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Magnifiers that feature large magnification (3.6x), bright SMD LED illumination and glass hard lenses provide more clearly focused magnifier viewing than stand magnifiers of similar size. Cleaning this magnifier is simple as well.

The Makrolux features a rectangular 90x30mm viewing area for distortion-free clarity and easy orientation, helping reduce neck strain during reading sessions.


Magnifying glasses make reading the fine print on newspapers or crossword puzzles much simpler, helping users see all the fine details more clearly. Magnification measures an object’s relative size relative to its original one; higher magnification results in larger images appearing. A hand-held magnifier typically displays its magnification with numbers like 10x or greater; this indicates it will make an object appear ten times bigger than it actually is. Stand magnifiers may have their magnification engraved directly onto their lens.

For optimal magnifier selection, it is crucial that you consider both your needs and how you intend to use it. Some users prefer hands-free designs while others need an efficient means of magnifying objects for extended periods. Some magnifiers come equipped with handles while others sit atop bases; lighting brightness also plays a major factor.

Visolux+ illuminated stand magnifier provides a large, distortion-free viewing area enhanced by bright LEDs. The glasses used are scratch proof. Its angled body allows it to be used upright or tilted and ergonomic handles ensure comfortable gripping. Finally, battery powered long life LEDs with low power consumption give maximum lifespan.

An Eschenbach illuminated stand magnifier with a wide field of view is perfect for hobbies like stamp collecting and coin collecting, as its lens is made of polymethyl acrylate with CERA-TEC antiscratch hard coating to produce distortion-free images and eliminate the need for cleaning. Furthermore, its large field of view also makes this magnifier suitable for extended viewing.

Some Eschenbach magnifiers offer an additional feature that allows users to point at objects and receive image descriptions and interactive labels on the iPad device’s screen. This can be enabled in the iPad Settings app and is available to customers who upgrade their iOS device to iOS 12 or later.

Lighted Magnifiers

Illuminated magnifiers are great tools to assist with daily tasks like shopping or cooking meals, especially for elderly individuals who may find reading fine print difficult without magnification. Many lighted magnifiers are portable enough for easy transport in handbags or pockets for quick and convenient access whenever checking mail or reading menus is necessary or you need to examine small objects like letters or bills.

Lighted magnifiers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to meet various working environments and applications. Most illuminated magnifiers feature optical quality white crown glass lenses for clear vision with undistorted field of view and high magnification power (magnification power) printing directly on their lens head for users to easily understand what their magnification level will be. Manufacturers frequently also provide users with their magnification power (magnification power) as well as dioptric values printed directly onto the lens head so it’s easy for users to understand exactly how much magnification will occur.

Lighting systems for magnifiers vary depending on their design; most provide energy-efficient illumination with an LED bulb lasting 20,000 hours or more and minimal energy consumption, making lighted magnifiers a green choice. Some LED magnifiers feature cool blue illumination while others use warm yellow illumination that can be adjusted by users themselves.

Aspheric lenses are preferred on illuminated magnifiers for their distortion-free magnification with an undistorted field of view that’s wider than circular lenses. Furthermore, aspheric lenses offer greater convenience with their ability to focus within inches of an object being examined.

Other characteristics that define a good magnifier include its size and weight as well as its source of illumination. While circular fluorescent bulbs were once popular with illuminated magnifiers, today they are being gradually phased out in favor of more energy-efficient LEDs that require less electricity while producing no heat. A rechargeable battery powered magnifier is another great choice as it can easily be stored away and ready to go at any given moment.

Mobilux(r) LED Hand-Held Magnifiers

Illuminated hand-held magnifiers offer distortion-free viewing with bright LEDs positioned around their lenses and an ergonomic battery handle to easily hold and use, enabling distortion-free reading for extended periods. A patented hard coating protects lenses from scratches to ensure text and images remain clear and crisp, and an anti-scratch surface helps ensure text and images stay clear and sharp. An open base base design also makes writing underneath easier – not just on crosswords!

VisoLux(r) Illuminated Magnifiers

VisoLux illuminated stand magnifiers offer a large distortion-free viewing area brightly illuminated with LEDs for ease of reading, writing and viewing small objects such as coins, stamps, photos or coins. Simply push the ON button and position it over whatever needs viewing; its double lens system has a hard coating designed to minimize scratches to extend its durability and extend its lifespan.

VisoLux+ stand magnifiers offer an expanded field of view compared to most other stand magnifiers – 100 x 75 mm (4 by 3 inches), so you can read more words without moving the magnifier. Their calculated light guidance directs all available illumination directly towards what’s being viewed; their filter offers two illumination options (bright white light or soft orange) while an auto-switching function turns off after 30 minutes of non-use to conserve energy costs.

VisoLux+’s ergonomically angled lens enables users to write comfortably for long periods of time under its magnifier without suffering neck strain, making it an ideal tool for all crossword enthusiasts. Furthermore, its high magnification makes reading small print in books and newspapers much easier as well as undertaking detailed projects such as car engine repair or knitting more manageable.

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