not required to provide these features.
  3. EZReader software applications are significantly easier to learn and to use. The apps are written specifically for low vision users.
  4. EZReader provides an unusually generous level of tech support.  Low vision users typically need more help than sighted uses.
  5. There are 75+ applications, meaning that there is a low vision application for virtually all primary user computer needs
  6. Several EZReader applications make it easier to using existing Windows applications (such as one-touch Internet access, one-touch Ease-of-Use magnification, one-touch restart or reboot, etc. )
  7. The All-in-One PC is an upgrade for most users. They get better performance and a larger screen as part of the EZReader system.
  1. EZReader consists of just me and I’m 70 years old. At this time, if I die my users lose tech support and future upgrades.  As best my doctors tell me, I’m in reasonably good health and there are no known major flaws in the software but my absence would definitely leave my customers on their own at this time.
  2. EZReader can be installed and used on a laptop but the small laptop screen is counter-productive for low vision users.
  3. EZReader applications do not have all features that “big iron” apps offer.  For example, my Email Client does not offer subfolders.  Also, my Spreadsheet client does not support graphs and tables. However, the smaller feature sets helps enable visual and operational simplicity.
  4. The default camera is a point-down camera. It is not suitable for distance-viewing, which someone in a student environment might want. I do have an option for a more expensive optical zoom camera that would serve that purpose.

EZReader Specs

  1. All-in-One Touch-screen PC – typically an 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 11 PC. Exact system specification may vary according to availability or decisions by New Vision Concepts on which PC is most compatible with EZReader software.
  2. Digital camera capable of up to 8X magnification.  Minimum HD resolution sensor. USB connections, powered by PC. Note: EZReader can access any USB camera that is attached to the PC, including the built-in PC webcam.
  3. Keyboards –Standard wired, high contrast wired, and wireless
  4. EZReader Software Suite – over 75 different applications specifically written for low vision users.
SystemEZTaskBar, EZCenterBar, EZWinBar, App Selector, Remote Control
PowerShut Down PC, Restart PC
CameraCamera Viewer
Office AppsBook Reader, Text Editor, Email
Office Apps (Lite)Contacts, Calendar, Email-Lite, Text Editor-Lite
ColorsColor Selector, Binary Colors, High Contrast
MagnificationZoom In, Zoom Out, Exit Zoom, Magnification Type
SoundVolume Dialog, Mute Speakers, Mute Microphone, JukeBox, 
ImagesScreen Capture, Text Extraction, View Clipboard, Speak Clipboard, Image Gallery
Folders and FilesFolder Explorer, File Explorer
UtilitiesWeather, EyeChart, Piano, Online Chat, User Colors, Calculator
GridGrid, Graph
InternetBookmarks, Google Search, URL Search
URL Pre-setsUser-Defined URL Links (10)
Smart PhoneAndroid Phone Magnifier
GamesSolitaire, Slider, Mines, Find Words, Match, Whack-a-Mole, Maze, Asteroids, Puzzle, UnSnarl
SpecialStandAlone Text Editor
Screen SaversMatrix Screen Saver, Dark Screen Saver
File ManagementOnline Update, Backup, Wipe Flash, Import Files, Export Files Contacts Import
UtilitiesTimer, Alarm
CursorsCenter Cursor, CrossHair, Cursor Sonar, Cursor Trails