Humanware Explore 5 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

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Humanware explore 5 handheld electronic magnifier is an ideal tool for active individuals with mild to medium-severe low vision, offering unrivaled image quality through two 21 megapixel cameras – one dedicated for close ups such as documents and books while another can see items such as street and store signs from distance viewing – for closeup and distance viewing purposes respectively. With its large HD screen and smart, intuitive features making use simple at home, work, or on the go.

Easy to use

HumanWare designs smart, intuitive devices to allow those with low vision to participate fully in an otherwise-sighted world. Their products range from handheld magnifiers designed for daily use to mobile video magnifiers with tablet-like functionality; all can be used at home, work and while traveling – and connected directly to TVs for remote viewing or assistive software applications for added ease.

The Explore Series of handheld electronic magnifiers delivers outstanding image quality in a lightweight, portable package. Easy to use and providing superb magnification both near and distant views, these devices are great for those with mild to medium-severe low vision who require variable magnification with enhanced reading contrast – ideal for activities such as reading restaurant menus, newspapers and product labels.

Traditional handheld magnifiers require users to hold them in their hands; by contrast, explore series electronic magnifiers are lightweight and ergonomically designed to make long periods of reading comfortable for extended periods. Furthermore, they come equipped with several advanced features designed to aid those living with low vision regain independence, such as voice recognition and autofocus capabilities.

HumanWare’s Explore 8 portable video magnifier is the latest addition to their line of portable video magnifiers, boasting powerful zoom functionality with HD screen for near and distance reading. Its large touchscreen interface is intuitively designed for ease of use while its next-level intelligent software enables customizing it for individual needs.

The new Reveal 16 desktop video magnifier offers exceptional image clarity. Equipped with two 21-megapixel cameras, one for reading close objects like restaurant menus or small print newspapers and another for photographing distant objects such as street signs or goods on store shelves, its simple controls and ergonomic design makes this model suitable for elementary school students as well as seniors.

Powerful image quality

Explore 8 is an innovative new 8-inch digital handheld magnifier designed to offer both desktop and distance viewing, equipped with two 21-megapixel cameras for reading documents at 15 cm (or less), as well as viewing distance signage such as street and store signs. Boasting next-level intelligent software and featuring its compact yet portable design, this revolutionary device revolutionises how vision impaired individuals access and experience the world around them.

Explore 12 is our largest portable magnifier in our Explore line and is an excellent solution for individuals requiring variable magnification and customizable contrast enhancement in daily life. Ideal for reading restaurant menus, fine print in newspapers, product labels or airline tickets easily with large bright buttons and an intuitive user interface, Explore 12 makes reading simpler than ever!

Connect 12 is designed to assist busy professionals and active seniors in staying productive at work or home, boasting powerful zoom capability, an HD screen space of 72 cm2 and 18 contrast enhancement modes to meet all your needs.

Discover 5 is our smallest and lightest handheld video magnifier from the Explore series, making it the ideal spot-reading solution. Equipped with a HD camera with precise autofocus for exceptional image quality, discover 5 can be used with keyboard and mouse for increased productivity or connected directly to TV for remote monitoring of home as well as saving images for viewing later. Its intuitive touchscreen makes operating it effortless while its portable size makes travel easy.

Large screen

Humanware explore 5 handheld electronic magnifier is an intuitive video magnifier with a 5-inch screen that magnifies 22x. Boasting HD image quality and reading contrast modes that enhance near and distance viewing, its portable design makes it convenient for use at home, on the road or school – plus there’s even a foldable stand and user-friendly touchscreen controls!

Connect 12 is our largest portable device in our Explore series and is an excellent choice for active people with mild to medium-severe low vision who require variable magnification and customizable reading contrast for daily activities. Its 12-inch touch screen offers plenty of room for reading and writing while its lightweight design helps maintain independence on the go.

The explore 8 is smaller, lighter and more affordable than most seven-inch video magnifiers, yet delivers stunning image quality with its sleek portable design. Equipped with both close up reading capabilities (21 megapixel) and distance viewing options (distance camera) so you can select your ideal view in every situation, plus a durable reading stand that sets up quickly as well as HDMI compatibility for connecting larger TV screens, it offers stunning image quality without breaking the bank.

Compact design

Portable electronic magnifiers can be an effective and simple solution for people living with mild-moderate-severe low vision. Featuring a camera to capture text and display it clearly on screen, portable electronic magnifiers make reading much simpler for people with poor eyesight. Ideal for reading menus at restaurants or fine print on documents and packaging in everyday life; portable magnification devices offer simple yet effective aid for people suffering from low vision.

Video magnifiers are among the most popular models of electronic magnifiers, featuring a built-in camera and LCD screen to magnify text and images on pages. These devices are user-friendly with large buttons for ease of use and an intuitive interface; lightweight yet compact enough to take anywhere easily.

Humanware recently unveiled its 8-inch handheld video magnifier from their popular explore series, offering more affordability and portability than most seven-inch magnifiers on the market. This device also comes equipped with an easy setup reading stand, HDMI output for connecting it with larger televisions, and dual 21 megapixel cameras to accommodate close up viewing as well as distance viewing.

Smart features

Explore 5 is designed for active individuals with mild-to-medium severe low vision who desire an easily portable magnification and contrast enhancement device, to aid daily tasks such as reading, magnifying menus at restaurants, writing checks, navigating public spaces and much more. With its simple user interface and intuitive features, this device is ready-to-go right out of the box. Its size and lightness make this handheld magnifier ideal for travel, offering outstanding image quality from two 21 megapixel cameras – one for close viewing of items less than 15 cm such as documents, books and newspapers; another camera provides distance viewing to see street signs and goods on store shelves. In addition, this handheld magnifier boasts an ultra HD screen as well as smart intuitive features to give unrivalled mobility and comfort wherever you may go.

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