NuEyes Device

Try before you buy in home demonstrations

Just call (800)-605-4033 to be put in contact with a sales representative in your area.  They will come to your house and provide a free no obligation demonstration.  This way you can be sure that it meets all your needs around your own environment.


NuEyes Device

How it works​

The NuEyes e2+ Low Vision Glasses for Macular was designed to be a device
that not only helps the visually impaired but is extremely easy to use. The
only thing you need to do is press the power button and put the device on
your head. No phone or extra accessories are required!

What is NuEyes?

NuEyes Smartglasses deliver the future to you in a small, compact, yet powerful head-worn solution.
NuEyes allows those with visual impairments to communicate with loved ones and others without having to rely on a large, cumbersome device. Our detachable visual prosthetic allows visually challenged people to see clearly again while keeping their hands free.

NuEyes has two two revolutionary models for those with visual impairments to:

  • Read & Write
  • See the faces of loved ones
  • Adjust magnification from 1x-12x
  •  Utilize OCR (text to speech)
  • Adjust color and contrasts
  • Enjoy a lightweight design w 1 year warranty


What is NuEyes?


NuEyes e2+ MR
Pro 3 LV Glasses

NuEyes e2+ MR

Pro 3 LV Glasses

What makes NuEyes different?


  • Low vision device and smart phone all in one
  • No Wi-Fi needed
  • Unparalleled clarity with a 4K display (1440 x 1600 screen
    resolution at 90hz refresh rate)
  • Light weight 268 grams
  • Telemedicine & VR training

Other Devices

*       Heavy (360-580 grams)
*       Custom Battery Under 2 hrs. of use
*       Wi-Fi connection needed
*       Some Cellular Fees
*       Some with No Cellular Connectivity



  • Very simple to use
  • Pro 3 is very lightweight and can be worn all day
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Complete system is portable
  • Telemedicine capable
  • The e2 unit is a little bulky
  • The Pro 3 is tethered by a cord to the phone.
  • Can’t drive with it
  • Still a little expensive