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BrailleNote Touch, a mobile app developed for smartphones and tablets that provides text-to-speech for blind and low vision users, is one such technology. Another solution is Communicator, a small handheld device capable of reading any document or web page – including books and magazines! – with text to speech capability for blind or low vision users, connecting directly to computers for email and social networking access as well as featuring built-in microphone for use in noisy environments; compatible with voice assistants as well as digital hearing aids.

Store humanware offers various products designed to help those with low vision stay connected, use their computers and stay healthy. Products sold by authorized dealers come with training on how to use them; additionally, humanware offers support and maintenance services so customers can make the most of their purchases.

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BrailleNote Touch

Humanware’s BrailleNote Touch notetaker/tablet combines the simplicity and power of notetaking devices with that of modern tablets to offer students and professionals alike an engaging digital experience. Running Android, KeySoft provides an interactive and immersive user experience.

The touchscreen allows for dynamic communication between teachers and students, bringing classroom life. It features an ultra-fast processor to ensure fast and quiet operation that’s ideal for assignment writing and graphics creation. You can download books and videos from cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive as well as sync emails, contacts and calendars with KeyMail.

KeySoft menu users can use to easily add multiple email accounts to their BrailleNote BT device, with each account featuring its own POP and SMTP servers, user names and passwords, etc. Once entered into their accounts, users can decide whether each downloaded email should be removed from service after it has been successfully downloaded or left there so it can be read by other devices later. SMTP authentication can also be enabled using BrailleNote BT.

Our convenient user interface and patented touch braille technology make this notetaker user-friendly for both students and teachers, and its powerful processor provides a smooth experience that keeps users connected to their digital world. It easily translates printed text to Braille and works with standard keyboards – making it an economical yet durable choice that will grow with learners as they progress in learning.

The BrailleNote Touch Plus is the newest notetaker available, packed with educational tools to aid student learning. It’s also an ideal choice for professional use; its user-friendly interface and enhanced Android experience offer enhanced experience for users requiring assistance, including full access to Exchange, POP or IMAP email accounts.

Brailliant BI

The Brailliant BI is an advanced, 40-cell refreshable braille display that revolutionizes connectivity and productivity. Leveraging Bluetooth 5 wireless technology, its doubled pairing speed and quadrupled range enable more reliable connections that enhance stability – not to mention being the first braille display to incorporate text-to-speech, creating an almost hybrid notetaking experience for its users.

The Brailliant is a lightweight, portable, ergonomically designed device compatible with most major screen reader software packages. Featuring an 8-dot Perkins keyboard with HumanWare’s signature thumb keys for effortless reading and discreet note taking. Equipped with 32GB internal storage for file management and translation capability as well as onboard translation functionality for easier file editing; compatible with multiple file types including docx, txt, htm and pdf formats it can also connect external devices through USB or Bluetooth connections for use as stand alone devices or connected via USB/Bluetooth connection for further expansion of its capabilities.

The Brailliant features a compact, foldable design and aluminum housing to make it perfect for travel. You can carry it easily in your pocket or backpack and it is user friendly even while on the move – plug it into a laptop computer to read, play games or use other applications!

This product is the ideal solution for people living with vision loss who wish to remain productive, connected and mobile. The newly designed rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of uninterrupted reading. Compatible with popular screen readers and featuring an application suite to increase productivity. Finished off in style with a stylish leather case for protection and easy transporting capabilities – the Brailliant BI provides all these capabilities at an unbeatably competitive price point!

This ergonomically-designed portable device connects simultaneously with six devices through Bluetooth or USB-C connections, giving users access to internal applications and online libraries – perfect for personal or professional use! Compatible with iOS devices, KeySoft Lite suite allows for customization of main menu, thumb keys, braille table settings and auto-scroll settings to meet individual user needs.

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