Humanware Explore 8 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

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Humanware Explore 8 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

The humanware explore 8 handheld electronic magnifier is an HD touchscreen magnifier designed for convenience, ready for immediate use when opening its box. With intelligent features and an intuitive user interface designed to help users see what matters most in any setting – be it home, office or on the move – its light weight construction provides maximum mobility when travelling or at work – providing life with vision loss easier.

Product Description

The Humanware Explore 8 handheld electronic magnifier is the first HD touchscreen digital magnifier with both desktop and distance viewing in a lightweight, portable design. Equipped with two 21-megapixel cameras that offer magnification of up to 30X for either desktop or distance viewing, its stunning image quality makes this device suitable for active people who require large screens but want optimal portability for maintaining their lifestyles; or simply plugging it into any TV via an HDMI cord so it displays images on an even larger display screen.

explore 8 is revolutionizing how blind and low vision users interact with their surroundings. Equipped with intelligent software that combines smart features with mobile use, explore 8 offers an unprecedented experience to its users. Offering the largest screen possible within its compact body size and lower prices than many 7-inch magnifiers on the market; explore 8 delivers easier reading while making life better wherever it may be used. With powerful cameras, an impeccable touch screen interface, and innovative features delivering unparalleled mobility comfort clarity for active low vision users everywhere – explore 8 has revolutionised mobile interaction for active low vision users everywhere!

Product Specifications

The Explore 8 is smaller, lighter and more affordable than most 7 inch handheld magnifiers yet boasts a 30% larger image quality screen. Perfect for active people who require clarity while remaining portable – powerful cameras, HD touchscreen display and user friendly interface make the Explore 8 an ideal solution!

Explore 8 provides access to intelligent Android apps with free and open access for all ages, thanks to its intuitive features, next level intelligence and compact design. It has revolutionized vision impaired users’ mobile lifestyle using two 21 megapixel cameras – one for reading at 15 cm or less distance viewing and another for distance viewing objects such as street and store signs – for unmatched image quality and superior ergonomics that is ready for use instantly as soon as it turns on.

User Manual

Lightweight, powerful, and user-friendly, Explore 8 HD is revolutionizing life for vision impaired individuals. Boasting an Ultra HD touchscreen for easy reading and cutting-edge features designed with mobility in mind, it makes the ideal magnifier to take everywhere you go.

explore 8 is the world’s first HD touchscreen handheld magnifier to offer both close-up and distance viewing with unsurpassed image quality. Small, light and more cost-effective than most 7″ magnifiers with its screen that’s 30% larger for easier reading of documents, books, newspapers, shopping lists and other material such as documents or books; featuring two 21 megapixel cameras: one for reading at 15 cm distance or less while another provides long-distance viewing such as street signs or store displays.

Explore 8 is packed with smart and intuitive features designed for mobility that will transform the way you experience the world. Perfect for active individuals with mild-moderate-severe low vision, its user friendly software by HumanWare makes this magnifier as user friendly as it is powerful.


HumanWare offers a one-year warranty for all its products and services, which covers any material or craftsmanship defects during that period. If something needs repairs or replacing we will at our discretion repair or replace it at no additional charge to the user – including shipping fees associated with returning any device to us.

Explore 8 is designed for users who require variable magnification and customizable reading contrast in daily activities, making it the smallest and lightest 5-inch portable video magnifier on the market. Boasting HD images up to 22x magnification with 18 different contrast enhancement modes, it is suitable for spot reading — from restaurant menus to fine print in newspapers and documents — as well as distance viewing of street and store signs.

This model of our explore series is our newest and most powerful model yet, providing HD image quality for near and distance viewing. Equipped with two 21-megapixel cameras – one dedicated to reading documents up to 15 cm in size; another to view distant objects such as street signs, traffic lights or goods stored on shelves – as well as an easy touch screen operation, making its use simpler than ever before.

Android-powered, connect 12 is an intelligent tablet that opens the world of mobile applications to you. Equipped with Prodigi software, connect 12 provides essential low vision tools such as optical character recognition (OCR) and text-to-speech. Furthermore, this portable and lightweight 12-inch HD tablet makes life simpler for its user.

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