The Schenbach Maxtv – A Binocular Telescopic Viewer For Low Vision

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Watching television is an enjoyable pastime, be it for entertainment, news or sporting events; but many older adults struggle with viewing images clearly on their television screen.

The Eschenbach Maxtv provides an easy, affordable solution for anyone with low vision who finds television viewing challenging.

Binocular Telescopic Option

Distance viewing is an integral component of life for many patients with low vision, making the Eschenbach Maxtv an effective binocular telescopic device for distance viewing tasks. Easy to fit and train patients on, this system can benefit many different individuals with various prescriptions.

The Eschenbach Maxtv is a small and lightweight optical system that utilizes Galilean technology to deliver a bright image. Galilean systems consist of positive objective lens and negative ocular lens combined together into magnification system that can be frame mounted or hand held for viewing applications such as extended viewing tasks or spotting applications. Unlike traditional monocular telescopes, the Eschenbach Maxtv allows quick changes to magnification by simply moving its positioning within its housing; making quick adjustments tailored specifically for patients’ needs quickly without going back into laboratory facilities.

The Eschenbach MAXTV distance viewer is designed for easy use. Simply clipping on to a prescription pair of spectacles, this handy magnifier doubles any television screen to help patients easily watch and read subtitles or quiz show questions with ease. However, beyond TV viewing alone it can also be used for reading, sports events, movies, theatre performances, bird watching, etc.

Ideal for Sedentary Distance Viewing

Clipped onto prescription spectacles, the hands-free magnifier allows TV viewing without having to remove your glasses, even for reading subtitles or watching quiz shows. With its 2.1x magnification providing double the size of your television screen and separate lens focus adjustment (up to +3 diopters), making this magnifier an adaptable distance magnifier suitable for watching television shows, sporting events, movies theatre birding etc where magnified images would benefit.

The Eschenbach Maxtv is designed to be easy for most patients to use and has a short learning curve, providing immediate gratification from its use. However, please keep in mind that it should only be worn while sitting still as increased magnification could increase risk of falls.

The Eschenbach Maxtv Telescopic Binoculars are highly recommended by low vision clinicians as an easy, practical, and cost-effective solution for distance viewing. Ideal for enhancing quality of life while engaging in activities they love – contact us now and our friendly team would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about them or other low vision aids – they look forward to speaking to you!

Easy to Operate

The eschenbach maxtv was created for ease of use. This device features a simple clip-on spectacle magnifier that easily connects with any pair of prescription spectacles, doubling the size of TV screens at comfortable viewing distances for movies, quiz shows, sporting events and anything else you may enjoy viewing.

The Eschenbach Maxtv Magnifying Glass is ideal for watching subtitles and reading the news or books on tablets or laptops, and for people who struggle to read small print. Available with various magnification options to meet individual needs – it is lightweight and portable making it the ideal portable magnifying glass to take with glasses or contact lenses on trips.

Great Value

This binocular telescopic viewer is made with premium materials, is easy to operate and provides great value. A perfect choice for anyone interested in using binocular telescopic viewers without breaking the bank!

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