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Zoomax Luna HD Pro offers an enhanced user experience that is both comfortable and liberated when reading or viewing details independently. No matter whether sitting, standing, or reclined at your desk – its resistance of table XY allows smooth movement in all directions without blocking, definacaos, or treminhos ocurring during use.

Zoomax luna 24 pro HD stands out as one of the premier low vision solutions, with its cutting-edge design, unparalleled image quality, adjustable ecran and compact layout – it is one of the premier low vision solutions for those living with degenerescence macular degeneration (DMD), glaucoma or any other form of loss of sight.

Product Description

Le Zoomax Luna HD 24 Pro is an electric desk lamp and non-combustible monitor which offers maximum visual comfort. Easily adjustable settings located underneath the video matrix allow for adjustments such as contrast, brightness and screen gradation to ensure clear text and image navigation. Furthermore, this monitor can easily tilt forward or backward as well as pivot into different orientations to suit all viewing situations.

This large viewing screen features an extended base for increased stability and an expansive work surface, along with an XY movement angle established to facilitate smooth movement in all directions without blockages, creanelage or delays in performance. Daily tasks like letter writing and financial operations as well as managing projects can be accomplished effortlessly through its spacious opening mechanisms and coulissant table XY level surface.

A 24-inch HD monitor featuring an ultra-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and zoom capabilities from 2.5x to 70x for reading, writing and printing activities. In addition, its photo system ensures faithful color reproduction.

Luna HD 24 Pro’s extensive functions meet all your expectations, with high-quality color modes, image and character amplification, and multiple operating options delivering security and efficiency you require. No additional installation or precharge necessary – just plug in, connect the cords, and start using right away!

Product Specifications

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Product Images

The Luna HD 24 Pro video magnifier will adapt itself to meet your needs with easy functions and incredible image quality. Powered by Zoomax’s portable electronic teleagrandisseur technology, you can take your viewing wherever it interests you – library, home, supermarket or travel!

An HD 24-incher with stunning resolution, high levels of diffraction and maximum enhancement capacity up to 70x offers you a seamless way to navigate everyday tasks and daily errands thanks to its large base XY for greater stability – whether reading at the library, administering work-related paperwork, visiting virtual tours, attending virtual meetings with colleagues or reunions – everything can be accomplished effortlessly with this convenient device that offers optimal visual experience.

There’s nothing complicated here to worry about; only an excellent front and side viewing experience and optimal comfort during reading make Luna HD worth your consideration. Plus, its modern yet chic appearance make it the ideal complement to a lightweight and compact case, fitting easily in your baguette or desk drawer. Thanks to intuitive controls integrated under the video screen, controlling size, brightness, contrast is no longer difficult! Enjoy extended use today thanks to Luna’s full charge battery – simply grab one today and use it wherever it suits!

Product Videos

Zoomax Luna 6 is an electronic portable video magnifier with modern styling that provides better ergonomics and readability, offering maximum contrast-rich colors at maximum magnification of 19x without losing anything from image/text clarity or contrast enhancement. Watch images/text in HD at 19x without losing anything; enjoy vibrant hues that provide high contrast color reproduction for images/text.

Keep a portable electronic magnifier always with you – and use it to read all that matters: maps, notes contabiliarias, medication bottles and packages, emails and magazines. With its two to 19x magnifying power you’ll always be able to read what matters – making this device your perfect life assistant!

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