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table top reading magnifier

A lighted reading magnifier provides the ideal solution for those requiring large reading surface areas in order to read or perform other tasks, helping reduce eye strain.

These fluorescent lamps have flexible goosenecks to allow you to position the light and magnifier exactly where they’re needed; further, these magnifiers reduce glare and shadows for enhanced viewing experience.


The table top reading magnifier is an effective low vision aid that enables you to read books, newspapers and magazines effortlessly. Plus it comes in handy for trimming fingernails, removing splinters or creating jewelry! Featuring LED light that offers crystal clear clarity with no distortion; 5 lens power options from 1x to 3x magnification are provided and recharges within 40 minutes – ideal for reading!

This tabletop reading magnifier is an ideal solution for anyone with mild to moderate macular degeneration or other vision loss issues that make reading fine print difficult. Setup is straightforward and the adjustment feature makes for optimal viewing experience; lightweight and portable features allow it to travel from kitchen to office easily – ideal for taking recipes to test, paperwork to do. Also ideal for viewing photos, signs or other printed material which requires magnification.

Page magnifiers or full page magnifiers provide another lighted reading magnifier option for individuals with difficulty reading fine print. They are designed to enlarge font size of any book, newspaper or magazine for individuals who find reading fine print difficult and are typically large enough to magnify an entire page’s text – often featuring larger lenses than handheld magnifiers – for optimal magnification; they need to be held a certain distance above reading material and do not lay flat on the page.

These lighted page magnifiers can be useful for quickly looking at recipes, email and photographs; however, they aren’t suitable for longer reading as the text becomes blurry and fuzzy over time. If you are experiencing advanced macular degeneration or extreme vision loss a page magnifier may no longer suffice and a stand magnifier with more magnification power may be more suitable.

Hands free magnifiers can be an ideal solution for those with limited hand strength and those wanting hands free activities such as crafting, cooking or other tasks. Attached to tables, desks or counters they can easily be moved around from room to room thanks to a gooseneck arm which lets you bend light and lens at your desired angle and circular LED lights with brightness settings from cool white to yellow light are adjustable too!

A lighted neck magnifier is ideal for reading medicine bottle labels, price tags or oven dials in low light environments. These magnifying glasses come equipped with strings or lanyards and can be adjusted according to each user. Furthermore, these magnifying glasses can even be attached directly to belt loops or purses for easy access when necessary.

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