ESCHENBACH Mobilux LED Magnifiers

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ESCHENBACH Mobilux LED Magnifiers

ESCHENBACH Mobilux LED magnifiers provide bright illumination using SMD (light-emitting diode) technology for an enhanced whiter spectrum and longer bulb life. Features of this magnifier include an easy ON/Off light switch; battery compartment with high quality springs to make changing batteries simpler (2 AA batteries included); and an ergonomic slip-on protective case.

High-quality SMD LED illumination

Illumination is of utmost importance in any magnifier and Mobilux LED hand-helds are no different. Their SMD (light-emitting diode) illumination provides a whiter spectrum with longer useful lives than traditional incandescent bulbs, saving money through battery usage five times more efficiently. Brightness can be adjusted using the large ON/Off light switch; three small snap-on filters are included for customizing illumination options as well as an ergonomic handle, high quality springs in the battery compartment to make changing batteries simpler (2 AAA included), and even an accompanying slip-on protective case to complete its value proposition.

Step-up technology ensures consistent illumination over time by evenly regulating LED power supplies through a miniature switching regulator equipped with active semiconductors.

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Easy-to-use ON/Off switch

Mobilux LED hand held magnifiers feature an ergonomic handle with an easy-to-use ON/Off light switch, high quality springs in the battery compartment and step-up technology that regulates LED power supply for consistent illumination over time. Furthermore, they come with protective cases covering lens and ON/Off switch for hands-free viewing and slip-on stands (#1511-001) for hands-free viewing as well as step-up technology to regulate LED power supply evenly for hands-free viewing and 2-AA batteries are included with each product for power supply regulation. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm and should therefore not come within reach of children or those under age 16! WARNING: Please do not leave children unsupervised unattended when handling. WARNING: Please keep out of reach of children, as this product contains chemicals which could cause birth defects or reproductive harm; keep out of reach of children as this may contain harmful materials which could harm children! Keep away from children! WARNING: California regulations have determined this product contains chemicals known by California authorities to cause birth defects or reproductive harm; therefore keep out of reach of children – do not reach. Keep out of reach of children! WARNING: WARNING: California has identified this product as potentially cause birth defects or reproductive harm – please keep out of reach of children as this product should remain out of reach of children to be kept out.

Long battery life

The Eschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifiers boast an incredible long battery life thanks to their premium SMD LED light source and slim form factor, easily fitting into your bag or purse for convenient reading of small print at home or while on-the-go (e.g. looking up phone numbers or prices at the supermarket). Their large light switch allows two lighting colours with filters included. A handy eyelet at the end of their handle enables attachment of neck straps; furthermore they come complete with protective cases to safeguard their aspheric lenses from damage!

All Mobilux LED hand-held magnifiers feature ergonomic handles with large ON/Off light switches for easy operation, along with a battery compartment equipped with high quality springs that facilitate changing batteries (2 AA batteries included). A slip-on protective case is also included.

Comfortable ergonomic handle

Mobilux LED hand-held magnifiers offer comfortable ergonomic handles with an intuitive ON/Off light switch and springs to facilitate easier battery changes (2 AAA batteries included). Step-up technology even regulates LED power supply and delivers illumination that is 50% brighter than competing models; additionally a #1511-003 Mobase stand can be purchased separately to convert these magnifiers to handheld magnifiers or attach them directly to tripods for use as handheld magnification tools; additionally a slip-on protective case is included for each magnifier.

Step-up technology

Hand held magnifier with bright LED illumination is ideal for crossword puzzles, making the small print easier to read. Simply turn on/off this energy-saving light using its large ON/Off switch – batteries last five times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs so you can work for hours uninterrupted!

Step-up technology ensures constant illumination over battery life by evenly regulating power delivery. In addition, Mobilux LED series features an ergonomic handle and high quality springs in its battery compartment as well as a protective case.

WARNING: The State of California has identified this product as potentially causing birth defects or reproductive harm, so take caution when using it around children or pregnant women. Only use as directed and read and follow all labels and warnings prior to use.

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