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An electronic magnifier is an indispensable device that helps you see more clearly in both the home and on-the-go environments. Use it for reading bills, recipes, recipe cards, prescription bottle labels, newspapers and more!

Handheld magnifiers are lightweight and fold up into a convenient size to fit in your pocket or purse, featuring large physical buttons for easily adjusting magnification, contrast, and other functions.

Enhanced Vision Pebble HD

When portable magnification is required but you don’t want or need a large closed circuit television (CCTV), handheld video magnifiers may provide the ideal solution. These moderately priced devices offer variable magnification on a portable monitor screen.

Pebble HD is a 4.3 inch handheld electronic magnifier offering magnification from 10x to 20x magnification, designed for comfort. The ergonomic lightweight compact design enables users to read price tags, mail and menus easily while out and about or at home – plus its carry case makes transport simple whether at the grocery store or signing a credit card receipt!

When you want to see close up or far away, small handheld electronic monoculars like the MoJo or Amigo can come in handy. Featuring large fields of view and auto focus capabilities, they make ideal companions for reading, shopping or watching television – not to mention gardening and bird watching hobbies!

TruZoom HD 5

Now available is the CP470 in an impressive selection of formats and frame rates, from small video frame rates up to HD and 4K quality video quality. AJA Ultra code allows entry cameras to capture RAW data instantly for TruZoom playback while Canon RAW option debayers the files of entry cameras instantly so they can be reproduced with breathtaking quality in TruZoom.

What magnification are you after? In live environments like sport broadcasting and event production, one 4K camera can capture all of the central venue space at large scale. From this image, TruZoom HD 5 can extract an ultra high res image that allows you to identify objects, trace lines and capture details easily.

Photographers capturing objects or people can use the magnifying glasses from CP470 as an invaluable resource for all-sized children and adults, with colors available such as green, marron and gray. There are also options for zoom adjustment, textile support design and object capturing assistance that aid these photographers.

At home, in the office or on-the-go, RUBY XL HD is simple to learn and use. Simply snap open to secure its screen at an optimal viewing angle before effortlessly sliding across documents with color-coded tactile buttons to facilitate smooth reading experience. Furthermore, its fold-out handle features two positions for comfortable reading of medication labels or documents – plus its battery can last for five hours of continuous use! Unlike other electronic magnifiers that require software installation or laptop computer connection; RUBY XL HD’s portable design make it perfect for everyday use – order yours today!

Explore 5

The Explore 5 is a 5-inch portable video magnifier designed for use anywhere and at any time. Ideal for viewing fine print documents, books and packaging; its intuitive software and front-access buttons offer low vision assistance in everyday tasks – offering 22x magnification power and 18 enhancement contrast modes tailored specifically for individuals – this device makes life simpler for active individuals who require low vision assistance with everyday tasks. Plus it’s small and light weight! This handheld HD magnifier makes its debut.


This handheld video magnifier features a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with wide color 5-inch LCD widescreen for a clear, sharp image. Additionally, its screen tilts up for customizing viewing angles while its continuous zoom capability ranges from 2x-14x magnification. Individuals can freeze an image on the screen for closer examination. Furthermore, the RUBY XL HD can save and store up to 80 images that can then be easily transferred via USB to their personal computers. Additional features of the RUBY XL HD include high-contrast color modes, Reading Line and Masks, as well as a convenient flip-out handle for spot viewing. Weighing 10.5 ounces for effortless portability, it also comes equipped with its own carrying case, charger, wrist strap and USB cable – its battery provides up to three hours of continuous use! It’s an excellent solution for reading, hobbies and travel!

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