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Electronic reading aids are devices designed to read text aloud for blind individuals. Utilizing direct-translation technology with custom integrated circuits for image sensing and output driver control, these reading aids may become widely adopted among blind people. Test results suggest this could become the norm.

These portable and lightweight devices connect easily and quickly to any TV or monitor with video input, reading newspapers, magazines, recipe cards, medicine labels and other documents instantly.

Easy to use

Electronic reading aids use computers to read aloud text for you, making it easier to keep up with news, books, and magazines that interest you. Optelec offers various solutions with over 60 natural-sounding reading voices in 30 different languages to suit every individual reader’s personal taste.

Incremental reading is a software-assisted method for learning and retaining information that involves breaking articles down into flashcards that are reviewed over an extended period by using a spaced repetition algorithm. The software extracts key parts from an article and distills them into flashcards for review by users to reinforce knowledge retention while closing deletions to preserve more of what has been learnt from each article.

This compact digital reading aid, the size of a computer mouse, quickly connects to any monitor with video input and makes viewing newspapers, maps, recipes cards and medicine labels effortless. Plus it helps navigate websites.


People with functional vision can benefit from using screen reading programs, like ChromeVox and VoiceOver on Apple OS X, to help with daily tasks. Both these programs scan text aloud to those who find it hard or tiring to do it themselves; additionally they offer natural-sounding reading voices in 30 languages! Other solutions such as Panopreter, Natural Reader and ReadSpeaker Text Aid all provide similar capabilities.

Koolertron electronic magnifying devices boasting a large anti-glare LCD screen with 4X-32X zoom capabilities are lightweight and portable for easy use, providing users with easy portability. Capturing or freezing images onto its screen, as well as adjusting lighting levels to enhance visual impacts is made simple using 17 different color modes specifically tailored for low vision users, color blindness sufferers and amblyopia sufferers for an optimal visual experience.


With so many devices to choose from, it is crucial to find one that suits your vision best. Options available range from traditional handheld magnification to solutions that scan and read aloud text aloud; many also provide reading magnification adjustments, image capture or freeze screen capabilities and color/contrast settings for customization.

No matter if it be newspapers, magazines, recipe cards or medicine labels – electronic reading aids offer solutions. From small portable units that connect directly to TV or monitor screens – to those which recognize text and then convert it to computer voice reading – there is something available that meets every reading need!

These devices use the direct translation principle whereby tactile information displayed is an exact reproduction of black-and-white information on a book or newspaper page. They are extremely lightweight, making it convenient to carry with you anywhere you go in your bag or briefcase. Each typical device contains two custom MOS integrated circuits: an image sensing array and high voltage tactile stimulator driver chip which are powered by easily rechargeable batteries making these ideal choices for daily use.

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