Humanware Explore 5 Manual

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humanware explore 5 manual

Humanware explore 5 is a portable video magnifier with an onboard keyboard for easy access to its key features and functions.

Navigate the Dock and menu bar sections by using arrow keys or flicks and drags on your trackpad, with sound effects indicating when an area ends.


VoiceOver is an OS X screen reader designed to assist visually-impaired individuals. It speaks the text in documents and windows aloud, while also providing descriptions of what appears on your screen. VoiceOver works seamlessly with keyboard, refreshable braille display, trackpad controls, or trackpad to provide control for your Mac – to activate it, press Command-F5.

VoiceOver provides its own cursor in each document or window; keyboard focus and mouse pointer interact with it. By pressing VO-key you can use this cursor to select buttons and other controls, move around the screen, read/edit text, read audiobooks, edit emails, etc. Depending on how VoiceOver Utility has been set up you may also hear audio cues when interacting with an item on screen and use positional audio to hear where items are located.

To use the VO-key to select items in your desktop view, navigate directly to them and press VO-Key – VoiceOver will announce their name when selected and move directly to it when pressed. To delete an item from your view of the desktop, navigate directly into Today view, navigate directly to its widget you wish to delete, press VO-Key for a list of available VoiceOver commands for that item, select one and press again VO-Key again – your selection is complete!

As per your notification preferences, VoiceOver announces banners and alerts that appear on your screen. For instance, when an application opens or closes, VoiceOver announces its name followed by a brief summary of what just occurred. VoiceOver also alerts you when progress bars change in windows such as those opening from Finder or Dock.

VoiceOver allows you to select and copy items, including files and folders. To select items, move the VoiceOver cursor over them using the arrow keys, which move toward it when pressed. Alternatively, drag items with either keyboard focus or mouse pointer; press VO-Command-F4 when multiple items need selecting at once; or drag and drop using keyboard focus or mouse pointer; when you drag an item you hear an audible click to let you know its insertion point has shifted. InvoiceOver Utility lets you configure these sounds further through its Verbosity category under its VO-Key menu by pressing VO-F8 when VoiceOver Utility is turned on).


At sea, a dock or berth provides ships with secure port facilities while in port. On computers and user interfaces alike, however, a Dock provides users with a way to launch applications and switch between them easily. Mac OS X Public Beta through 10.0 featured a flat white translucent interface with Aqua styled pinstripes; 10.5 to 10.7 saw it change into something resembling frosted glass from different perspectives; for 10.8, however, Sun Microsystems’ Project Looking Glass application dock was adopted into 10.8; docks could even be docked onto terminal windows as a corner window corner!


The humanware explore 5 is an electronic magnifier that provides users with on-the-go assistance, from reading menus at restaurants or reading fine print at home or work. With its user-friendly controls and ergonomic design features, this magnifier makes an ideal solution for active people looking to see clearly in all environments they travel to.

This manual has been carefully written to give you all of the key details about programs and features. When commands require multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously (such as 3,1), this manual indicates how they should be sequenced by using plus signs (+) followed by commas (,).

Humanware explore 5 features an integrated link system which opens and reads specific parts of this documentation when selected with your keyboard.

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