EZReader System

EzReader System

What is EZReader?

EZReader combines a touch screen computer, document camera, and proprietary software package with over 75 applications written specifically to allow vision-impaired users to easily see and use a computer!

What do technology experts think about EZReader?

Here’s what Sam Seavey, a leading reviewer of low vision technologies, has to say about EZReader. Having been blind since a young age, Sam puts a personal perspective in his reviews.

EZReader makes the computer easy to see and extremely easy to use.

With custom applications such as a book reader, email client, camera viewer, text editor, games and more, EZReader supports the needs of Seniors and low vision users:

• Minimal Computer Skills Needed
• Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Operation • Clean, Simple Screen Designs
• Unlimited Text Size
• High Contrast Colors
• Text-to-Speech
• Voice Dictation

EZ Reader software for the visually impaired and low vision

“Don’t know what I’d do without it!” … Helen, Mesquite



“It’s given me back my independence!” … Donna, Nevada

Here’s an introduction to EZReader from Gary Beene, creator of the EZReader system.

Getting Started:

The full system is delivered with all software loaded, ready to run immediately.  A single power plug and wifi access are all that is needed. A remote training session is provided to learn how to use the EZReader applications.


Purchase securely online at:


EZReader System (27” PC, Camera, Software)      $3900

EZReader Software only                                         $1550

Standard Document Camera                                  $650

EZReader includes free lifetime software upgrades, 6 months of free tech support and a 9 month warranty on all hardware.

For additional help or questions, contact New Vision Concepts (Gary Beene) 214-668-9913.

EZReader Specs

  1. All-in-One, touch-screen, Win 11 PC (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)
  2. Digital camera capable of up to 8X magnification. 
  3. High-contrast, wireless keyboard and mouse
  4. EZReader software – over 75 different applications written specifically for low vision users. The most used applications include a Kindle book reader, email client, camera viewer and internet access utilities.See the list of all applications at New Vision Concepts.