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Explore 8 is an intuitive device designed for people with low vision who wish to interact with their world more independently. Small yet powerful, its screen measures 30 percent larger than most 7-inch magnifiers while next-level software ensures active users remain fully immersed.

Stream is a communication app specifically tailored for deaf-blind individuals using an iOS device with a Humanware braille display, offering several key features designed to establish face-to-face conversations.

Largest screen in the smallest package

The Explore 8 Magnifier is an exceptional, lightweight solution to vision loss that helps its users live their lives to their fullest potential. Smaller and lighter than most 7″ magnifiers with 30% larger screens – providing unsurpassed image quality, ergonomic advantages, long distance viewing capability and improved ergonomics.

It features two 21 megapixel cameras – one designed for objects or text under 15 cm such as documents, books and newspapers; the other used for remote viewing of distant objects like street signs or store shelves – plus numerous innovative features that make its use easy across a variety of environments and situations.

Long-distance viewing

Humanware explore 8 is changing how people with low vision live their lives by offering an Ultra HD screen that’s 30% larger than most 7-inch magnifiers and unmatched image quality. This portable digital magnifier includes two 21-megapixel cameras – one to see close up objects such as documents, books and newspapers while its counterpart provides long-distance viewing for street signs or store displays that may be distant – for closeup viewing and one for long distance viewing such as long street signs or store displays that may be far away. Plus, its compact design and smart intuitive features make this magnifier ideal for an active lifestyle!

Easy to use

Humanware Explore 8 Manual is an outstanding app designed to accommodate those using an iOS device with braille display. Essentially a note taking app, Humanware Explore 8 Manual allows the user to type on their braille display while reading their screen iDevice display simultaneously. While user friendly, improvements could be made.

My top priority for improving iDevice use would be adding more options for using its screen, including starting new conversations, greeting with specific phrases or braille commands and being able to take notes using phrases and braille commands. Furthermore, it would be ideal if there was the possibility to download podcasts over-the-air.

The Explore 8 is an ideal solution for active people with low vision who require a powerful, yet lightweight electronic loupe. Equipped with next-level intelligent software tailored specifically for mobile users and featuring unsurpassed image quality on a large Ultra HD screen. Ergonomy, comfort, and convenience allow users to conduct daily activities confidently.

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