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CCTVs, or Closed Circuit Television cameras, are electronic magnifiers which project an electronically enlarged image onto a monitor or television screen. As with other electronic devices, their capabilities have steadily increased over the years.

Eschenbach MaxTV provides practitioners with a cost-effective binocular telescopic option that’s simple to set up and train with a minimal learning curve for patients.

1. VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope

The VES-Falcon is an autofocusing Keplerian bioptic telescope designed to deliver hands-free clear vision at virtually all distances. Offering various magnification options and suitable for wear with either prescription eyeglasses or without glasses, its 2.2x Galilean telescope and 0.5x field expander are mounted onto a magnetic clip-on frame; patients can either use their own frames with self-adhesive flanges or Ocutech provided frames which have been drilled onto it; their flanges can easily be removed to switch the system over into bioptic orientation which is helpful when reading, computer work or engaging in other activities requiring close-focus activities such as reading, computer work etc.

The Falcon is designed to make fitting, demonstrating and prescribing low vision devices effortless for low vision specialists. Powered by its parallax corrected 4x/12.5 degree Keplerian optical system for exceptional image clarity and brightness; lightweight ergonomic design makes long-term wear comfortable; rechargeable battery allows operation for approximately 8 hours at one charge;

Ocutech offers several telescopic bioptic telescopes suitable for mild to moderate visual impairments, helping patients engage in their favorite activities such as watching television or movies, traveling, shopping, attending church and meetings, playing cards or games, dining out, using computers etc. They can enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Telescopic systems are suitable for individuals with best corrected spectacle acuities of 20/60 or better, who have vision goals that respond well to magnification such as watching TV/movies/magnification such as viewing faces and signs, seeing blackboards in class, working at a computer, driving, cooking, walking, attending concerts/performances/sports games/birding etc. It can also assist individuals remain engaged in family/community activities like visiting museums/performances or gardening/hiking outdoors etc.

2. Eschenbach MaxTV

The Eschenbach MaxTV is a wearable low vision aid that quickly clips to most eyeglasses for viewing TV with magnification of up to 2.1x, as well as being adjustable so each eye lens is focused independently [3 diopters]. Perfect for watching sports events, movies, theatre, birding or distance viewing activities such as birding. Lightweight and easy to use!

The MaxTV clip comes equipped with protective rubber covers to safeguard its prongs against scratching the lenses of user eyewear and prevent it from slipping off, becoming loose, or shifting out of alignment. When magnification is no longer required, simply flip up and out of sight when not needed!

The MaxTV can be placed in any one of five vertical positions to achieve optimal viewing experience and maximize user field of vision. It comes equipped with a zippered case to protect it when not in use. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm. Please click HERE for more details.

3. VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope

Ocutech’s VES-Falcon autofocus bioptic, designed for individuals with moderate vision loss (20/300 or better), is intended for individuals weighing less than four ounces and with moderate vision loss (20/300). This lightweight (less than four ounces), wide field of view Keplerian telescope fits easily into eyeglass frames. Available with different powers and prescription options to address either one or both eyes – making the device simple for low vision specialists to fit, demonstrate, and prescribe.

The Mini Focus Bioptic system is the world’s smallest, lightest and most cost-effective automatic focus bioptic solution available today. Offering 3x magnification in an easily transportable design for edge-to-edge image clarity.

Utilizing cutting-edge time-of-flight technology, this sophisticated bioptic provides hands-free clear, immediate and natural magnified vision at any distance with its cutting-edge parallax corrected Keplerian optics. Easy to use and fits seamlessly into a patient’s lifestyle thanks to its 4x, 12.5 degree Keplerian optical system – this advanced bioptic has everything needed for comfortable magnified viewing at all distances!

Telescopic vision aids are ideal for individuals with reduced vision who wish to continue engaging in their favorite activities despite reduced vision, such as watching television, sports, movies in the theater or at home; seeing signs and blackboards at school; shopping, traveling and mid-range distance activities including card and game playing, reading music and computer screens. Many of our customers have reported driving* successfully as well as participating in activities such as golfing, bowling, painting or fishing!

Ocutech Telescopic Systems are suitable for individuals of all ages with central vision loss and best corrected spectacle visual acuities between 20/60 and 20/300, who respond well to magnification from a telescopic system, such as activity goals that can be supported with its magnification. Prior to prescribing one of their systems, Ocutech recommends performing a comprehensive evaluation on each potential user and prescribing accordingly.

4. VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope

For individuals with 20/300 vision or better, the Falcon autofocus bioptic telescope is an adaptable and comfortable device. The telescopic lens provides magnification at activity distances for reading, hobbies, sports, watching television or driving activities and other purposes.

The Falcon was developed and tested over six years to deliver natural magnified vision to visually impaired individuals. It features advanced time-of-flight technology and delivers unsurpassed image clarity and brightness, all while remaining lightweight, ergonomic and fully adjustable for comfortable all-day viewing.

The VES-Falcon was created with low vision specialists in mind, making fitting, demonstrating, and prescribing easy. Its modular mechanical mounting system allows a prescriber to independently assemble and adjust it for every patient he sees – no one-off appointments necessary! Wearable frames such as traditional plastic eyewear frames as well as Ocutech’s specially crafted custom frames (in various styles, colors, sizes – including pediatric) may be used with it.

Individuals who prefer Galilean telescope-style devices will appreciate Ocutech’s VES-Explorer manual focus bioptic telescope. Boasting Ocutech’s wide field-of-view Keplerian optics, its small, lightweight and comfortable design offers edge-to-edge image sharpness for effortless wear all day long – ideal for individuals with moderate vision loss of 20/200 or better.

Ocutech’s VES-Mini autofocus bioptic telescope is one of the smallest and lightest bioptic systems, using state-of-the-art time-of-flight imaging technology to instantly and automatically adapt to patient viewing needs. Comfortably wear it all day long weighing less than four ounces! The Mini is ideal for viewing television, movies and sporting events, seeing faces in school, shopping for clothes or books at stores or driving*. Mid-range distance activities like tabletop card or board game playback, reading or tabletop card/board game playback may also benefit. When combined with appropriate motivation from low vision professionals and assistance through telescopic systems such as these one can live an active life including family life, travel, exercise music and hobbies.

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