Vision Buddy TV Watching System V3

Headset V3 for Vision Buddy’s TV-watching system plus TV hub and computer link The first TV watching system for visually impaired people with eye diseases such macular degeneration, glaucoma, stargardt’s, retinitis pigmentosa, and others, Vision Buddy was developed. With the capacity to zoom in and out, high definition TV material is streamed directly from your TV to the goggles, giving you a movie theater experience right in your living room. Because the content is wirelessly projected onto the headset display, neither you nor a loved one needs to fixate on the TV. Describe Vision Buddy. The first ultra-simple television watching system for the blind is called Vision Buddy (patent pending). Watch live TV on the Vision Buddy headset by connecting the Vision Buddy Streamer to an existing cable TV box or any other TV provider. specifically created for a variety of low vision eye disorders, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, Glaucoma, and Age-Related Macular Degeneration. To simulate a movie theater experience in your living room, zoom in or out. Click a button to enter the camera/magnification mode and view the surroundings. It’s that easy! What options are there? The goal of Vision Buddy is to be the most straightforward aid available for helping visually impaired people watch TV and carry out basic daily tasks. Enjoy better image quality and zooming in and out while watching your favorite TV shows. Watch your environment on your own, make out faces clearly, and resume enjoying your activities. Use the built-in OCR to read aloud text from your favorite books, newspapers, and periodicals while reading books with the option to zoom in and out. Easily carry out daily tasks like controlling the thermostat, using the microwave, reading medical labels, etc. clear TV viewing Once more, enjoy your favorite TV series and movies. While watching HD quality video with real-time image correction, you can zoom in or out as necessary. Get your independence back. A digital magnifier comes with Vision Buddy. View your surroundings, keep an eye on the faces of those you love, read a book, adjust the thermostat, etc. Modern OCR Your favorite novels, newspapers, pharmaceutical labels, restaurant menus, etc. can be automatically read aloud by Vision Buddy by using the integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability. These features are included with Vision Buddy: Headset/Vision Buddy Goggles External (6-hour) Vision Buddy HD Transmitter/Streamer battery; 10-foot HDMI cable; charging cables User Manual 1 Year of Guarantee Upgrades to software indefinitely Within 30 days of receiving, you may return any item in its original condition for a refund if, for any reason, you are not entirely happy with your purchase. Product is subject to a restocking fee. Questions and Answers: CAN I USE IT WITH MY TV? Yes! Any TV arrangement is compatible with Vision Buddy. It is compatible with satellite or cable provider boxes. Additionally, it functions with all models of streamers, including Roku and Apple TV. WHAT SETS VISION BUDDY APART FROM OTHER LOW VISION HEADSETS? Every headset offers OCR and magnification. Vision Buddy gives you the option to watch your existing TV by streaming the image directly into the headset in addition to magnification and OCR. Wifi is not necessary. Moreover, there is no need to download any apps. It is a straightforward plug-and-play setup. WHY IS TV WATCHING ON VISION BUDDY SO MUCH BETTER Vision Buddy keeps the HD resolution while streaming the image in real time from your TV into the headset. With the help of live image corrections and enhancements, a high-quality image with a 90-degree field of view is projected onto the eyes of a person with limited vision at various magnification settings. The outcomes are astounding. Other products employ a camera for TV viewing, producing incredibly blurry images. Even if you have the most modern TV, looking at it with a camera causes significant image loss, color loss, and blur. WHILE WATCHING TV, HOW ABOUT THE SOUND. We are aware that some hearing loss also occurs with vision loss. The dual speakers built into Vision Buddy deliver excellent sound that is near to your ears. Additionally, you can attach the provided headphones if you wish to watch TV in privacy. HOW DO OCR AND THE MAGNIFIER WORK? Vision Buddy is an extremely potent digital magnifier with 10 Zoom Levels in addition to being a TV viewing system. You can glance about the room, at people, out the window, at your medicine bottle, or take it to a theatre or museum. Simply push the side buttons marked Plus and Minus to magnify. We offer an offline OCR, so you may use it without WiFi. By pressing the mode button, you may just take a picture of the text and it will read it back to you. void heading WHAT IS THE POLICY FOR RETURNS AND WARRANTIES? A 12-month warranty is included with Vision Buddy. Options for extended warranties are offered.

Vision Buddy comes with the following:

Vision Buddy Goggles/Headset
Vision Buddy HD Transmitter/Streamer
External Battery (6 Hr)
10ft HDMI Cable
Charging Cables
User Guide
1 Year Warranty
Unlimited Software Upgrades

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Vision Buddy TV Watching System V3

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