Best Low Vision Clocks 2022

best low vision clocks 2022

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One of the most common low vision devices purchased for the home is a low vision clock.  There are many available different rooms in the house. Some are very simple and some have very unique features to help those with different impairments.  Below is a list of 5 of the best low vision clocks each for a different reason.

19 Alarms Dementia Clock

Best for Low vision and memory loss

Low vision and dementia clock with 19 alarms and remote.

19 Alarms Dementia Clock - Best low vision clocks

Huge Clear Time Display-This 8-inch 1024×768 High Contrast and Resolution Digital Calendar Day Clock. Easily see the time, day of the week, month, and date in large strong characters with no misleading acronyms! With a 170° viewing angle, the display is visible from all sides. Excellent for the sight challenged or the elderly!

Messages, 19 Alarms & Custom Reminders Eye-friendly hues (white/yellow/green/red) that can be adjusted. This Digital Clock also contains 19 alarms with colorful graphic symbols (Drink Some Water/Wash Hands/Take Medications, and so on). Our alarms may be switched off automatically or manually, so no snooze buttons are required! For critical schedules or tasks, you may additionally create 10 additional reminders or messages (through USB). Great for Dementia or Memory Loss!


  • Large with multi-function
  • Assists with vision and memory
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Helps keep seniors independent
  • Different text colors


  • Possibility of losing the remote
  • Aesthetically kind of plain

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DreamSky Large Digital Alarm Clock for Visually Impaired 

Best for simplicity and the bedroom

DreamSky Large Digital Alarm Clock for Visually Impaired

This low vision digital clock has a streamlined design and enormous bold number display on a white large display with a smart dimmer. The 3″ giant lighted LED digits make it easy to see the time even from a distance, making it excellent for persons with impaired eyesight. With the innovative smart brightness dimmer design, you can adjust the display brightness from 0-to 100 levels with a simple turn of the wheel. There’s no need to be concerned about the brightness, which might be either excessively bright and disrupt your sleep or too dim to read the time.

Alarm Sound Can Be Changed: Set a single alarm with a 9-minute snooze. As a personal taste, the “beep” alarm sound may be tuned anywhere from 30-90 DP. It is unnecessary to be concerned about the alarm sound, which may be either too loud to startle you or too soft to bring you up from a deep slumber. On weekends, you may turn off the alarm with a single ON/OFF button.

USB Charging Port: Use the USB port to charge your smartphone, iPad, or other smart devices without having to connect it to the wall. The words “handy,” “convenient,” and “organized” come to mind.

Clock with Simple Operation: With the intuitive setting button, you’ll have no trouble setting the time or alarm. Children, seniors, and the elderly will find it simple.

Outlet Powered by Battery Backup: Use the provided DC adapter to power the clock. In the event of a power outage, 2* AAA batteries (not supplied) are required to save time and alarm settings. The screen will go blank and the alarm will not sound if just the backup battery is used.


  • Super simple to use
  • Very large, easy to see a number
  • Dimmable for sleeping
  • Charging port for your devices
  • Backup battery
  • Inexpensive


  • No radio
  • One-color of text
  • A screwdriver is needed to change the batteries
  • A very small percentage of reviews say the clock loses time

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Talking alarm clock for visually impaired

Talking alarm clock for visually impaired

Best for the severely visually impaired

This talking alarm clock for low vision has no display but can speak to you and give you the time, date, and week.

Simply press the top of the button to hear a real human voice (male) and conventional American pronunciation via a louder speaker.

3 AAA batteries are required to power this clock ( not included)

Visually challenged folks will appreciate the high contrast color combination of white and black. Miniature size, lightweight, and portability.


  • Very simple to use
  • High contrast and easy to find
  • No display to have to read
  • Get the time and date at the touch of a button
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited functionality
  • Requires batteries 
  • No display for sighted people

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Talking Low Vision Alarm Clock

Best looking low vision clocks

Talking Low Vision Alarm Clock

This is an English talking clock with an electronic female voice (not a real human voice) that tells the time and temperature, but not the date or the week.

This talking alarm clock shows the time, date, week, month, alarm time, and temperature, which can be set between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

It has an “Hourly Chime” feature (TALKING TIME EVERY HOUR), but it does not create any other sound. To activate/deactivate this function, long-press the hourly chime button.

This talking clock features two screen lighting modes: “Brighter and Dimmer.” When the top of the clock is pressed, the clock speaks in the brighter mode. It goes into dimmer mode after you speak (you must turn the backlight sensor to enable dimmer mode). There are three alarm settings to choose from: 7 days, 6 days, and 5 working days. You may choose from seven different ringtones to use as your alarm sound, including BIBI and CUCKOO.

This clock requires three AAA 1.5V batteries, which are not supplied.


  • Very modern and unique styling
  • Displays many elements all at once such as time, date, temp, alarms 
  • Inexpensive
  • It talks to you telling you the time and temperature


  • Batteries are required
  • The display isn’t super high contrast
  • Too many display elements may confuse some people.

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Robin, 2022 Version, Digital Day Clock 2.0 

Best overall low vision clock 

Robin, 2022 Version, Digital Day Clock 2.0

Ultimate clarity – With a 170° viewing angle that can be viewed from all corners of the room, the 8-inch high-definition color display guarantees a sharp, crisp picture exhibiting the whole color spectrum. Custom and preloaded display themes are available.

This clock is suitable for elders due to its reconstructed design, which includes a thoughtfully crafted user interface and easy-to-access side buttons. A sleep button is ideal for those midday naps, and the clever design allows for installation in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

Alarms, reminders, and personalized messages are all available. You may set as many alarms as you like. Adjust the volume, duration, noises, and message with ease. With a built-in global schedule, it automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. Individually adjust each alarm and message.

Talking clock – With a single push of a button, the day and hour are announced in a loud, clear voice. You may also set up screen reminders for birthdays, events, and holidays, as well as scheduled periodic time announcements. Choose from more than 20 pre-programmed events or create your own. In the event of a power loss, this day clock includes battery backup and automatically resets to the proper time and date when the power is restored.

The ideal present – No phrases like “dementia” or “memory loss” appear on the package or in the instructions. It’s the ideal retirement present for sensitive seniors or loved ones. Take advantage of US-based customer service and phone assistance. The low vision clocks also has a battery backup, a one-touch sleep button, a one-touch talking clock button, and a number of other unique features that are only available with our clock.


  • Sleek white design
  • Talks to you
  • Customizable alarms
  • Large, high contrast display
  • No batteries


  • On the more expensive side
  • No remote to lose
  • Slightly more complex to use than other simple clocks

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DreamSky 13 Inches Large Wall Clock for the visually impaired

Easiest to use and classic design

DreamSky 13 Inches Large Wall Clock for visually impaired

The quiet, smooth, continuous-sweep secondhand movement of 13-inch ornamental wall low vision clocks ensures a healthy sleeping and working environment. Ideal for usage in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, workplace, school, and workshop.

From every corner of your room, you can see and know the time thanks to the large 3D number display.

Dustproof and waterproof glass lens in a sturdy plastic hard casing makes it simple to clean and keeps dust at bay.

The back nail slot facilitates installation. With the included hanger, it’s simple to put together. Simply push in and the wall will not be damaged.

1 AA battery (not supplied) is required for operation; battery life is long. Great contemporary attractive wall low vision clocks for home, office, library, kitchen, school, and hospital.


  • Simplest clock to use
  • Classic design
  • Only requires one AA battery
  • Inexpensive
  • High contrast


  • Doesn’t talk
  • No alarms
  • The battery will have to be changed
  • No other display features other than the time 

Digital Projection Alarm Clock for Bedroom 

The biggest display is due to the projection feature (easiest to see)

Digital Projection Alarm Clock for Bedroom

Designed with a 350° rotating swivel projector that projects the ultra-clear time onto the wall or ceiling within the ideal projection distance of 1.6-9.8ft(0.5-3m), enabling you to comfortably see it even while laying in bed. You may spin the focus ring of the ceiling clock to the right degree to improve the quality of the projected picture. To switch the orientation of upside-down projection pictures so that the numbers are always right-side-up, press the Projection Mode button.

Dual Alarms with Big Snooze: The projection clock may be set to two distinct alarms for couples with varied schedules or as a backup for rousing up heavy sleepers. The snooze button is located in a comfortable central spot for turning off the alarm and getting an additional 9 minutes of sleep before it wakes you up.

Adjustable Ringer Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

With the loudest alarm volume, wake up the heavy sleepers. The alarm level (Level 1-5) may be adjusted to your desire with the “V+” or “V-” keys and the alarm noises become louder slowly, so you won’t be startled out of your beautiful slumber.

7″ Large Super-Clear Time LED Display Alarm Clock with 5-Level Dimmer

The ceiling projection alarm clock’s 7″ Ultra-Large display allows you to easily check the time even with glasses removed and is ideal for the elderly. If you are sensitive to light at night, you may dim the display by continuously pressing the “DIMMER” button with 5 levels, which is also useful for protecting your eyes.

Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port

The digital projection clock is incredibly useful for charging Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Simply plug it into a clock outlet or socket and you’re set to go. With a built-in USB output interface of 5V/1.0A. It’s fantastic to wake up with a fully charged phone.

Outlet Operated Alarm Clock with Battery Backup Settings  When it comes to the alarm clock with ceiling display, AC power (100-240V) is necessary for all functions to operate, and 2pcs AAA batteries are required for time-setting and alarm-setting so that you don’t have to re-set the time and may trigger an alarm in the event of a power loss. As a result, you’ll never miss a crucial meeting.

12/24 H Time Format & DST Projected Wall Clock

To enable DST, just push and hold the “DST” button on top of the projector clock. To change the time format, long-press the 12/24H button.


  • Easiest to see
  • Charging ports for your devices
  • The large display on the clock itself
  • Adjustable alarm volume 
  • No batteries are required but have battery backup


  • Not portable (needs a power outlet)
  • Low contrast display colors
  • Doesn’t talk

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Is there a clock for the blind?

Yes, this clock mentioned above is perfect for the completely blind.

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Just touch the button and it tells you the time.

What kind of clock would you suggest for a blind person?

It depends on the severity of the impairment.  Large print, high contrast for those with some sight, and talking clicks for those that are not sighted at all.

Is Apple Watch Good for the visually impaired?

The watch, like other Apple devices, is extremely accessible to VoiceOver users and offers several decent choices for low-vision users. To utilize the Watch, you’ll need to be comfortable with VoiceOver commands.

Does Amazon Echo work as an alarm clock?

With an Amazon Echo smart speaker and Alexa, you can wake up to your favorite music, radio station, or even a tailored news broadcast, all with only your voice commands. You can also use Alexa Routines to combine music, lighting, alarms, and your device to create the best wake-up experience.

How do blind people set alarms?

Again depending on the severity of the visual condition and the type of low vision clocks setting alarms will vary.  Some low vision clocks will have braille on the buttons, some are voice-activated and some may have to be set by a loved one.

How much does a talking clock cost?

The range of prices for talking low vision clocks is from $15- $100, The average of the ones we reviewed is about $30.00

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