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Midori has received praise from several international music publications for her critically acclaimed albums such as Philip Glass Piano Works and Johann Sebastian Bach, receiving accolades such as The Straddler and Gramophone.


Midori is an accomplished violin virtuoso who has performed at numerous festivals, such as the World Festival of Youth and Students in Ljubljana, Sprememba paradigme in Kuhnov, Cellofest International Music Festival Maribor Maribor Slovenia Festival Imago Slovenia and Festival Imago Slovenia. Additionally she has recorded several albums, such as Bach’s solo sonatas and partitas as well as Peter Eotvos’ violin concerto DoReMi.

Midori has established herself as one of the premier concert performers, recording artists and composers. Her performance of Hindemith’s Violin Concerto with NDR Symphony Orchestra under Christoph Eschenbach won her a Grammy award. This autumn will also see Midori release her recording of Hindemith’s Piano Concerto under Deutsche Grammophon’s label.

This season, she brings her captivating stage presence to several orchestras: Konzerthausorchester Berlin with Christoph Eschenbach; Halle Philharmonic Orchestra with Klaus Makela; Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra with Jaap van Zweden; Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra with Ed Gardner and San Diego Symphony Orchestra with Rafael Payare – in addition to her recital tour across Japan.

Midori will continue her unique style of artistry at some of the world’s premier venues and festivals over the next year, performing in America, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea and Germany, including her home country Switzerland. Midori also looks forward to working with new collaborators while fulfilling her passion of interpreting classical music with energy and enthusiasm. Additionally, Midori is committed to supporting future classical musicians through education programs and mentoring initiatives; she currently mentors at Aspen Music Festival & School Young Artists Program while serving on founding faculty of Aspen Summer Music Institute.


Due to vacation, this week the Aldi fan communities only received a short news flash from Aldi’s Webmaster. But starting now a full listing will appear for both areas weekly detailing all important offers for both Wednesday (Aldi-North) and Thursday (Aldi-Sued).

Wenn you sign up for our Newsletter, we will use your E-Mail address regularly to send out interesting offers and information – from promotional deals and seminar notices, direct training dates for collection training courses to information on seminars or workshops that could benefit directly through online tools.


An Aldi franchise in Germany recently installed a mobile kiosk dedicated to selling magazines directly in store at just 9 cents each.

Amazon recently offered discounts of several percent off selected electronics items sold at Aldi stores as part of their January promotions.

Due to Webmaster vacation, this issue of Aldi-Fanletter appears in short form this time around; long form editions will be published next week (Tuesday for Aldi Nord, and Wednesday and Thursday for Aldi Sued).

We now have a new page detailing the anticipated release of an Aldi PC, originally scheduled to arrive by end-March or beginning-April but, it now seems, this date may have to be moved back.


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