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The Low Vision Store of Columbus Ohio is a comprehensive low vision center committed to providing personalized low vision care. They work closely with physicians, eye specialists and public service agencies in their region in order to coordinate medical care, additional low vision training and vocational rehabilitation for patients as well as offering bioptic driving programs and provide assistive devices.

Eyes On the Continent

Eyes on the Continent provides a selection of contact lenses tailored specifically to meet your eyecare needs, along with glasses of all kinds and competitive prices. All major credit cards are accepted, and they’re part of Marshall University Sports Medicine team; office hours run Monday-Friday; additionally they offer bioptic driving training and other visual aids for people with low vision – they serve as one of two entry points into Ohio Bioptic Driving Program!

Universal Low Vision Aide

If you suffer from low vision, assistive devices are available to help manage it. They’re designed to assist you with various tasks ranging from reading and writing to computer use and driving safely – if you want help finding out which low vision device best fits you, schedule an appointment with a trained eye care provider today.

Magnifying glasses are among the most frequently used aids for low vision, and may be hand-held, head-mounted or built into eyeglasses. Magnifying glasses may also be used with television screens or visual displays for distance viewing, midrange visual activities and reading signs while traveling or school blackboards; however, these low vision devices do not restore vision to normal levels.

Low vision devices designed to amplify or magnify images on a display screen are known as electronic magnifiers and include video magnifiers, desktop and handheld magnifiers, handheld magnifiers and handheld video magnifiers. These electronic magnifiers enable users to see distant objects clearly, as well as being used for longer periods of time. Some also come equipped with cameras to capture visual data that is then displayed on monitors – these can prove especially helpful at work or school since presentations or boards can be amplified for viewing by an entire room.

Low vision aids are designed to give people with limited sight the freedom and independence they deserve. Some devices, like OrCam’s high vision aids, can read printed text aloud; display digital screens in large print; speak aloud what content was displayed therein; use smartphones/tablets equipped with accessibility features to stay in contact with society; provide training/support by authorized dealers – among many others.

Low vision can be an inevitable part of growing older, but that doesn’t have to equate to reduced quality of life. There are various aids designed to assist those with low vision live life fully including assistive technology and software designed specifically for them.

Low Vision Doctors of Ohio

Low Vision Doctors of Ohio is a Columbus, Ohio based medical specialist for Eyes & Physicians Clinics that customers regularly recommend to others. Specializing in providing various low vision services to all age groups; their team of doctors and technicians specialize in helping those with low vision regain independence and gain mobility again.

Since 2008, this company has provided comprehensive and personalized care to their patients. Their services include low vision rehabilitation options such as rehabilitation training and job coaching as well as working closely with local physicians and public service agencies to coordinate additional care or assist with low vision assistance needs.

Optometrists possess extensive training in diagnosing eye diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Additionally, they possess expertise in conducting eye exams and prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses accordingly; furthermore they can offer nutritional guidance or low vision devices to enable their patients live more independently.

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