Handheld Video Magnifier

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handheld video magnifier

Handheld Video Magnifier

Handheld video magnifiers combine magnification power with advanced features designed for those with low vision. They’re great aids for viewing maps, menus at restaurants, medication labels and recipes – among many other tasks.

Dynamic Line Scrolling, image capture, reading stand, customizable color modes and much more are just a few features to keep an eye out for when choosing an eBook reader!

Visolux Digital HD-7′′ Handheld Video Magnifier

Visolux Digital HD brings advanced technology together with intuitive operation for maximum reading comfort. Its 7″ LCD screen with anti-glare coating and HD camera offer you an expanded viewing area at an economical price point, while Dynamic Line Scrolling lets you browse side to side on higher magnification levels without moving the device itself. A base can also be attached for additional distance away from images to allow writing underneath which makes this device extremely helpful when performing essential work functions.

Connecting it to either a computer or television screen via HDMI and USB offers unparalleled connectivity options. Each unit comes complete with protective zippered case, charger, cleaning cloth and around-the-neck lanyard – for additional drop protection, an optional Visolux Digital HD Bumper can also be purchased separately to reduce damage from falls.

Navigating the user-friendly menu and accessing its features with its soft touch buttons is made easy on the Smartlux Digital HD. Take pictures directly onto its internal memory (8GB). Viewing images instantly with adjustable contrast modes ensures quick and smooth motion; its 50 fps refresh rate guarantees rapid viewing speeds.


The RUBY HD provides crystal-clear, HD magnification right in your hand. With its compact form and five-inch screen bringing out even the finest details of books, photographs, newspapers, medications, labels and medications – you can now magnify them up to 14x and enjoy hands-free reading wherever life may lead you!

This portable video magnifier utilizes a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera to produce HD images for viewing on its full-color LCD screen. Featuring continuous zoom capabilities from 2x to 14x magnification levels and flip-out handle for comfortable reading angles, you’re sure to find your ideal magnification level and reading angle!

Freedom Scientific’s RUBY HD rechargeable video magnifier combines portability with advanced features. With its bright four-inch screen revealing fine print and other visual details to help navigate restaurant menus, photos, prescription labels and grocery store items. Small and unobtrusive enough to fit easily in purse or pocket for use at the supermarket, pharmacy, bank library etc – simply fold down its handle for traditional magnifying glass usage or lay flat on pages for hands-free viewing!

RUBY HD’s large storage capacity allows you to save up to 80 photos for later reference. In addition, 20 high-contrast color modes offer optimal visual comfort; its freeze frame function lets you focus on specific text areas; reading line and mask features help narrow in on specific sections for optimal focus.

The Ruby 7 HD was designed with versatility in mind, boasting a larger screen than previous Ruby models to enable magnification up to 24x. Its convenient fold-out handle offers two positions for secure and balanced grip when reading packaging labels or prescription bottles; or alternatively it can be placed on tables for hands-free reading with its built-in tilt stand.

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