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eschenbach pocket magnifier

Eschenbach products are relied upon by thousands of eyecare and vision rehab professionals worldwide to assist their patients and clients maintain an improved quality of life. Traditional folding magnifiers with high power optics meet industry standards, while compact cases protect biconvex lenses when not in use. Furthermore, Eschenbach 1511 series displays feature state-of-the-art surface mounted display LED illumination providing brighter yet energy efficient light source solutions.

High-power optics

This small magnifier can fit comfortably in a shirt pocket and is the ideal way to read stock listings, newspapers, maps, computer print-outs and photographs. When not in use, simply swivel away into its elegant case made of fine grain leather – when done its case simply closes shut!

Eschenbach magnifiers are recommended by eyecare and vision rehab professionals as a great way to maintain independence for their patients and clients. Millions of consumers also rely on Eschenbach magnifiers to meet everyday needs like reading mail, menus or enjoying hobbies at home.

The easyPOCKET foldable magnifier combines German engineering and optical quality for maximum magnification in a small handheld magnifier. Its aspheric/diffractive hybrid lens is distortion-free and only 3mm thick for optimum results. New SMD LED (light emitting diode) illumination offers brighter illumination with longer life than traditional incandescent bulbs, plus it features an easy ON/OFF light switch and snap-on filters to customize lighting options. All Mobilux(r) LED hand-held magnifiers feature a robust fiberglass reinforced plastic case to reduce lens scratching, and an innovative battery compartment with high quality springs for easier battery changes (2 AA included). We are proud of the fact that this product was proudly “Made in Germany”.

Achromatic lens system

Eschenbach products are used by thousands of eyecare professionals and vision rehab specialists worldwide to help their patients increase their independence and quality of life. These durable folding magnifiers feature an achromatic lens system to eliminate extraneous colors; coated lenses cemented together using different types of glass create crystal-clear optics; the case is constructed of tough fiberglass reinforced polyaminde that protects it from damage or scratches, with compact sliding cases small enough to fit in shirt pockets – made in Germany; 4x magnification power included! Batteries included. Made in Germany with 4x magnification power. Batteries included! Made in Germany; 4x magnification power included. Batteries not included! Made in Germany; 4x magnification. Batteries included! Batteries included! Made in Germany 4x magnification; batteries included! Batteries included! Made in Germany 4x magnification with batteries included and batteries included! Batteries included! Made in Germany 4x magnification; batteries included! Made in Germany 4x magnification. Batteries included! Made in Germany 4x magnification – Batteries included! batteries included! Batteries included when purchasing! Made in Germany 4x magnification. Batteries included! Made Germany. 4x magnification. Batteries included! Batteries included! Batteries included! 4x Magnification 4X magnification 4X magnification + batteries included! Batteries included! 4x Magnification made in Germany made. 4x Magnification made! ; made by Batterys included! Batteries included

Aplanatic lens system

Eschenbach magnifiers are trusted by eyecare and vision rehab professionals worldwide, while millions of individuals use them themselves to ensure independent living and quality of life. The easyPOCKET hand-held magnifier offers powerful 4x magnification with its large distortion-free aspheric/ diffractive hybrid lens and bright illumination using SMD LEDs that never need changing; conveniently fitting into a shirt pocket or purse foldable design and with leather case to reduce lens scratching – ideal for viewing stock listings, newspapers maps photographs etc with fine print!

Mobilux(r) LED hand-held magnifiers

Eyecare and vision rehab professionals rely on Eschenbach handheld magnifiers to assist their clients with low vision issues. Mobilux(r) LED hand-held magnifiers represent the latest generation of illuminated magnifiers; Mobilux LED magnifiers offer bright alternatives to incandescent bulbs thanks to SMD LED illumination providing a whiter spectrum while using five times less battery power than incandescent bulbs. Small yellow filters are included that can simply snap over LEDs for additional color control.

This light switch offers two color illumination choices and comes equipped with a battery indicator to visually provide feedback on remaining battery life. Furthermore, an aspheric lens protected in elegant leather casing makes this lens perfect for reading maps, stock listings, newspaper clippings or photographs.

This pocket-sized magnifier is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and features an integrated step-up converter to ensure consistent illumination. When not in use, its lens swivels back into its protective case – perfect for use in restaurants or dimly lit environments.

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