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Video magnifiers for sale are hand-held devices designed to assist those with low vision. These units contain a monitor/screen, camera, and lenses which allow users to magnify text or objects that lie at a distance.

These devices can help with reading mail, maps, menus, recipes and medication labels; as well as being handy tools for performing hands-on hobbies like crossword puzzles and needlepoint.

Visolux Digital HD

Visolux Digital HD is a 7″ handheld video magnifier capable of connecting to either a computer or television screen, enabling users to stream live images and perform distance viewing via its camera. Equipped with an advanced FHD camera, touch screen interface, built-in stand, Dynamic Line Scrolling feature (allowing scrolling both horizontally and vertically at higher magnification levels without moving device), built-in stand, Dynamic Line Scrolling base that permits writing/manual work under display (base sold separately), 1655-109), The Visolux Digital HD is considered today’s most powerful digital hand held magnifier on the market! (1655-109)

TruZoom HD 5

TruZoom HD 5 is a hand-held digital magnifier offering up to 32X magnification on an LCD screen. With multiple display modes to meet individual vision needs, including freezing text, adjusting brightness levels, highlighting text horizontally and vertically and saving/recalling images for easier viewing, the TruZoom HD 5 offers up to 32X magnification and allows you to set focus points – features especially useful when reading maps and documents.

TruZoom utilizes AJA’s Corvid Ultra professional video I/O platform for real time scaling of any 16:9 region within 4K frames delivered from CION cameras into HD, providing full image coverage without needing to pan across multiple camera feeds. Furthermore, both its software and external joystick controller can zoom directly into areas of interest making TruZoom an invaluable asset in applications requiring high-quality region-of-interest workflows.

AJA’s Corvid Ultra debayer firmware also makes RAW data from Canon C500 camcorders debayered in real-time for use with this system, providing access to its Canon RAW mode via DPX files for real time image work, making this solution suitable for sports broadcasting and documentary production applications.

The AJA CIONwa system was designed for easy portability, so it fits easily in your bag or backpack when traveling. Featuring a rechargeable battery that lasts two hours per charge and detachable lens capability for independent use, its compact size and easy operation make it an excellent help to anyone living with low vision. Plus its software comes packed with customizable functions including hotkey customization as well as saving and recalling of images – plus all this comes backed by one year warranty as well as optional hardware upgrades!


VisioBook is an electronic desktop magnifier designed for school and academic settings that provides magnification, distance viewing and mirroring functions. This video magnifier is ideal for writing assignments, checking papers or taking notes; viewing teachers or guest speakers from the front of a classroom; or serving as a mirror for self-viewing. With its easy interface and compact size – making it portable – VisioBook makes life simple for both educators and students.

VisioBook features include a 5-inch widescreen LCD, which provides excellent clarity. Furthermore, users can utilize continuous zoom from 2x-14x to customize the display to meet their specific needs and take advantage of hands-free viewing with its reading stand.

This book includes an extensive “browsable” reference section, providing a quick and convenient overview of Visio objects, properties, methods and shapesheet cells. This comprehensive resource can serve as an essential complement to Microsoft Visio documentation while helping developers work more efficiently with Visio without constantly consulting Help. Furthermore, the text reveals numerous areas of power within Visio APIs while discussing solutions to problems commonly experienced by developers utilizing it for Visual Basic applications utilizing Visio; particularly those working with Visio 2007 or later versions which cover advanced features only available within these versions. This text serves as an invaluable reference text – especially helpful when working with advanced features within these versions!


The Eschenbach Vario Digital FHD Advanced is an outstanding desktop video magnifier designed to combine modern technology with intuitive operation and practical folding design. Its innovative features include mirror mode for personal care purposes as well as an HDMI-in port for distance viewing of accessories (sold separately). Furthermore, this unit boasts outstanding image quality while remaining compact enough for convenient portability in purse or backpack.

TOPAZ EZ HD is a portable video magnifier designed for easy use with single-function controls and HD camera, featuring bright, large displays. It has simple one-button controls with HD camera capabilities, with easy transportability making this ideal for people needing magnification at home, work or school; also great for frequent travelers! This model includes protective case, charging cable, cleaning cloth and around-neck lanyard; it even comes equipped with its own stand for handheld or flat surface operation – plus can connect directly with external screens via HDMI cable for live streaming capturing of events!

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