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The RUBY HD handheld video magnifier offers portability with advanced features. Its 4.3-inch screen and built-in LED lighting deliver magnified, high-contrast images without distortion; while its sleek design tucks conveniently into pockets or purses for accessing photos, prescription labels, menus, etc.

Magnifies materials up to 14x – books, photographs, newspapers, medications and labels. Hold as a traditional magnifying glass or fold it flat against a page for flat use; easy navigation via color-coded tactile buttons.


The RUBY HD handheld video magnifier takes magnification to a whole new level for those needing help reading text and seeing details. Weighing 7.7 ounces and featuring a carrying case, wrist strap, batteries, and charger; its sleek design makes it easy to take with you in your pocket or purse.

RUBY handheld video magnifiers are unlike traditional magnifiers in that they provide a larger, clear image with high contrast modes for easier viewing, as well as a sliding zoom function to help users select magnification without turning around the unit. They’re ideal for inspecting photographs, letters, prescription labels, menus or other documents at home or restaurants alike – small enough to fit easily in pockets or purses and battery powered rechargeable features make it convenient to take with you on the go.

Freedom Scientific recently acquired a handheld video magnifier, known as the Ruby 7 HD, that boasts a larger screen than previous models. This new handheld magnifier provides magnification up to 24x with PivotCam rotating camera capabilities that extend viewing benefits further. Furthermore, its easier layout makes operating it less daunting for those less accustomed to technology products.

4.3-inch LCD Display The bright and full color 4.3-inch LCD display makes for easy reading in low light conditions, whether held using the folding handle as with traditional magnifying glasses or laid flat on pages for hands-free use. Images may be frozen to examine in greater detail before being saved into memory and transferred via USB to computers for viewing or even frozen entirely to examine in greater depth. Furthermore, Reading Line and Masks modes add even further ease of use.


The Ruby HD provides advanced magnification for those needing help reading text and seeing details. It is a handheld video magnifier with a seven-inch screen and PivotCam rotating camera that offers various viewing modes such as spotting, reading, writing, working on hobbies, distance viewing and mirror-image self-views – yet fits in your hand like traditional magnifying glasses! It is easy to use and fits nicely like traditional magnifying glasses.

This high-definition camera comes with a fold-out handle for convenient, ergonomic gripping. The HD camera delivers crystal-clear images for restaurant menus, photographs, prescription labels and groceries at the store – as well as simple controls enabling zoom from 2x-14x and freezing images on screen for further examination. Furthermore, the device also has an autofocus feature so users can move around freely without losing focus of what they are viewing onscreen.

With its large tactile buttons and intuitive interface, this handheld video magnifier is easily navigable. Weighing only 10.5 ounces, its compact form factor makes it portable enough to use at home, work or on-the-go – snap open to hold screen at natural angle as you read, lay flat for document viewing without hands-free usage and 20 high contrast color modes for your visual comfort and Reading Line/Masks to help keep track of where you are!

Handheld CCTVs can be extremely helpful tools for individuals with low vision who require hard copy materials for work or everyday activities, but are unable to read textbooks or novels comfortably. While not ideal, handheld CCTVs may still prove beneficial for reviewing printed material such as diagrams or photos in short term reviews.


The Ruby Handheld Video Magnifier is an invaluable device designed to help those with low vision. Equipped with three dedicated cameras, this magnifier can easily make text, photos and other objects easily viewed up close in detail. A second camera can even read aloud pages printed text aloud while another takes photographs at distance allowing for easy page retrieval and location while on-the-go. This enables people with limited vision to quickly locate pages they need both at home or while away.

The new Ruby XL HD puts crystal-clear, HD magnification right in your hand. This compact device fits easily in any bag or pocket and its five-inch screen brings out even the finest details. Magnifying materials up to 14 times-books, photographs, newspapers, medications labels-this powerful magnifier has you covered! Additionally it includes a pivoting camera to extend viewing benefits.

Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for use at any location – from restaurant menus to letters in the mail. The folding handle allows hands-free viewing while its simple color-coded tactile buttons let you adjust magnification as well as select from different modes, including mirror image self-views.

Handheld CCTVs can be an ideal short-term tool when needed to quickly read texts, diagrams or pictures; however, they’re less suitable for reading books and other lengthy material. You should consider purchasing something larger and more powerful for long-term use if desired; there are numerous kinds of handheld video magnifiers on the market which should help with that as well. It may be beneficial to consult a rehabilitation center or vision specialist regarding their devices before making a purchase decision.

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