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IrisVision uses smartphone-based virtual reality to assist those living with severe macular degeneration regain their independence. This headset device boasts a 70-degree field of view – six times larger than most other headset devices on the market today – as well as contrast adjustment features and black and white reading mode for improved reading ability.

You can use the device while sitting, though walking while using it will reduce peripheral vision and alter depth perception, leading to decreased peripheral vision and altered depth perception – this may cause dizziness when first trying out this technology.

Cost of device

IrisVision uses virtual reality to help those suffering from severe macular degeneration see better. Based in Pleasanton, California, the Pleasanton-based company has created a software system compatible with Samsung VR headsets to assist in helping these individuals overcome blindness. They also offer training sessions so customers can navigate its various options effectively. Already used at 80 ophthalmology centers nationwide and costing $2,500 including both an Android smartphone and Gear headset from Samsung, the device costs just as well.

LVES’ computer program works in tandem with a Samsung Galaxy phone and headset to magnify one’s surroundings, display live images of nearby objects, and aid people suffering from eye diseases such as glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa. Furthermore, the device offers an adjustable 70 degree field of view which is tailored specifically for each patient.

IrisVision has taken steps to make its software hardware independent in order to take advantage of economies of scale and keep pricing at an all-time low. Furthermore, digital therapies may assist patients in managing cognitive functions while wearing its device.

Cost of software

IrisVision is a low vision aid designed to assist those with macular degeneration or other eye conditions see better. Equipped with a built-in camera that feeds live images to its user, magnifying objects to help navigate their surroundings while reading text, adjusting contrast/luminosity settings and bioptic mode, this software is currently used at 80 US ophthalmology centers and costs $2,500.

The startup’s founding team boasts extensive backgrounds in healthcare and collaborated to develop its technology. Werblin brings expertise in retinal function research while Khan brings expertise in mobile technology; together they secured over $6 Million funding for their project from investors and Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute as part of their collaboration in fighting blindness.

This device employs a smartphone and has a 70-degree field of view, which is wider than other low vision devices. IrisBubble lets the user zoom in without disturbing the surrounding scene; additionally it detects glare and sunlight – both common problems for people with low vision – while an inverted reading mode improves contrast for easier text reading; it can even detect landmarks like faces so users gain more knowledge about their environment.

Cost of monthly subscription

IrisVision is a virtual reality (VR) device designed to aid those living with low vision. Combining research from eye experts with Samsung Gear VR headset, it helps users overcome conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and Stargardt disease.

Unlike many vision aids, the IrisVision device is hardware independent – meaning it works on any headset and doesn’t require special software – meaning it can also be sold at a lower cost.

IrisVision systems cost $2,500, including both device and Samsung Gear VR headset. It includes numerous features like image contrasting/luminosity modes, bioptic mode to magnify an area of the screen, digital lenses and television interface. Furthermore, training sessions with IrisVision representatives are offered to walk customers through using its software.

Cost of service

IrisVision is an innovative wearable device for people living with low vision. Specifically targeting macular degeneration and other eye conditions, this wearable can help users improve their vision to near 20/20 using virtual reality glasses and special software to magnify images, with training provided as part of rehabilitation for low vision rehabilitation built-in. Available at participating independent opticians for an annual membership fee paid directly debit.

The company combines research from top vision experts, an innovative custom software platform and Samsung Gear VR hardware into their device, creating its device. Designed for patients of all ages and vision conditions, its features include image contrasting and luminosity adjustment; bioptic mode which magnifies a specific area on screen; as well as digital lenses.

IrisVision stands out from other vision aids by being designed to offer a more holistic experience for users. Additionally, they’re working on digital therapies to assist patients in performing daily tasks with less effort; their telehealth features are due for release sometime around 2020; additionally the headset can monitor vital indicators of patient health that allow doctors to create more effective treatment plans; choosing to partner with an established hardware giant such as Samsung was smart as this allows IrisVision to leverage economies of scale and production costs associated with larger businesses like this one.

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