The Eschenbach Mobilux Digital Electronic Magnifier

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The Eschenbach Mobilux Digital Electronic Magnifier

The mobilux digital from Eschenbach is an electronic magnifier designed to deliver high quality magnification on its large 4. 3″ HD screen. Ideal for readers and writers in need of assistance.

Handheld magnifiers allow users to keep text at a comfortable distance or slide it directly over it for reading, with smaller increments or continuous zooming available as program options.

4.3’’ HD TFT LCD Screen

With an anti-glare coating, LED lighting, and an adjustable “lines & blinds” feature for perfect page alignment, the mobilux digital provides users with an enjoyable viewing experience that allows them to focus on what matters while providing comfortable page viewing conditions. Ideal for inspecting goods coming into or leaving warehouses/production samples as well as quality control in manufacturing environments, the mobilux digital is perfect for inspecting both incoming/outgoing goods as well as warehouse/production samples in manufacturing environments.

The mobilux digital comes equipped with a 4GB SD card for storage purposes, which can then be uploaded via the included USB connection to a computer for downloading and display on monitor (Windows 10 compatible). Weighing just 8 oz, making it highly portable; included accessories include a zippered, crush-proof protective case as well as cleaning cloth and wrist strap for easy carrying and use.

The mobilux digital touch provides more than just time & date display; its automatic shut off function after five minutes of inactivity helps conserve battery power; its five contrast modes enable users to tailor text and background colors according to individual preference; its magnification powers range from 4x to 15x with 5x, 6x & 8x middle powers available as middle powers; its nonreflective LCD lens offers clear views even under bright lighting conditions; Eschenbach Optik regularly releases software updates for this device – for maximum convenience simply register it under “Product registration”, this way Eschenbach Optik ensures you always have access to the latest software updates available!

Anti-Glare Coating

Antiglare coatings on lenses and other optical elements reduce reflection to improve contrast and clarity by blocking stray light, often found in cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and photovoltaic cells. Antiglare eyeglasses often include antiglare technology to minimize flashes from camera lights or bright lighting that create flashback glare and make it easier for others to see your eyes when speaking or video calling; additionally they may reduce digital eye strain and headaches caused by digital screens.

LED Lighting

Mobilux illuminated hand-held magnifiers now come equipped with LED (light emitting diode) lighting for increased convenience and longer bulb life, helping reduce battery usage costs. Furthermore, yellow filters snap-on over LED bulbs so users can select different illumination options. Comfortable ergonomic handles with large easy-to-operate light switches make battery changes easy (2 AAA batteries are included). Furthermore, this product comes with its own protective case.

Warning: This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California that cause birth defects or reproductive harm, including cancerous growths and DNA mutations.

Adjustable Magnification

With magnification powers ranging from 4x to 12x, the mobilux digital provides an extensive variety of magnification powers and options to meet all vision tasks. An HD camera placed centrally beneath its non-reflective screen facilitates reading comfort while its 50fps refresh rate ensures sharp images even while moving the device. Images captured on its 8GB internal storage can later be viewed or transferred directly via USB.

The mobileux digital can also display time and date, has an automatic shut off after 5 minutes to conserve battery power, and offers five contrast modes that allow users to customize text and background colors as per their preference. Furthermore, its ergonomic design enables hand-held use or partial extension when placed on documents as well as complete retractability to act as magnifier mode.

The mobilux digital is easy to hold thanks to its soft grip and comfortable handle, plus includes a protective zippered case, charger, cleaning cloth, and neck lanyard for protection and portability. A single battery charge lasts up to three hours; its weight is 8 oz; plus you can connect it directly to a monitor to view live viewing of images displayed by it!

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