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Optelec Compact’s 7 inch electronic magnifier offers the largest screen, HD image quality and extreme simplicity – perfect for reading newspapers, letters and photographs anywhere – at home, at work or while traveling.

A high contrast widescreen makes viewing more comfortable for viewers while its patented LED lighting system eliminates any glare or shadowing issues.

Larger Screen

Optelec Compact 7 HD video magnifier, boasting an impressive seven-inch screen – the largest of its series – is now part of its family of video magnifiers. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the widescreen makes reading books, newspapers, letters and photos easier at home or when traveling – while its easy-to-learn interface and patented LED lighting system eliminate glare and light reflections on documents easily even under dim or dark conditions. Furthermore, this device easily folds up for extended reading documents or close it off for viewing a thermostat or wall clock!

Enhanced Image Quality

The Ruby 7 HD offers magnification up to 24 times with an outstandingly clear High Definition image, making it an impressive handheld video magnifier that provides both convenience and flexibility for portable magnification products. Easy to learn and use, its features include a seven-inch screen for reading books or magazines on tilt stands and rotating PivotCam cameras as well as various viewing modes that meet different user needs.

Optelec Compact’s largest handheld video magnifier has an expansive 17″ display while still weighing less than two pounds and fitting comfortably in your hand. Its high contrast widescreen and ultra sharp 8 megapixel auto-focus camera deliver exceptional image quality, particularly for documents and photographs, while the patented LED lighting system ensures glare-free illumination.

Personalize the Compact 7 HD to suit your own preferences using its easy, large icon menu and set the camera to zoom in on objects and save a favorite viewing mode – ideal for reading newspapers and letters at home, work, school or while traveling.

Customizable Usability

Handheld video magnifiers are easy to operate and learn, allowing for quick adjustments that ensure optimal magnification and image quality. Their user interface features large, colored buttons with tactile feedback for optimal user understanding of their function; some models even come equipped with joystick controls, enabling further ease of use; voice command control may even be possible! Furthermore, larger screens make this device easier for longer reading or writing sessions.

Not only should screen size be taken into account when choosing a portable video magnifier; other factors include compatibility with your smartphone operating system, ease of use, magnification features such as text-to-speech functionality (if applicable), lighting and contrast settings as well as additional features like freeze frame capture or image capture should all be carefully considered as well as price.

Based on your individual needs, it may be worth investing in a video magnifier instead of an app when out and about. A smartphone can serve as a quick magnifying device (price tags, menus etc.) while for longer text a hand-held video magnifier is much more effective at increasing readability of words and lines.

Freedom Scientific provides the Ruby XL HD, which features a 7 inch screen and an innovative PivotCam rotating camera with various viewing modes to meet a range of reading needs. These viewing modes include tilt stand mode for reading books and mail, distance viewing for home organization or hobby work and mirror-image self-view mode – providing greater clarity than smartphones! In comparison, Enhanced Vision’s Merlin Ultra offers 24 inch viewing with various useful features for reading and writing purposes including high resolution camera which focusses on both pages as well as tips of your pen/brush pen/brush and hands – perfect for reading/writing!

Easy to Operate

The 7 inch widescreen LCD offers an expanded view of text and images while its ergonomic design, patented lighting system and large buttons ensure ease-of-use and comfort. At the push of a button, this compact device can open or close to focus on an object of interest at different distances; magnification and contrast settings can automatically adapt according to your personal preferences – perfect for reading newspapers, letters or photographs at home, work or on vacation!

With its PivotCam rotating camera, Ruby provides more viewing advantages compared to other handheld video magnifiers. Its large screen and HD image quality make it easier than ever before to read maps, menus, recipes, pill bottles and labels with clarity. Furthermore, you can count on its ultra sharp HD camera that features Auto-Focus technology, eliminating glare and reflections for more clear vision in bright or dim light conditions – plus its simple set-up/operate/save settings make reading comfortable anywhere while its compact size provides convenient reading while reading at tables or on-the-go!

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