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Handheld electronic magnifiers offer higher powers of magnification than their glass counterparts, often featuring LCD high definition displays for image capture and computer connectivity.

Portable magnifiers are lightweight and can easily be carried with you wherever you go, making them great for spot reading in restaurants, grocery stores and banks.

Enhanced Vision Pebble HD

Enhanced Vision offers handheld electronic magnifiers that are carried by many Low Vision stores and recommended by eye care professionals across the country. These handhelds provide increased visual assistance for individuals with low vision by combining features for magnification strength and screen viewing into one portable handheld magnifier device that offers more flexibility than traditional magnifying glasses or dome magnifiers. Portable, on-the-go devices or desktop models may feature enhanced Vision’s magnifiers; some offer computer connectivity and additional features like mirror imaging for grooming or self-viewing purposes.

Reading can be the hardest task for those living with low vision due to cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. A handheld magnifier is an ideal way to increase magnification for reading fine print more clearly on-the-go – such as price tags at grocery stores or credit card slips; restaurant menus and recipes or any item with fine text or fine lines such as recipes.

Portable HD handhelds are designed for easy portability in purses, pockets or strapped onto belts allowing easy access on the go. Equipped with a slim portable monitor and 3-in-1 rotating camera capable of magnifying objects close up, far away or even yourself on-screen, portable HD handhelds are an excellent way to read magazines, newspapers, recipe cards, or other written materials while serving as video monitors for family photos and friends.

Desktop Electronic Magnifiers

Unlike handheld magnifiers, these stationary magnifiers connect directly to a TV monitor or laptop and feature stronger magnification, making them useful for larger objects like books or paper. Furthermore, these magnifiers may include speech to text software for reading aloud what is onscreen.

Finding the right handheld or desktop electronic magnifier requires testing it firsthand, which we are more than happy to arrange in your own home. Let us bring a demo unit so that you can experience it firsthand and determine whether it meets your specific needs. Contact us to arrange for this demonstration session today.

TruZoom HD 5

As cameras continue to reach higher speeds for live event production and production of event, TruZoom can capture video streams at 4K resolution while working with RAW files produced at 120 frames per second by Canon C500 cameras, providing greater coverage than multiple camera sets while giving variable framerate capabilities.

The TruZoom HD 5 hand-held magnifier provides crystal clear magnification right in your hands. It reveals fine details in books, photos, newspapers, medications and labels.

It can freeze text, adjust brightness levels, highlight reading horizontally and vertically, capture/save/recall images for later use, and more – making it the ideal companion anywhere in your travels. With its compact yet lightweight design, you’ll never leave home without it!

TruZoom HD 5 supports Canon C500 camera’s live salida ST 425-3 and works with Corvid Ultra’s RAW debayer firmware option to quickly and seamlessly integrate this high-performance camera into applications that require instantaneous response. TruZoom provides various file transfer accelerated file transfer capabilities including 3G, HD-SDI and 4K HDMI file transfers; plus built-in XMC-1 expansion card supports up to eight SSDs for high capacity storage and lightning fast performance; options can also be configured according to individual’s specific requirements based on LSI control board control board options or local storage configurations and user requirements.


At home, in the office or on the move, RUBY XL HD combines convenience and flexibility as an innovative handheld video magnifier. This ultra-portable device is easy to learn and use; simply hold it as you would a traditional magnifying glass or lay it flat for hands-free viewing. Equipped with its flip-out handle and reading stand feature, this magnifier is an invaluable aid when viewing prescription labels, groceries items at the grocery store, restaurant menus, photographs documents and much more.

The advanced 5-megapixel auto-focus camera displays HD images on its five inch widescreen LCD screen in full color and provides continuous zoom range from 2x-14x for tailored magnification. A choice of 15 color modes lets users see text, objects, or photos in their best light while tactile buttons make operating it simple and hands free – plus there’s also a slide show mode and reading line/masks feature to keep track of where you left off in documents!

Save and transfer images directly to your computer using RUBY XL HD’s USB port, making it convenient to transfer photos quickly between devices. Plus, its compact form factor means it fits easily in your pocket or purse for use at grocery stores, banks, libraries, doctors offices or any other destination requiring visual assistance. Plus it features rechargeable batteries so it will always be ready to go when needed!

The RUBY XL HD Speech edition combines all of the features of its standard model with full-page Text-to-Speech capabilities. Simply place documents before the fixed OCR camera on the left and activate the speech function – your words will then be delivered back in clear voice without straining your eyes! When reading magnified texts yourself becomes too tiresome, switch over to using ONYX XL HD Speech’s aloud reading capability instead – you won’t miss a beat with its text reading ability!

Clover 6HD

The Clover 6HD handheld video magnifier offers the ideal blend of portability, ease of use and superior image quality. Utilizing two 13 mega-pixel cameras and an HD screen to provide crystal-clear images at any magnification level across all viewing modes – using tactile buttons for zooming in or out or taking snapshots; or the touch screen to browse saved images or adjust contrast settings. Switching viewing modes couldn’t be simpler: just open or close the reading stand to automatically switch from reading mode to distance mode!

The Compact 10 HD Speech comes equipped with a 10″ high definition touch screen that fits more text onto it for optimal viewing, making it easier to read menus, medicine packaging and cans of all shapes. Furthermore, enhanced color contrast helps detect objects or text that might otherwise remain undetectable; and full page Text-to-Speech capabilities mean this device provides access to newspapers, letters and magazines as well.

The Clover 6HD’s sleek and sturdy look features familiar tactile buttons with an intuitive touch screen interface for ease of use. Its flexible handle folds into a reading stand for comfortable desktop reading; and when at home, connect it via HDMI for use as a desktop video magnifier – an ideal solution for active people with mild to moderately severe low vision who require variable magnification for distance objects, text, as well as close up details.

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