The Smartlux Digital – A Portable Video Magnifier For Low Vision

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The Smartlux Digital is a portable video magnifier featuring a 5 inch LCD display, offering magnification from 5x-12x. With its quick 50 fps refresh rate it removes smearing and ghosting while its photo button allows freeze frame images or capture that can be stored directly on its internal storage (8GB capacity). Furthermore, there’s USB connectivity as well as HDMI output to livestream content to multiple screens simultaneously.

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The SmartLux Digital portable video magnifier is tailored specifically for individuals with low vision, featuring a high-resolution 5″ LCD screen with magnification ranging from 5x-12x. Additionally, its blue light filter helps reduce eye strain while offering several customizable settings and photo buttons enable users to capture images or freeze frames and store them on device (8GB internal storage). Finally, an HDMI and USB connections enable live streaming or image transfer to computers respectively.


The SmartLux Digital is a portable video magnifier that utilizes both camera and screen to magnify text and images, making them easier to read. Featuring a 5″ LCD display with a contrast ratio of 600:1, magnification ranges from 5x to 12x magnification and hard-coated anti-glare film for use even under bright sunlight, it features 50fps refresh rate for live streaming via HDMI to external monitors; photo button to freeze frame images instantly as well as capture button that stores up to 20 photos into its internal storage (8GB); included are protective case, HDMI cable cleaning cloth as well as around-the-neck lanyard for user comfort – battery life should last around 2.5 hours.


The Smartlux Digital Portable Video Magnifier is a portable magnifier designed to make text and images easier for those with low vision to read. Featuring a five-inch display and weighting less than 8 ounces, its user-friendly menu lets them select 14 LED colors and image settings; plus there’s even an onboard photo button so users can capture images and save them directly onto their device! Plus it comes complete with protective zippered case, charger, and cleaning cloth!

Customer Reviews

This portable video magnifier is an excellent solution for people with low vision, enabling them to read documents and text on-the-go with its HD camera and high resolution screen. Weighing only eight ounces, it comes complete with protective case, charger and cleaning cloth to keep it safe as well as an image capture button that lets users freeze frame images or capture them for viewing later.

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