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After initial training and customization, my client found herself effortlessly using Optelec Compact 6 HD with Speech. She could quickly access print at magnification levels while taking advantage of Overview mode to capture images that could later be processed as text-to-speech capabilities.

ClearView+’s “one button simplicity” makes for effortless reading comfort and use, whether at home, the office, school or while traveling. Magnify and view objects on its large high contrast widescreen at home, in the office, school or while traveling.


ClearView+ is an exquisite desktop video magnifier designed to provide unparalleled reading comfort. The main controls are conveniently situated on an easily adjustable reading platform so you can rest your hands while reading documents, while frequently used controls can be hidden beneath a cover. Thanks to advanced video processing technology and its ability to select different foreground/background color combinations to improve contrast for greater readability, ClearView+ delivers sharp characters and accurate colors, making viewing documents an effortless experience.

ClearView GO features an HD screen with text-to-speech functionality for effortless enlargement of documents for comfortable reading and switching between multiple high contrast viewing modes. Point and read with Speech for instantaneous information conversion to natural sounding audio for long texts such as books or letters, making ClearView GO ideal for use anywhere from an office, classroom or travel location. Plus its fully foldable design means it’s portable so you can take it with you for use anywhere from meetings to on-the-go use!

ClearView GO

The ClearView GO provides all the benefits of traditional desktop video magnifiers while being portable and simple to use. Boasting an LCD screen with clear resolution and tactile buttons, this compact magnifier makes an excellent solution for users seeking an effortless viewing experience.

ClearView GO features an adjustable 15.6″ monitor that delivers crisp and clear HD image, providing you with the optimal reading angle and height no matter what activity you are pursuing. Plus, its 3-in-1 rotatable camera lets you magnify nearby objects or look in on yourself–just point and adjust for optimal viewing!

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Combine Asztali for best results

Compact 6 HD

Video magnifiers with speech capabilities allow individuals to point the device at print, listen to it read aloud and understand the text more independently in daily activities at home, work or within the community. These devices enable greater independence for their users in daily tasks – whether at home, work or elsewhere in society. Visually impaired individuals can benefit from handheld portable video magnifiers ranging in size from 5-6 inch pocket size up to devices that display larger print. One such video magnifier, known as the Compact 6 HD, offers text to speech capabilities as well. It features two cameras; one is designed for magnifying hard copy when reading hard copies and another overview camera is intended to capture images for OCR and text to speech capabilities. Both cameras are easy to use by people with mild to moderate low vision by simply following simple instructions.

The Compact HD can be used in two ways – folding up into tablet form for more comfortable viewing angles or placed on a stand for better field of view of printed documents. Furthermore, users can personalise their display to meet their own individual requirements by altering contrast levels, screen tracking lines and speech rates; its large touchscreen buttons make the Compact 6 easy for those with low vision to use.

The Compact 6 HD can connect to an external monitor, PC or TV using HDMI or Miracast, enabling it to act as a larger screen with more options for enlargement, saving and OCR documents, custom contrast settings and additional features that may help make life easier for people living with low vision – including sleep modes that preserve battery life during an average workday.

Compact 7 HD

Compact 7 HD is designed to deliver the ideal combination of comfort and performance when reading newspapers and books in HD quality. As a portable video magnifier, this versatile device can be used anywhere – at home, work or holiday! With an intuitive, user-friendly interface enabling setup in two simple steps for you specific needs and preferences; its ergonomic design with large buttons allow easy operation; while an open or close position can allow for optimized text viewing without light spillage onto side pages.

The Compact 7 HD uses a HD camera to provide you with an image significantly superior to that provided by standard devices on the market: greater depth of field, higher contrast levels, 18 combinations of colors, magnification from 2x to 24x magnification power and even splittable into 10 or four windows for reading in your preferred layout without unnecessary head movements.

With its convenient telescopic handle, the Compact 7 HD is easy to transport and use both at home and work. The rechargeable battery provides up to five hours of reading comfort before needing charging; making this the ideal travel companion! Additionally, its robust case makes the Compact 7 HD an ideal partner on any journey you may take; additionally it can even be powered through portable external power supplies so you can comfortably read while sitting on the sofa or the edge of bed!

Compact 5 HD

Read and magnify printed text and photos easily anywhere, even in sunny conditions, using the Compact 5 HD Video Magnifier with Speech. This portable video magnifier features an inbuilt stand for near vision magnification and an automatic focus camera to eliminate glare-free reading. Use it as a handheld device for reading or magnifying text or objects; lock it into its Wear case to transform into a hands-free video magnifier that recognizes printed text and reads it aloud!

The Compact 5 HD offers a bright widescreen with adjustable magnification and colour settings for an ergonomic design that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. Adjust settings according to your needs using large icons and intuitive touchscreen controls; its clear text makes reading small print strain-free.

The Compact 5 HD’s high-definition camera and auto-focus system make it suitable for distance reading up to one meter, featuring a low starting magnification level that makes getting started easier. Furthermore, this hand-held model can also be fitted with an ergonomic handle to provide convenient hand-held use.

The Compact 5 HD is an indispensable device for people living with low vision who require reading, shopping, working or living independently. This powerful tool offers many features – such as connecting to a computer or external monitor for magnification purposes; saving images and documents onto memory sticks for later viewing; screen tracking line to track texts as they move across screens and customizable contrast settings – that make life easier when reading independently. Easy set-up and use by mild-moderate low vision individuals alike and lasting up to several hours on one charge of battery power!

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