A Desktop Video Magnifier With Speech-To-Text Capabilities

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Magnifies text, photographs and other materials and reads them aloud for individuals who may have difficulty reading and completing tasks that involve writing or using the computer.

TOPAZ desktop video magnifiers are designed for user convenience. Simply connect the magnifier to a monitor, connect a mouse or touchpad and enjoy magnification, scanning, computer connectivity and much more!

Compact 10 HD Speech

The Compact 10 HD Speech was designed with versatility in mind, offering all the advantages of magnification as well as text-to-speech technology. Users can take a picture of any document they want read aloud; this device can help individuals who may have difficulty with visual limitations in reading or writing to do so without struggle. Featuring a large HD LCD monitor with continuous zoom up to 14x and flip out handle for hands-free use.

The main reading camera is located smack dab in the centre of the screen for easy and intuitive operation. A long press of the mode button enables users to switch between Easy and Advanced modes and tailor their user interface according to individual needs – including choosing colour themes, button positions and light/sound settings.

This video magnifier is equipped with many useful features, including a gliding reading table, plenty of workspace under the camera, LED lighting and unique Find and Freeze Frame features. Furthermore, the device is fully portable allowing it to easily fit in a purse or backpack for convenient travel.

Users can quickly select their desired magnification level on the touchscreen display, with six preloaded high-contrast color modes that make text and objects easier to see, as well as an auto-focus feature for even easier navigating and using of this device.

The TOPAZ desktop video magnifiers combine ease-of-use and powerful features to help individuals maintain their independence, enabling them to complete daily tasks with confidence and without fatigue. All devices in this series are highly versatile, boasting features like wide magnification range, gliding reading table, plenty of workspace under camera, LED lighting and special Find/Freeze Frame features. They can even connect to computers and be used with GEM software that processes, acquires and reads documents or photos aloud aloud; different monitor sizes available are designed to suit individual lifestyle needs.


RUBY XL HD is a handheld video magnifier designed to help individuals easily read documents, photos and other objects more efficiently. Equipped with an HD camera capable of magnifying objects up to 14x magnification and an 5″ LCD widescreen for viewing purposes. Furthermore, this unit can freeze an image for later transfer via USB as well as store up to 80 saved images for later review and transfer to computers via memory stick. Featuring tactile buttons in different colors that easily allow individuals to change magnification level or color mode selection as well as add Reading Line or Mask options easily.

TOPAZ EZ HD offers users all of the convenience and productivity benefits of a desktop video magnifier in an easily portable unit that folds away like a laptop. Its lightweight body makes it simple to transport while featuring autofocus, HD camera with intuitive controls, six pre-configured high-contrast color modes as well as adjustable reading lines and masks – ideal for travel!

The 5″ LCD display brings out every fine detail, offering continuous zoom of up to 14x for reading books, magazines, labels, newspapers and more. The fold-out handle has two positions to ensure firm and balanced grip; tactile buttons in different colors enable users to quickly adjust magnification levels or select color modes; Reading Line or Mask can even be added. Plus it swivels for optimal positioning! And comes in traditional red with colored buttons!

TOPAZ desktop video magnifiers are specially designed to be used at home, work and school as well as anywhere on the go. Each model offers extra features and connectivity options that enable people to maintain their independence with confidence. Options available for connecting a device to a computer include computer-to-device connection, large monitor that can be used both as an interactive reading surface and writing surface, keyboard and mouse control, extra battery packs for extended usage hours, as well as compact TOPAZ 7 XL units and midrange TOPAZ 8 XL models as well as large TOPAC 9 XL versions. The TOPAC 9 XL series also comes in different compact versions, the TOPAZ 7 XL. All models can be equipped with optional GEM software to transfer magnified images directly onto a computer screen for more comfortable and productive reading and writing experiences. In addition, GEM enables users to create text-to-speech recordings which are then utilized by Topaz for reading aloud purposes.


The RUBY 7 HD provides crystal clear HD magnification right in the palm of your hand. This lightweight device fits in your pocket seamlessly, while its five-inch screen brings out every fine detail – magnifying books, photos, newspapers, medicines, labels and more up to 14 times. It swivels for multiple viewing angles while its easy handle snaps open for comfortable reading across documents with natural angle reading lines or masks – color coded tactile buttons allow users to easily adjust magnification, color mode selection or add reading lines and masks – color-coded tactile buttons make these adjustments effortless – great if used while reading.

With just a touch of the touchscreen, TOPAZ EZ HD becomes an OCR video magnifier with speech, so that you can use it to scan documents and read them aloud. Boasting high-definition video, autofocus capabilities, six customizable high contrast modes (six by default and 27 customizable for user selection), ergonomic controls and adjustable reading lines/masks; it offers visual assistance at home, work or school – making TOPAZ EZ HD an excellent solution for comfortable yet productive visual assistance wherever it may be used – be it at home, work or school or on-the-go!

TOPAZ Pro HD offers a large, bright display and magnification levels ranging from 3x to 22x for crisp images with exceptional clarity, making it the ideal portable video magnifier for those with low vision who require magnification for reading or daily tasks. Equipped with features such as Freeze Frame and Find, this powerful device seamlessly fits into everyday routines.

The RUBY 7 HD Portable makes reading easier than ever before, featuring a seven-inch screen that displays more text and magnifies materials up to 24 times, making it the most portable device of its kind. Its swivel screen flips up for comfortable angle reading of books, magazines and mail while its PivotCam camera provides various viewing modes such as spotting reading writing hobbies distance viewing mirror-image self view. As leader of its generation of handheld video magnifiers.


TOPAZ XL HD is an easy-to-use desktop video magnifier combining a high-definition camera, scanning, and reading capability into one compact package for magnification, scanning, and speech-to-text services. Featuring a 22″ monitor for optimal viewing area and HD quality camera to deliver sharp images even at higher magnification levels; additional advanced features found in RUBY HD such as built-in reading stand to keep screen at comfortable angle while sliding across text pages; GEM ™ 4.0 software which sends HD images directly from camera directly into Freedom Scientific OpenBook scanning/reading software which performs optical character recognition as well as reading aloud automatically for reading aloud!

TOPAZ HD’s anti-glare LCD monitor and reading stand make it simple to get started on daily tasks while enjoying bright, clear pictures with high contrast colors and magnification options that provide versatility. Use its built-in microphone to record yourself speaking to the computer to have it read text back aloud; or connect a TTS device (sold separately) for hands-free speech to text functionality.

The TOPAZ desktop video magnifier offers a larger monitor and more workspace below the camera for ease of working with large documents or multiple sheets of paper. In addition, its reading stand can be adjusted to meet your preferred reading angle and special features like Find and Freeze Frame assist with daily tasks.

TOPAZ Ultra is a portable video magnifier designed to keep up with your hectic lifestyle. Featuring a convenient flip-out handle and large HD display with zoom up to 14x capabilities, this magnifier can assist with reading, writing, chores or hobbies in no time at all! Additionally it comes equipped with its own carrying case and makes an excellent solution for students, office professionals and anyone needing magnification for productive purposes both on-the-go and at home.

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