Optelec Clearview+ Desktop Video Magnifier

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optelec clearview desktop video magnifier

Optelc Clearview+ desktop video magnifier is designed to make reading more comfortable, making text enlargement and switching between high contrast viewing modes simple and selecting your preferred reading voice a simple process.

Its portable, sleek design makes it perfect for home or work use, featuring one button simplicity, a smoothly sliding reading table, and a wrist pad to rest your hands.

One-Button Simplicity

Optelc ClearView+ Desktop Video Magnifier features an easy control system. The main control is located conveniently on the reading platform so your hands stay where they belong while adjusting magnification or switching viewing modes – so you can focus on reading without fear of losing your place or accidentally turning off the camera!

The clearview+ provides multiple color contrast options to enhance clarity and visibility. Users simply select their foreground and background colors from a menu; once chosen, the clearview+ automatically adjusts brightness levels and contrast levels accordingly to maximize them.

Optician Frans Tieman created his first electronic magnifier in a garage in Belgium. He wanted to develop something that would enable those with low vision to read again without glasses.

The original television magnifier was an instantaneous success, prompting more versions to be created quickly. Soon enough, Vispero became the global leader for assistive technology for visually impaired persons before being acquired by Freedom Scientific to become Vispero.

The new and improved ClearView+ is the latest edition of this revolutionary device, boasting a high-contrast widescreen, an Auto-Focus camera, and LED lighting that provides even illumination without glare. This makes the ClearView+ an excellent solution for reading, writing, viewing photos or viewing documents with extreme ease and comfort – whether at home, school, work or vacation! With its portable form factor and 3.5″ HD display giving plenty of room for documents or photos – as well as always-in-focus camera providing crisp image quality images; choose among different magnification settings effortlessly with just one button click!

High Contrast Viewing

A video magnifier, also known as a closed circuit television system (CCTV), magnifies material placed beneath it while projecting it onto an attached monitor. Users have full control of zoom, color contrast settings and user mode on their CCTV to suit their individual needs and requirements. Ideal for magnifying text, images and hand work as well as objects from photos; commonly mounted on desks or walls and provide ample magnification during everyday activities.

ClearView+’s combination of an adjustable monitor arm and smooth reading platform offers optimal comfort and control in a modern design. You can set the monitor height to suit you when reading comfortably; less often used controls can easily be hidden under a cover when not required. Featuring advanced video processing technology for smooth character edges and vivid colors – true representation of your image.

Optelec ClearView C Speech elevates traditional desktop video magnifiers to new levels of convenience and enjoyment. Choose your reading voices and enjoy any printed documents read aloud, combined with high contrast magnification. With its rotating camera you can also easily see objects up close or far away; or even look yourself in the face on screen! One master dial allows easy enlargement or switching between various high contrast viewing modes at the press of a button – perfect for reading books, newspapers and other materials!


Clearview+ with speech instantly converts printed text to speech, so long texts can be read aloud alright. This enables you to access information in an efficient and user-friendly manner and focus on what matters.

Text-to-speech can be activated simply by touching the screen with your finger. The system recognizes your document layout and indicates which part is currently being read out loud, making navigation easy and helping ensure you never lose your place while reading newspaper articles, letters or books with clearview+ with speech.

Clearview+ provides everything you need, from enlarging materials to larger sizes or switching between high contrast viewing modes, all from one master control. Plus you can display the image on a large monitor, adjust monitor arm length or utilize its convenient swivel function for optimal placement of camera for comfort and ease of use.

Clearview+ with Speech includes a full page overview and automatic layout recognition to make navigation effortless. It displays documents on screen while showing which part of them is currently being read to make finding your spot even easier.

Give the gift of independence by giving them a portable low vision device from Optelec that enables them to resume doing what they love! Choose between the Compact 10 HD with or without Text-to-Speech functionality, the GO, DaVinci Pro or FarView desktop video magnifiers to meet any budget and need.

Adjustable Monitor Arm

This device’s adjustable monitor arm enables the user to position their display for optimal comfort, whether that means moving it up, down, forward or backward as necessary for reading comfort. They can also adjust it so there’s more distance between their eyes and image for maximum relaxation – an important feature when spending lengthy amounts of time using CCTV monitoring devices. This feature can prevent neck or shoulder strain due to prolonged use.

This device features a smoothly sliding reading platform for convenient access to documents, with ergonomic wrist pads for resting hands while reading. This can reduce hand fatigue and make reading for extended periods easier; plus a one-touch brake can instantly freeze images to stop reading at any time.

This device comes equipped with a lighting system to evenly illuminate documents being used for viewing, making it easier for those with low vision to differentiate colors and characters on the page. Furthermore, this device features fast text recognition OCR capabilities capable of capturing and reading out loud text captured during OCR.

This CCTV features a 24″ full HD display and allows simple computer connectivity for switching between document camera and PC image modes. This device was requested by a federal employee with low vision CAP needs in order to meet his/her specific technical and ergonomic requirements.

One-Touch Brake

OVAC is an electronic closed-circuit television (CCTV) magnifying system designed to enhance viewing material on an attached monitor by magnifying it through magnification and display. Users simply place material under its built-in video camera for clear, large image to appear on screen ranging from 2.7X-72X depending on model; its Always-In-Focus technology ensures crisp clarity of focus at all times.

Read newspapers, browse family photos, work on hobbies, do crossword puzzles or write checks effortlessly with just the touch of a button with the ClearView+! Its smoothly sliding reading platform, ergonomic wrist pad and one-touch brake provide maximum reading comfort while its less-often used controls can be hidden with a cover for extra privacy. Plus, standard computer connectivity makes your reading experience complete!

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