Used Low Vision Reading Machines

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used low vision reading machines

Low vision reading machines come in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from small digital magnifying devices to larger closed circuit television magnifiers, these devices feature magnification adjustments as well as image capture or freeze screen features to assist those with low vision reading material.

These devices feature text to speech capabilities and simplified display modes that make reading easier for patients with low vision. Depending on your individual needs, an optical or non-optical device could be best.

Handheld Magnifiers

Handheld magnifiers are lightweight devices designed for portable use that can easily fit in your pocket, purse or on your belt. Perfect for spot reading newspapers articles, bills, food labels/recipes/photo albums as well as hobby magnifying beads/coins/screws etc, handheld magnifiers can make reading much simpler!

Handheld magnifiers typically consist of one lens that is rectangular in shape and either illuminated or unilluminated, with some models featuring straight handles or folding versions, the latter making them easier to carry when out and about. Size and magnification powers of lenses may differ among devices; additionally many viewing modes can provide useful solutions for those living with low vision or macular degeneration.

The best handheld electronic magnifiers are lightweight and offer an ergonomic grip, featuring clear, bright screens that are easy to read. Many have battery lives that last a long time as handhelds are often used. Some models also include features to freeze text, adjust brightness levels or recall images from prior viewing sessions – these capabilities may prove particularly helpful to those with limited dexterity or hand tremor.

Desktop magnifiers can be an ideal permanent device that can be placed on a desk or table for reading and general use. While typically larger than handheld magnifiers, desktop magnifies may feature computer connectivity or split screen capability as well as vertical imaging features to help those living with low vision or macular degeneration.

Study of veterans using 740 handheld magnifiers revealed that visual acuity was the strongest predictor of success when reading with handheld magnifiers. Users with lower visual acuities reported more success reading using handheld devices, using them multiple times daily and more likely than others to use video magnifiers over other categories of LVDs.

Desktop Magnifiers

People with low vision often struggle to read printed materials and view printed pages, but desktop video magnifiers can help. Their technology utilizes a camera and monitor to digitally magnify whatever material is being watched or written on, with the image then visible on a computer monitor or television screen for easy viewing. This restores their independence by using both central and peripheral vision to use this magnifier effectively.

Desktop electronic magnifiers range from simple optical magnifiers to highly advanced magnifiers with numerous viewing options and features, from color and contrast selections, screen sizing adjustments, monitor positioning adjustments, magnification strength settings and computer connectivity – as well as special modes designed to treat conditions like macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa or glaucoma.

These desktop video magnifiers are intended for use at a desk or table and connected via USB or HDMI to the monitor of a computer or other device. Some have built in stands that support hands free use – this feature may be particularly beneficial to people suffering from tremor or poor hand-eye coordination as well as those needing the magnifier on a regular basis for work or home life.

Dependent upon its model, screen size and configuration options, some desktop video magnifiers may allow the user to control the enlarged image on their monitor with three large, intuitive buttons allowing for quick adjustments when reading or writing. A programmable keyboard may also be added for further customisation and taking advantage of its camera’s ability to capture images and store them.

Desktop magnifiers can be extremely helpful when performing work or daily activities on their computer, such as Word, Excel or Outlook programs that magnify text or objects on screen for easier reading or navigation. There are even special computer monitor magnifiers which reduce glare so it becomes easier to see your screen contents.

Standalone Magnifiers

No matter if it’s a standalone magnifier, an electronic device that works with smartphones or tablets, or a specialized desktop computer screen reader – there are low vision aids out there to assist with reading. These devices feature magnification, text-to-speech capabilities and other accessibility features to make reading easier; you can find these devices online as well as through local stores selling assistive technology.

Handheld magnifiers differ significantly from traditional magnifying glasses and large closed-circuit TV magnifiers in that they’re small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, and may come equipped with an adjustable head apparatus to position lenses before your eyes. Some are even illuminated for added clarity! These handheld magnifiers range in size and functionality from simple bar magnifiers designed to display one line at a time to full page magnifiers that display entire books or newspapers.

Handheld magnifiers may be useful, but for people requiring extended reading sessions or other tasks, a desktop magnifier is often the superior option. These devices utilize camera lenses to magnify images, with magnification and brightness controls available to users as needed. Some models even come equipped with text-to-speech features that read aloud the magnified image as you read along the text.

Electronic desktop magnifiers that work with laptops or computers can also be beneficial, particularly for people who use their computers for everyday tasks like email and banking. These lightweight device typically resemble an iPad in terms of design and provide multiple magnification levels. Portable digital magnifiers with LED lights can help users easily read maps, labels, etc. This portable option makes travel much simpler, making these magnifiers suitable for frequent travelers as they can be used anywhere they need to go.

Individuals with low vision can find reading a difficult, time-consuming activity that takes planning and effort, which explains why many with conditions like macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa opt out altogether of reading altogether. With the right tools in hand however, reading can be enjoyable for anyone regardless of visual acuity.

Portable Magnifiers

Handheld magnifiers offer portable and lightweight magnification to those on the move, providing lightweight magnification when reading price tags at grocery stores, newspapers, menus, medication labels or instructions. Unlike traditional magnifying glasses or closed circuit television magnifiers, handheld electronic magnifiers feature adjustable magnification levels and digital displays tailored specifically for individual users’ needs; many also come equipped with LED lighting and different screen sizes such as the 4.3 Inch High Definition Handheld Magnifier from Enhanced Vision.

Portable handheld magnifiers can be utilized at home, school, or the workplace. You can bring one along when out and about to assist with visual tasks like identifying coins, reading restaurant and store labels, writing checks and more. A handheld magnifier’s portable design also enables it to serve near and far vision tasks easily – an advantage for those suffering from astigmatism.

These handheld magnifiers can be connected to a computer for additional magnification options. When connected, the handheld magnifier acts as a monitor for both computer and laptop use, saving and displaying multiple images and texts for quick reference; making it an invaluable asset to those living with multiple vision loss conditions.

Handheld electronic magnifiers may be more portable and less expensive than desktop units; however, their added expense may make more sense in certain applications where multiple uses exist.

If you are curious to try a handheld magnifier, contact us and set up a free in-home demonstration by one of our representatives. They can answer any queries and provide hands-on experience with the device to help determine if it meets your needs. They’ll also demonstrate all the other features such as image capture, computer connectivity, custom color mode settings and contrast selection which may come included with it – we offer many popular brands of handheld electronic magnifiers so we are confident you will find exactly the device to meet them all!

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