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No matter where it’s used, 7x handheld magnifiers are essential tools for those living with low vision. Equipped with aspheric lenses to eliminate distortion while LED lighting provides bright illumination without needing replacement; plus they’re convenient enough to use with an optional stand (sold separately).

Optelec PowerMag+ Bright White LED Magnifier

PowerMag+ LED handheld magnifiers offer bright white LED lighting that is consistent and high-contrast for clearer images. Their aspheric lightweight magnifying lens is scratch-resistant for an accurate, sharply defined image across their wide field of view, while their stand magnifier is simple yet ergonomic with a switch that rests directly on reading material to set an optimum focal distance that reduces user fatigue. Requiring three AAA batteries (included). Limited Lifetime Warranty. With protective microfiber drawstring pouch.

Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Measuring Magnifier

The Hastings Triplet loupe features three individual lenses bonded together into a compound lens for clear and sharp magnified images without distortion or color degradation, even at 10X magnification. Highly corrected against spherical and chromatic aberration ensures color quality is never degraded – keeping every part of the image in focus even at 10X magnification! Its frame has been specially designed not to reflect light back onto whatever object being observed while its hinged top case provides easy handling – used widely by jewelers when grading diamonds or gemstones due to providing precise images capable of identifying flaws in high contrast objects that have high contrast objects.

These pocket magnifiers fit easily in the palm of your hand, providing distortion-free views necessary for precision work in tool and die making, engraving, and biology. Lenses are mounted on durable yet lightweight plastic frames which fold away into an attached case for safe storage; some models include an aspheric lens which illuminates when the handle is opened while some feature built-in scales for measurement scales (sold separately). Each pocket magnifier requires two AAA batteries for operation.

LL-77 LumiLoupe

The LL-77 LumiLoupe turns everyday objects into extraordinary by revealing details you hadn’t noticed before. With its prefocused dual lenses and transparent base made from transparent glass allowing ambient light to illuminate its subject for clear viewing – choose this 7x power version for insects, plants, seeds, maps and more!

Carson is a company with more than two decades in the industry and stands out as being dedicated to client care, creating products to satisfy demand while helping users go above and beyond expectations. Their experience and technology made the LL-77 LumiLoupe an excellent option for magnifying objects beautifully.

The LL-77 Magnifying Glass is an ideal tool for coin collectors, hobbyists, and other enthusiasts. Additionally, its compact yet lightweight design makes it easy to transport. The LL-77 magnifying glass is designed to last, featuring durable construction that’s scratch-proof for extended use. Choose between three distinct colors to find one that reflects your own personal preferences, plus it comes complete with its own protective case for safe transportation and storage. Lens coating ensures maximum clarity and durability for this magnifying glass, making operation simple thanks to a convenient on/off button on its side. Powered by two AAA batteries (not included), it can be found at most online and brick and mortar stores as well as directly through its manufacturer.

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