How a Wearable Video Magnifier Can Help People With Low Vision

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wearable video magnifier

Considering a wearable video magnifier may be beneficial if you suffer from low vision, but first be sure to visit a clinic near your home and meet with a Vision Rehabilitation specialist for assessment and advice before purchasing anything.

Jordy can be worn like glasses to see near, far and in between. When not being worn it folds up into a reading stand for desktop viewing.


Head-mounted video magnifiers can help people with low vision. The device utilizes a camera, near-eye display, and image processing software to enhance images by clarifying them further and manipulate contrast levels, highlight particular areas or replace an image entirely with something different. Furthermore, these magnifiers enable people to perform multiple tasks at the same time unlike classical optical devices which only cover specific distances and tasks.

Wearable VST visors can help improve the clarity of images displayed by a head-mounted display system. Adjusted to match individual vision needs and can provide zoomed views of objects at various distances, these lightweight visors are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, making a significant improvement over traditional eyeglasses which may cause discomfort or fatigue.

The device 10 shown here includes a head-mounted portion (e.g., 12T) to hold it to a user’s head for support, along with other support structures like straps and other supports that facilitate mounting it there. Furthermore, this device may display source images with magnifying windows that magnify them by an amount specified in magnification factors; and also show both images together stereoscopically to simulate their angular difference to each eye’s view of them.

This device can be configured to detect an input, and determine whether it’s intended for the magnifying window. For instance, the device can identify whether an input represents a selection of an graphical user interface element within its magnified display area by performing a ray cast operation to identify an unmagnified object that corresponds with it; furthermore, the input may then be remapped onto a point on the magnified display area.


Portable wearable video magnifiers are an excellent solution for those who require visual assistance while out and about. Perfect for grocery stores, bookstores or restaurants alike, handheld magnifiers enable people to see objects, text and photos without asking others for help. In addition to being useful when reading books, newspapers, recipes or any printed materials; some models even feature Wi-Fi capabilities so you can connect directly to your computer/tablet and use popular magnification software!

The Acrobat HD-mini ultra is a handheld magnifier equipped with a full HD camera and auto focus that delivers clear, sharp images for enhanced vision on the go. Ideal for reading price tags, menus, mail, or street signs this lightweight yet flexible device is easy to hold and operate.

Designed to adapt to your work and life needs, the Jordy is a battery-operated full color portable system designed for ease of use. Wear it like glasses to see near, far and everything in between or use it as a desktop video magnifier with its optional 24″ monitor docking stand; or utilize its Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS) feature which enables side-to-side scrolling at higher magnification settings without moving the device – perfect for reading books and magazines more comfortably than ever!

This stylish device provides flexible viewing with its flip-out handle for spot viewing or comfortable grip to stay put during reading. The large LCD screen delivers clear images from 2x to 14x zoom range and easy user interface makes navigation and personalization simple for customizing experience with magnification modes, image enhancement and other functions.

The Looky 6 HD handheld magnifier offers an intuitive touchscreen interface and tactile buttons, making it simple and straightforward to use. Its lightweight yet robust construction offers durable use while remaining portable; plus it can be locked into the Compact 6 Wear for hands-free magnifier use allowing your hands to remain free for writing, cooking and hobbies – plus text-to-speech capability makes life that much simpler!


Wearable video magnifiers enable users to be more independent and enjoy life more fully, helping them stay independent as they travel from place to place. They are lightweight, easy to operate and come in various styles; some resemble glasses while others may be small and discreet; they can even connect directly to a monitor for desktop use.

The eSight i2 HD offers adjustable magnification up to 15X, an in-focus feature to manipulate images, and a color contrast mode that increases clarity in low light conditions. It is user friendly, making wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses effortless; its adjustable eyeglass frame offers extra convenience when selecting colors. The device comes in several colors to meet user preferences.

OrCam is designed to deliver visual information by using a small camera and an OCR reader with advanced recognition software that can read text, recognize faces, money and objects – mounted onto an eyeglass frame and connected via wireless to a smartphone-sized computer/battery for real time relay of text and visual data via audio signals.

Visolux Digital HD, another handheld video magnifier with advanced technology and widescreen LCD screen for HD viewing experience, boasts advanced technology with widescreen LCD screen for HD viewing experience. This device offers various features to meet the needs of all types of users including flip-out handle for spot viewing, continuous zoom from 2x-14x zoom capabilities and reading stand functionality – also hands-free use via reading stand functionality and reading stand. When coupled with PC or laptop for optimal use of its powerful software and Full Page OCR with Text-To-Speech functionality this handheld magnifier can perform full Page OCR with Text-To-Speech output capabilities for hands-free use!


Jordy is an ideal solution for an active lifestyle, offering vision near and far. This battery-operated, full-color portable system can be worn like glasses or placed on its optional 24″ monitor docking stand to become an HD video magnifier.

ClearView GO offers all of the reading comfort, customizable features, and intuitive operation you would expect from a desktop video magnifier in an easily foldable compact unit that fits in your purse or pocket. In addition, its text-to-speech capability keeps both hands free while enabling observation of objects nearby.

CyberEyez combines adjustable magnification and a high-speed optical camera capable of scanning and recognizing bar codes, faces and money. Furthermore, its features allow it to reverse polarity or change colors for added contrast.

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