Zoomax Snow – A Video Magnifier For People With Low Vision

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zoomax snow

Zoomax designs, manufactures and sells high-tech solutions for those living with blindness since 2011. Their solutions meet client expectations quickly thanks to rapid delivery capacity; are fully compliant with European Standards of Use; benefit from autonomous control and long-term guarantees; all to make an excellent experience for clients.

Snow 12 is a portable electronic video magnifier designed to assist those with low vision in more easily reading, writing, looking at objects or performing full page OCR text-to-speech scanning of content pages. The 4.3″ display offers crisp images in high contrast mode for enhanced reading, writing and viewing experiences.

Easy to use

Zoomax Snow is a portable electronic video magnifier designed to promote visual independence for people with low vision. Featuring full HD display and magnification up to 19x magnification power, as well as an analog stick for easy navigation of documents, and foldable stand for storage, this magnifier provides visual independence without compromise for those living with limited sight.

This handheld video magnifier features a high contrast mode to help users read more effectively and see things clearly, with large buttons that are easy to use without needing training or learning curves. Perfect for visually impaired individuals as they can be used anywhere – at home or while traveling!

Easy to carry

Zoomax snow is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport or store. Furthermore, its simple operation requires no learning curve – its large buttons allow for one-hand operation – with very minimal flaring in high contrast mode, unlike many hand held video magnifiers available today. As such, this device makes an excellent reading and writing aid on-the-go.

Foldable writing stand

Zoomax Snow is a compact video magnifier designed for easy use. The 4.3-inch screen offers full natural color display modes as well as negative and positive black-and-white, yellow, and blue displays modes. Furthermore, its writing stand can be unclipped from its base for convenient writing on documents as well as featuring a freeze frame function.

With its large, intuitive buttons and high contrast color modes, this device is perfect for people with low vision. Compact and portable, it is easily carried around in a bag or purse for use when necessary. Furthermore, the foldable stand raises it off of a table to provide ample writing space – an additional feature making life easier for individuals living with low vision when writing or looking at objects comfortably.

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