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IRIS will process two single band pre and post event assets (not original rasters from Calibrated Datasets or Results) using spatial subset and resampling as appropriate; co-registration will then be employed if required.

Final products of IRIS include a binary map iris-change-mask and contours overview which show pre-event single band assets in gray scale, superimposed detect change contours without masking permanent waters (contours-no-water multi band asset), with post processing options provided by IRIS.

Iris Vision Inspire

The Inspire headset, an elegant upgrade to IrisVision Live headset and winner of multiple awards, combines magnification and optical recognition software with hands-free design that prioritizes comfort and accessibility for easy daily living, virtual vision rehabilitation and staying connected with people and world around them. Plus, users are supported wherever they are using this innovative product with unlimited cellular data capabilities!

Iris Vision Inspire uses real-world images captured from real-life and instantly maps them onto functional areas of a patient’s retina for improved visualization. It features vivid HD viewing quality, instant autofocus capability and industry leading field of view of 70 degrees with 14x magnification magnification – making it the ideal solution for patients suffering from glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa or other eye conditions that limit vision fields.

Inspire weighs 0.38 pounds, features a removable eye guard and can be powered by smartphones via bluetooth connectivity. It boasts 3-4 hours of battery life when charged using a USB type-C cable and can detect obstacles and alert wearers if they come too close.

Iris Vision Live

Iris Vision Live is an assistive technology device designed to aid those with low vision. Combining smart software lens technology and powerful connectivity tools for enhanced engagement with the world, this lightweight headset is tailored specifically for people suffering from macular degeneration, glaucoma, Best disease, Stargardt disease or other eye conditions and features such as image contrast contrast luminosity bioptic mode and bioptic mode magnification that magnify specific parts of scenes – it can be purchased either through your eye doctor or online retailer.

IrisVision was established by two Stanford graduates – Frank Werblin and Faisal Khan – with backgrounds in retinal functions. Werblin collaborated with researchers at the Stanford Byers Eye Institute on developing wearable devices to combat blindness and preserve vision while Khan provided mobile tech expertise as well as secure multiple rounds of funding for IrisVision.

Utilizing the IrisVision app, users can gain access to over 100,000 images. They can search for objects using voice-controlled search or use its text search system; furthermore, IrisVision features include black-and-white reading mode which enhances text contrast while decreasing eye fatigue.

IrisVision app also boasts the capability of scanning pages and reading them aloud, providing assistance for people who struggle with handwriting or reading, or with daily activities like grocery shopping or banking. This feature can be especially beneficial for people with difficulties writing their names or reading. Additionally, its use could assist those struggling with their handwriting or reading as it assists with daily activities like grocery shopping and banking.

IrisVision can not only serve as a visual aid, but it can also monitor eye health and provide tailored advice. Its intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) detects critical indicators of eye health as users perform daily tasks; then suggests treatments which might enhance quality of life.

IrisVision app also offers training sessions led by visually impaired representatives – who play an invaluable role in providing users with guidance in using IrisVision headset. These training sessions help introduce IrisVision to new users while teaching them how to utilize it properly.

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