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An electronic handheld magnifier can help keep you engaged with activities you love. These low vision aids offer higher magnification power, advanced features and greater versatility than standard hand magnifiers.

Handheld video magnifiers are lightweight, compact and user-friendly – perfect for everyday needs like visiting banks, grocery stores, pharmacies or reading maps, menus, recipes or medication labels. They fit easily into pockets or purses for use at banks, stores or pharmacies as well as for reading maps, menus, recipes or label of medications.

Ease of Use

Handheld electronic magnifiers offer users the ability to view documents with increased magnification power than what would be possible with traditional magnifying glasses, making it easier for readers to read letters, books and other printed material – this accessibility feature can play an essential role in helping those living with low vision continue with daily activities independently.

An electronic handheld magnifier usually features a display screen with LCD or similar flat-screen technology for digital magnification of printed materials. Users have the option of connecting their handheld magnifier to their computer to increase its functionality as a full-page document reader and use other assistive technologies in conjunction with it – this may be especially beneficial for people with low vision who need to engage in extensive reading or deal with larger documents.

Many handheld digital magnifiers provide users with the option of customizing screen colors and font settings for maximum visual comfort, while some models even provide text-to-speech capabilities, translating written words into spoken phrases for easier use. This feature may prove especially helpful to those living with macular degeneration who must speak to others daily tasks like paying bills or cooking dinner, such as speaking directly with others for certain tasks such as paying bills.

The handheld digital magnifier with touchscreen capabilities provides maximum versatility and functionality, being easy to learn and use anywhere at home or away from home. Ideal for enlarging documents at work or home, this device also fits easily into the APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00).

Some portable electronic desktop magnifiers offer multiple screen options to assist visually impaired individuals in their daily lives, including being able to adjust screen size, choose optimal viewing mode, add reading lines or masks, or turn on mirror image self-view for grooming or makeup application.

Some handheld electronic magnifiers feature a built-in stand for convenient reading on the move, enabling users to place it directly over printed materials without holding or risking dropping it. These handhelds are an ideal way to quickly read maps, menus, recipes, medication labels as well as perform other everyday tasks.


Handheld electronic magnifiers are lightweight, portable low vision aids designed for use both at home and while on the move. Most are fitted with LCD high definition screens ranging in size from around 3.5″ (the Amigo model) up to 6.5″, providing magnification powers up to 12x depending on manufacturer and style.

These small handheld magnifiers are great for spot reading and can easily fit in a pocket, purse or on your belt. Perfect for recipes, magazines and newspapers printed with small print or text. Most devices also provide mirror image viewing (perfect when applying make up or shaving), computer connectivity options and custom color modes – allowing for even easier reading!

Handheld magnifiers tend to be straightforward devices with user-friendly buttons and an intuitive touch screen interface. The Looky 6 HD was specially created with those with unstable hands in mind; featuring a sturdy built-in handle and stand that opens and closes automatically as well as a touchscreen for accessing features like camera capture, reading mode, distance view.

Another popular variation of handheld electronic magnifiers is a portable viewing panel, equipped with camera and screen attachment to enable reading from virtually anywhere at any time. These devices rest atop objects needing viewing before instantly displaying images onto a monitor – ideal for watching favorite shows or reading news articles!

For those in need of even stronger magnification, desktop electronic magnifiers with larger screens and plugging directly into a standard power source may provide even greater magnification. They typically provide advanced features as well as being used for an array of tasks; the Connect 12 from Enhanced Vision offers such features and is often used for reading, writing and web navigation/social media use among many others. It features a powerful HD camera providing crisp images for optical character recognition (OCR). Furthermore, calculators, study skills tools and more come built-in.


Handheld magnifiers use camera technology and screen attachment to enable users to easily magnify print or images on-the-go. These devices may rest directly atop items being examined while projecting real-time imagery to a monitor, or come equipped with their own screen for use independently.

Handheld magnifiers usually offer features such as image freeze, zooming on multiple levels, full page text to speech conversion and various contrast modes. Furthermore, these devices can be connected directly to TV screens to enlarge images on larger displays.

People with low vision who require the ability to read from home, work, or on-the-go may benefit from using reading devices like these. Individuals using them may read maps, menus, recipes and medication labels more easily than ever before while these devices may also be helpful when employees must access hard copy material in different locations as part of their job duties.

Handheld electronic magnifiers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some as small as a thumb or credit card. Many include adjustable handle height for hands-free viewing while some even feature USB power sources that connect directly to computers for even further magnification or rehabilitation options.

Parkinson’s patient with age-related dry macular degeneration complains that her glasses no longer provide effective vision correction for her best corrected distance VA of 20/600 and 30 cm near working distance. Which type of near magnification would you suggest for this individual?

HumanWare’s Prodigi Connect line features high quality digital magnifiers that are the epitome of portable and mobile technology. Their RUBY 7 HD features a seven-inch touchscreen that magnifies up to 24 times, distance and desktop viewing modes and self-view mirror image functionality – perfect for spot reading! Plus it comes equipped with multiple viewing modes making this device an excellent option for students on the move.


Handheld electronic magnifiers offer the convenience of magnification without needing to hold something steady in one place. These low vision aids are lightweight and feature an LCD high definition screen of at least 3.5 inches or larger with up to 32x magnification for even the smallest print to appear clearly on screen. Plus, unlike stand magnifiers which require constant attention, handheld magnifiers are portable enough for everyday use and may come equipped with integrated LED lights that facilitate reading in low light conditions.

Small portable electronic video magnifiers are an excellent solution for technologically adept patients in need of more assistance than reading glasses can offer, yet don’t require or want a large stationary closed circuit television (CCTV). These devices feature adjustable magnification, contrast and enhancement modes so users can tailor the equipment specifically to specific tasks. Many models even freeze images to facilitate zooming easier – all weighing under 8 ounces with long battery lives that enable use over multiple days or nights.

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