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Zoomax Snow 12 portable electronic video magnifier is designed to assist low vision students by providing them with a large screen and powerful functions, such as magnification of up to 19x magnification, user-friendly accessible features and a foldable stand that lifts it off of tables for hands-free operation.

Optic Character Recognition and Text-to-Speech translate printed words to spoken language in up to 20 different languages, while EaseScan offers full page document scanning at the touch of a button.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Zoomax is an industry leader when it comes to assistive technology for individuals living with vision loss. Their products allow users to more easily read, write, and view objects. Today’s Accessibility Minute features one of their recent handheld devices called the Snow 12 video magnifier.

This device features a large full HD display with magnification up to 19x and includes foldable stand and analog stick for added flexibility and functionality. Furthermore, OCR text-to-speech is supported in up to 20 languages allowing users to place documents under it and press a button for a narration read back aloud function.

Snow Pad offers another convenient feature when connecting it to a TV monitor for larger screen viewing. This is especially useful when reading longer documents or having difficulty seeing smaller print, making it suitable both at home and at work.

Lastly, the Snow Pad comes equipped with a USB port that enables it to be used with computers or external devices, providing it with additional capabilities that include using its camera for document scanning/loading as well as connecting with braille displays for increased functionality.

Overall, the Zoomax Snow Pad is an outstanding portable video magnifier, packed with features and designed with an easy user interface. Its 12 inch display makes reading effortless while various high-contrast modes cater for different vision conditions. Ideal for reading recipes, directions, labels on boxes/mail/cards/price tags/books; OCR and text-to-speech capabilities make this device very functional for low vision users as well.

OCR Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable video magnifier designed to give those with low vision true visual independence. Boasting a 12-inch full HD display and magnification up to 19x magnification power, its simple accessible interface makes it ideal for all situations. An analog stick enables user navigation around documents while its foldable stand lifts it off the table so reading materials or medicine bottles can easily be placed underneath. Finally, its standard headphone port enables listening in on books being read out loud without disturbing others.

TTS features both male and female voices for text-to-speech (TTS). You can set it to speak at either a fixed rate or at your chosen speed; text can be highlighted while reading aloud; documents can be saved for future viewing on Snow 12 or exported directly onto a Windows PC.

PCViewer now provides feedback when using keys to control volume and speech rate, with more precise results from changing reading speed, using SAPI voices or saving an OCR file as a wav file preventing SAPI voices from functioning correctly and saving camera resolution correctly when setting default languages within applications.

EaseScan is an external accessory designed to work with the Snow 10 Pro camera that turns printed text into spoken audio clips that play back as they appear onscreen. This feature is especially helpful when there are many printed pages and it becomes difficult to read them all at once.


EaseScan is a lightweight external camera that transforms Zoomax Snow 10 Pro into a full-page document scanner, scanning printed text into speech automatically. With its handy carry case, EaseScan makes it easy to take with you on-the-go and connects via a supplied USB cable – taking power from it directly for operation and folding flat when not in use.

High-Contrast Modes

Zoomax’s Snow 12 is an impressive hybrid between handheld video magnifier and desktop device, featuring an HD 12″ screen for handheld use and a foldable stand to elevate it off the table and make writing on easier. Multiple high contrast modes let users see text and images more clearly than with standard magnification; additional high contrast settings offer extra clarity than standard magnification; users can read documents or listen to radio while using its built-in sleeve case bag for transportability; this model is particularly helpful for students with visual impairments due its OCR text-to-speech feature! For more information on Zoomax Snow 12 please visit their website

Analog Stick

Zoomax Snow 12 is one of the top portable electronic video magnifiers available on the market, making it an invaluable low-vision aid worldwide since its release in 2019. This handheld device can easily be taken anywhere – be it for vacationing or everyday use – as it also enables readers to read printed or saved digital material without the need for internet connectivity.

It boasts a 12 inch HD display and magnification up to 19x, has an accessible user interface, is compatible with many existing accessories and allows users to more easily write, read, observe objects and perform full-page content scanning via OCR text-to-speech technology.

Snow 12 can be used more like a handheld device when used with its foldable stand than like a tablet computer, as its slim body and carrying case can accommodate both components at the same time.

Snow 12 features an analog stick on its bottom that helps users navigate documents without constantly moving their reading material, providing hands-free reading experience. Furthermore, Snow 12 can be equipped with standard headphone port to allow public use without disturbing others.

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