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Humphrey’s eyewear is the go-to place for fashionable frames that fit today’s trends and young generations’ taste – everything from colourful retro styles to striking geometrische pieces can be found here. Humphrey’s offers fashionable frames from bright retro models to eye-catching geometric pieces designed by cutting-edge designers that cater to this young generation’s taste in designer frames.

At our online-shop you will find an assortment of Humphrey’s sunglasses in various colors at competitive prices. Each product comes equipped with an ergonomic, small bugel for optimal use with many face shapes.


Eschenbach brillen humphreys are constructed of durable plastic material that offers exceptional long-term wearability. Additionally, this lightweight design makes them easy and comfortable to wear; additionally it resists water, oil and dirt to make cleaning and maintaining easy. Hypoallergenic material ensures no skin irritation occurs with regular usage.

Eschebach specializes in men’s sunglasses and is one of the world’s leading producers of polarized lenses for outdoor activities, such as hiking or fishing. Their Titanflex lens is popular among outdoor enthusiasts because it reduces UV radiation while improving visual clarity. Eschebach has been operating for over 100 years and boasts an unmatched track record when it comes to creating superior products – available in an assortment of styles, colors and sizes for eyeglasses and sunglasses for men.

Mini eyewear from Eschenbach blends modern design with innovative technology for an unparalleled fashion statement. Available in classic black or playful Bonbonfarben hues, these trendy glasses make an excellent addition to your lifestyle and provide self-confident individuals with a stylish urban lifestyle an opportunity to express themselves freely through color combinations that give classic forms a new edge.

At our online store, it’s simple to select an Eschenbach Brillen Humphrey model from among a vast selection. Simply add it to your shopping cart and pay with Klarna (Kauf auf Rechnung). Your sunglasses or eyeglasses will arrive within Germany in 4-7 workdays; should anything not meet with your satisfaction, 14 days can be given for returns.


Humphrey’s Brillen Humphreys are made from high-grade materials and come in an assortment of vibrant hues that reflect popular culture or are tailored specifically for specific events; black sunglasses look great both as business accessories as well as for informal events such as parties or beach days.

If you want a pair of sunglasses that will complement your skin tone, select shades closest to its shade for best results. This will prevent looking too washed-out or pale; otherwise opt for dark hues which enhance natural beauty.

Eschenbach brillen humphreys are fashionable eyeglasses with superior optical performance. Their high-quality lenses feature antireflective coating and UV protection. Furthermore, these glasses are lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear – an excellent combination for daily wear!

eschenbach offers innovative designs in their latest humphrey sunglasses that reflect its commitment to excellence. Crafted from metal and acetate materials, many feature decorative details while some come complete with Swarovski crystal embellishments for added appeal. Furthermore, there are various frame options to make it the perfect addition for any wardrobe.

The Eschenbach Group manufactures and markets premium ophthalmic products under the brands Jos. Eschenbach, Fineline, Titanflex and TITANFLEX Kids. Known for its experienced opticianry with cutting-edge technologies such as TITANFLEX Kids. As well as offering products under these names directly, The company distributes licensed brands like MINI. Their iconic design, compact technology and intelligent use of space make MINI the go-to brand among urban society.


An Eschenbach Brillen Humphreys lens is an eyeglass lens used to correct myopia or hyperopia, constructed of highly durable material that resists scratches and dents, and customized to meet individual wearer’s specific needs. They come in various colors and styles and work with most frames; additionally they are easy to maintain for long term usage and maintenance is minimal.

The Eschenbach Brillen Hm is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their vision without surgery. This type of lens fits comfortably on wearer’s faces and is easily cleaned and stored away in its case for easy care and storage. Furthermore, UV ray protection is provided as well. With so many frames to choose from and its lightweight nature making this an excellent option to protect oneself against harm from sun rays, the eschenbach Brillen lens makes an excellent addition for protection.

The Eschenbach Brillen is an excellent option for sports players looking for eyewear to use while competing. Made of high-quality eyeglass lens material, the brillen can be customized to meet the wearer’s face shape as well as being available in multiple sizes to ensure it fits most people comfortably. In addition, the eschenbach brillen can also be used everyday and it is easy to clean and maintain; making it a good option if focusing objects close up is challenging for them.


At our online-shop, you will find an expansive selection of Gunstigen Humphreys Brillen for both ladies and gentlemen. No matter whether they prefer classic designs or new collections, we provide them with high-grade material in large sizes for each offer. Each option can also be tailored specifically to meet individual preferences regarding design and production conditions.

Eschenbach brillen humphreys glasses feature a narrow rim and flat temple, giving them a distinctive and elegant aesthetic, with outstanding wearing comfort due to the lenses’ resistance against scratches and impact. Their frames come in various colors – silver, gold and black are most often preferred among fashion-conscious individuals – and feature lenses resistant against scratches and impacts as well as scratch resistance. Their durable construction also makes them very sought-after by both women and men who prioritize style over durability.

Humphrey’s Sexy Brillen are an up and coming trend in eyewear fashion. Our online shop provides an assortment of women’s and men’s eyeglasses frames and frames without temples to fit every occasion – be it elegant ladies horn rimmed spectacle frames or masculine browline-shaped rimless eyeglasses frames with no nose piece – you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here.

Our collection encompasses both classic and trendy colors. Additionally, there are numerous small forms to choose from so they are ideal for unisex braclets. Additionally, brands have set high standards by designing each garment with great attention to detail.

At Apollo, it’s not only easy and affordable to shop with us; you can also benefit from purchasing Humphrey’s Brillen directly in one of our Apollo Filiales for added peace of mind and multiple advantages such as our satisfaction- and bestprice guarantee, free performance testing of glasses purchased there, cost-efficient lens cleaning service options or setting up an entire new set at any time! Shopping with Apollo makes shopping effortless.


The Eschenbach Humphreys feature a simple yet stylish design. Available in various colors, these slip-on shoes make an effortless statement while being both comfortable and suitable for any event. Constructed of top-quality materials, they make sure any momentous occasion will remain unforgettable!

Humphreys glasses are the ideal way to enhance any look or just as an everyday pair. Their innovative titanium-form-gedachtnislegierung provides ultimate wearing comfort and longevity; plus their lightweight frames feature curved frame edges designed specifically to match the contours of your face perfectly.

Humphreys sunglasses were first created by Nuremberg-based eyewear manufacturer Eschenbach in 1994 and have become an integral part of its portfolio ever since. Humphreys are well suited to modern urban living thanks to their contemporary aesthetic combining trend-conscious shapes with modern design elements, creating elegant yet sophisticated styles.

Humphreys glasses are an essential part of modern urban life, and can be worn both casually and formally. Their new collection offers innovative styles with the latest trends in color and shape endorsed by Keisha Buchanan of London-based girlband Sugababes (sung by Buchanan herself), reflecting her cool, youthful image as the leader. Their international popularity echoes through in their designs: many styles offer polarized lenses which reduce sun glare so wearers can clearly view the world outside – making these glasses ideal for outdoor activities!

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