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An electronics magnifier provides remarkable improvements for those living with low vision. These devices come in various forms and some even feature camera imaging displayed on a monitor screen.

Portable digital magnifiers can easily fit into a purse or pocket and provide powerful magnification for reading, writing or solving crossword puzzles. Some models even come equipped with features such as self-view (mirror imaging for grooming purposes) and computer connectivity for added convenience.


Handheld electronics magnifiers provide convenient magnification on the go. Lightweight and easily transportable, these lightweight devices are an ideal way to access magnification whenever it is needed. Many come equipped with long-life batteries and large bright buttons for ease of use – great choices for active people who require variable magnification to view menus, fine print documents or other important materials.

These portable electronic magnifiers typically boast LCD screens between 3.5″ and 6.5″. While their features vary, most offer up to 24X power magnification that can be displayed on-screen. Some models also allow users to freeze images, adjust contrast/brightness levels, capture photos onto memory cards for later viewing and more.

Magnifiers can be used for numerous tasks, from reading maps and menus, recipes and medication labels, to daily tasks like shopping, writing checks, paying bills or completing work or school assignments. Some handheld magnifiers even come equipped with TV connectors for larger and clearer views!

Desktop electronic magnifiers offer more magnification power than handheld ones while remaining compact enough for comfortable desktop use. Their magnification range can reach 22X magnification and come equipped with LCD HD screens between 8″ and 12″, as well as advanced features like image capture, computer connectivity and more – perfect for those working from home or needing to view hard copy documents in several locations simultaneously.

Electronic magnifiers can be purchased either online or from a low vision store. Companies, like Enhanced Vision, will send out representatives to show you how the magnifiers work and help determine if they would meet your specific needs – this way you’re assured of getting the maximum return for your money spent!


Handheld electronic magnifiers are portable devices designed to fit easily in purses or pockets and offer up to 12x magnification on LCD High Definition screens ranging from 3.5″ to 6.5″. Among their many advanced features are image capture, computer connectivity, custom color modes, contrast enhancement and adjustable reading lines and masks for enhanced user experiences. A handheld magnifier is an invaluable asset in classrooms, homes, workplaces or travel situations alike.

Panel electronic magnifiers resemble handheld magnifiers but with larger sizes. These devices rest atop an image or text to magnify it for easier viewing while using screen attachment and/or camera technology for real-time magnification. Panel electronic magnifiers can be tailored specifically to specific low vision needs.

Jupiter fits comfortably in an APH Transition Backpack (1-08211-00), making it the perfect companion for students on-the-go! Ideal for watching presentations, guest speakers or instructors from the front of a room as well as self-viewing when applying makeup and grooming, simply using touch. Turn the lens to view different angles or zoom in closer with its high contrast LCD screen; just touch to turn! Plus it includes all of the features found on traditional desktop video magnifiers – making Jupiter an effective tool that provides real value whether in class or beyond its confines!


Desktop electronic magnifiers can be an excellent solution for many home and work tasks, from reading documents to writing them out by hand. Convenient and easy to use, they fold flat like a laptop for convenient storage on desks and tables while offering clear HD images with plenty of screen clearance for reading, writing or viewing documents. Plus they come equipped with software allowing storage, annotation of documents and OCR (optical character recognition).

Desktop electronic magnifiers range in complexity from an arm mounted magnifying lens to camera imaging displayed on a monitor, offering visual support through computer connectivity or features like mirror imaging for self-grooming mirror. Some models also allow computer connectivity as well as black and white high-contrast viewing modes to provide even further assistance.

The TOPAZ PHD All-in-one Desktop Video Magnifier is an ideal choice for home and workplace environments, featuring a HD LCD screen, full page text-to-speech capabilities, a powerful 3-in-1 full frame Sony HD camera with zoom up to 77 times, easily controlled through large intuitive buttons, making it suitable for reading documents, books and magazines as well as writing, applying makeup or shaving and viewing whiteboard presentations.

Its compact size makes it convenient to transport on the go. You can use it as a stand alone desktop device or connect it to your TV for effortless viewing in any room of the home, bedroom or kitchen. Furthermore, USB connectivity gives access to more advanced features. Perfect for home, work and school activities and especially beneficial for those suffering from age-related macular degeneration or other eye conditions that affect vision loss.


As CCTV or video magnifiers, these assistive technology devices enlarge text and images for reading, writing, completing a crossword puzzle, viewing photographs, connecting to computers or simply having fun! CCTV magnifiers are ideal for individuals suffering from low vision due to conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa or diabetic retinopathy.

Electronic magnifiers utilize special cameras to enlarge text or images on TV screens, computer monitors or laptops. Many come equipped with speakers and an option to have the magnified image read aloud; some even provide split screen technology so an individual can see their computer program while viewing material via the CCTV on the other half of the monitor screen.

Most CCTVs feature high contrast modes for enhanced legibility of letters and numbers, and color options to further increase clarity when reading text on a black background. Many also allow users to choose an optimal mode for their lighting environment as well as reduce glare from their screen background – some devices even portable enough to bring with you wherever magnification may be necessary such as doctor’s offices, schools or work sites.

As CCTVs can be costly, individuals should seek advice and experiences of others before making a purchasing decision. When purchasing online be sure to review return policies and fees carefully. Alternatively, home demonstration services provide several pieces of equipment directly into your house for you to test out first-hand before making a decision.

Software-based magnification runs on smartphones, tablets and laptops equipped with camera peripherals – although this option might not provide the same quality as hardware video magnifiers it can be more economical. Individuals should consult a specialist to make sure they find one suitable to their needs without straining their eyes too much.

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