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HumanWare, an innovative company not content to take the easy path, now provides 175 people across its offices in Drummondville, Longueuil, the US, UK and AU with unique perspectives.

Explore 8 is an exceptional, lightweight electronic magnifier designed for active people requiring both desktop and distance viewing capabilities in a small package. Boasting stunning design combined with advanced technology and intuitive functionality, Explore 8 provides desktop viewing as well as distance viewing from an impressive stance.

Compact & Lightweight

The Explore 8 is smaller, lighter and more affordable than most 7 inch handheld magnifiers on the market. Combining cutting-edge technology and features with smart software tailored for mobile users, it enables people with low vision to maintain active lifestyles while still enjoying reading, travelling and staying productive on-the-go.

With its large Ultra HD touchscreen and twin 21 megapixel cameras (one for reading documents at 15 cm or less and another for distance viewing of street signs, traffic lights and items on store shelves) as well as touch or button control options, the Explore 8 provides users with a powerful tool to keep their lives in focus while at home or traveling. Boasting unsurpassed image quality and customizable features that enable people to see exactly what they need when they want. It truly transforms lives for good – an affordable magnifier with life changing potential!

Easy to Operate

Humanware’s Explore 8 video magnifier is the smallest video magnifier offering the largest screen within its diminutive frame. Smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than most 7-inch magnifiers available today, its screen measures over 30% larger while maintaining unrivaled image quality.

It features both a close up camera for reading text from close range and a distance camera for long range viewing, plus an instant reading stand setup process and HDMI output for connecting to TV screens – with up to 4.5 hours of battery life and next-level software specifically tailored for mobile users.

The Victor Reader Stream is a standalone reading device capable of reading DAISY files, BRF files, text and audio files. Additionally, it comes equipped with a built-in microphone to record audio and offers an intuitive user experience that is designed for ease of use – suitable for braille displays as well as standard computers. When necessary, HumanWare’s website offers software updates which you can copy onto a USB stick or SD card for installation and use on the Victor Reader Stream.

Dual Cameras

The Humanware Explore 8 Digital Handheld Magnifier features two 21 megapixel cameras: one for close up viewing of documents, books and newspapers; and another for distance viewing such as street signs, traffic lights and goods on store shelves. Together these cameras deliver unrivaled image quality in an easily portable package that fits seamlessly into daily life. Powered by intelligent Android apps that change how vision impaired individuals interact with the world around them, as well as superior ergonomics for mobile use on-the-go.

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