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TITANFLEX by Eschenbach stands out as sleek and aesthetically pleasing; featuring masculine design elements with robust material construction for a comfortable and secure fit – setting a benchmark in performance eyewear from everyday use to sporty adventures. No matter the activity level of wearer. TITANFLEX stands firm as your go-to option.

Titanium is an extremely hard material, yet with proper thermo-mechanical treatments and refinements it becomes flexible enough for TITANFLEX glasses to have their signature memory effect: quickly returning back into their original shapes.

Optical quality

TITANFLEX is an exceptionally light, flexible and robust material created with special titanium alloy. Thanks to this alloy’s memory effect, deformation will immediately return back to its original form – perfect for aerospace industry use, ship building and medical technology applications. TITANFLEX was created by scientists for use in the aerospace, ship-building and medical technology fields as it can be moulded into various shapes without sustaining impact damage and has excellent corrosion resistance as well as heat insulation properties.

Titanflex glasses are known for being extremely flexible and can withstand being bent or twisted without breaking or being damaged, making them great for everyday wear as well as sports and outdoor activities like running, football or painting. TITANFLEX glasses were made for active individuals!

eschenbach Titanflex glasses offer both maximum comfort and protection for your eyes. Their soft material on the nose and temples ensure that the glasses fit comfortably without pressing against either side of your head; their frame design is also very ergonomic; light enough that they can even fit inside a biker’s helmet perfectly!

Eschenbach’s TITANflex eyewear collection was recently honored with a Red Dot Award for exceptional design quality, winning two models that won over jurors: BRENDEL with geometric accentuations on its topline and Slimsheet (820826). Both demonstrated innovative material uses and sophisticated designs.

TITANflex glasses, handmade in Germany and available in a range of designs and colours, are an essential piece for men looking to combine practicality with style. Super flexible bridge and temple pieces make these frames more comfortable to wear and less likely to break than other frames; making TITANflex suitable for every occasion, adding that finishing touch to any look.


Titanflex is an extraordinary material with the unique capability to return back to its original shape when bent or disfigured, and much greater flexibility than standard spring steel frames – meaning lightweight frames that are comfortable to wear and easy to customize to each face shape. Titanflex eyewear stands out as one of the most advanced materials on the market due to its titanium/polymer combination bonded together using cutting-edge laser technology, creating a frame with superior stability while still permitting its material to bend without impacting on its structure. Titanflex stands as one of the premier eyewear materials. Titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals available, used across various industries such as optics manufacturing, aerospace design, automotive construction and medical device production. Titanflex titanium frames have become popular because of their memory metal effect – their “memory metal effect.” Titanium frames quickly return to their original shapes after being bent out of shape, unlike most materials made of other metals such as iron. Titanium is the tenth-most abundant element on earth’s crust and found worldwide; however, extracting pure titanium requires an intensive chemical process which requires time and money for extraction; nevertheless, the end result is strong, lightweight, durable material.

Titanflex frames are lightweight and ideal for children’s frames. Available in various colors and styles, Titanflex glasses make an excellent accessory to wear while being active children; not easily broken by accidents but designed to withstand stress effectively.

These glasses are an excellent choice for adults with active lifestyles, such as running, jumping, painting or playing with their children. They won’t break with bumps and falls and their light and flexible structure won’t cause them to slip off the ears or noses.

The TITANflex frames are constructed using high-grade titanium and stainless-steel hinges, with no sharp edges for comfort on your skin and resistance against chemicals and solvents. Plus, their lenses offer anti-reflectivity in several different colors!


Eschenbach Titanflex glasses are lightweight yet durable, making them an excellent choice for active people. Crafted of memory metal, they quickly return to their original form if bent. Titanflex material also makes an excellent choice for children’s glasses as it is lightweight yet flexible; providing a comfortable fit. Titan also helps prevent nose dents. Eschenbach Titanflex provides frames in various casual and sporty styles; plus provides lens colors like gray, black and blue!

Titanflex material offers an innovative solution to eyeglasses production. While titanium may be stronger than stainless steel, its lighter weight makes it more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, its flexibility enables designers to design new types of frames. Furthermore, this innovative material resists scratches and rust as well as being easy to clean and polish to a high degree – giving its wearer stylish frames suitable for every occasion!

Titanflex has become an exciting material used by Eschenbach frames, such as the 823018. This frameless model was the first to use this groundbreaking material, creating an exquisite front look. Furthermore, the temples feature high-quality finishing that further complements this urban aesthetic of these glasses.

Titanflex also features an easy-to-adjust core wire, allowing opticians to work more efficiently. This technology is particularly helpful in fitting round-rimmed models which can often be difficult to fit properly; its flat core wire’s zig-zag ridge design makes adjusting easier so opticians can focus on more important tasks, like fitting lenses.

As well as using TITANflex material, the company employs high-grade base-2 plastic and anti-reflective coating processes. These materials and processes help ensure durability while still retaining aesthetic appeal, leading them to win multiple awards, such as Red Dot design prizes.


Titanflex glasses are made of an innovative titanium alloy material that is both flexible and strong, making the frames highly bendable without breaking under stress, yet returning back to their original shapes without worry of breaking or becoming out of shape. Furthermore, their lightness makes them comfortable to wear; their modern high-tech finish adds an appealing and elegant appearance – features which make the Titanflex an excellent choice for anyone seeking stylish yet unique eyeglasses.

Titanflex material makes it possible to tailor glasses frames perfectly to each person’s head shape, thanks to a core wire with zigzag ridges designed with this purpose in mind. Not only is adjustment easy and stress on hinges reduced, but this material ensures that bridges remain securely attached even while wearing them.

Titanflex material is an revolutionary breakthrough in eyewear design. Combining HD acetate’s benefits with those of a special titanium alloy, it creates a lightweight yet sturdy frame suitable for daily wear that is also environmentally-friendly compared to plastic alternatives. Furthermore, there is an extensive variety of colors and shapes available so that anyone can find their ideal pair.

Eschenbach titanflex glasses are handcrafted in Nuremberg, Germany from high-grade materials for everyday wear and active lifestyles. Additionally, their anti-reflective coating prevents sunlight from damaging their lenses, keeping them clear and clean over extended use periods. Titanflex eyewear make a fashionable statement that will withstand time!

TITANFLEX by Eschenbach introduced TITANFLEX technology in 1988 and revolutionised eyewear production, design, and demand. With its highly flexible, dimensionally stable material that ensures all TITANFLEX eyewear has high-end styling, robust construction and offers perfect fitting – it revolutionized production, design, and demand of eyewear at once!

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