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Electronic video magnifiers can be an excellent way for technologically savvy patients to enjoy TV, movies and sporting events more fully. Before investing in one however, it’s wise to consult a low vision specialist at a Vision Rehabilitation clinic near your location in order to assess its suitability for use.

Optelec’s Compact 6 HD Wear accessory gives users hands-free magnification and text-to-speech. They can either choose between using it handheld, or locking it into its slot inside of the Wear to keep both hands free for using other tasks.


Small portable electronic magnifiers are perfect for users who desire the ease and versatility of video magnification without incurring the costs or bulk associated with larger stationary CCTV systems. These handhelds offer various features and HD images to assist those living with low vision with reading, working and enjoying life.

The RUBY 7 HD provides large screen, HD magnification and user-friendly design to meet the needs of many individuals with low vision. Its portability and user-friendliness make it perfect for busy lifestyles; featuring 5″ LCD display for clear images with zoom capabilities between 2x-14x, reading stand and flip out handle which provides stability for precise viewing capabilities.

Luna S is a lightweight portable video magnifier designed for daily use, making it simple for those with dexterity issues to operate using voice activation without buttons to press. Perfect for dining out at restaurants or malls alike. This lightweight magnifier makes every journey enjoyable!

Visolux Digital XL FHD handheld HD video magnifier offers more advanced technology than its predecessor models, making reading simpler than ever before. Its PivotCam rotating camera enables users to easily adjust reading angle for comfortable reading and increased clarity. HDMI and USB ports make connecting to computers or TVs a snap; or use as distance viewer with the optional desktop 24″ monitor docking stand!

Jordy is a portable battery-operated full-color system designed for near and far vision, resembling glasses that can be worn like glasses to see in all directions. It comes in two colors and can be worn either on headbands or armbands; when not being worn it can be set on stands for convenient reading of mail, books, magazines, signs, menus and more.


Head-mounted magnification devices offer hands-free magnification that is used for various tasks without using their hands, as they often come equipped with features like text-to-speech and optical character recognition. These devices are especially helpful for people with severe low vision or blindness who use these devices for reading, navigation or communication with others; however they may not suit all users due to covering one’s eyes and restricting field of vision; additionally they’re generally not recommended while walking or driving.

There are currently several head-mounted electronic visual enhancement systems (wEVESs) designed specifically to assist visually impaired individuals, and studies of daily tasks conducted at various distances have demonstrated improved performance by these devices. Unfortunately, however, most clinical trials have focused on single distance or near magnification only.

These devices aim to improve a user’s ability to perform tasks from various distances by incorporating cameras, near-eye displays and image processing software. There are two categories of magnifying devices on the market today – those which simply magnify an image and those with additional functions like text-to-speech functionality or text-to-speech functions; their popularity continues to increase thanks to advanced camera and display technologies as well as improvements in wearable hardware and advances in image processing technology.

Device 10 can recognize user input points that fall within its magnifying window by performing two ray cast operations to assess whether one from their point intersects the magnifying window and another to identify an unmagnified object corresponding to whatever magnified object their user is pointing towards – this information can then be used for hit testing and collision detection on magnified objects.

The Eye-01 device’s PortalTM feature appears to help enhance task performance at various distances when compared with magnification alone, according to studies of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Results, however, vary based on both AMD type and individual subject; some found its assistance helpful when searching shelves or words from signs for items or words on signs; whereas other found it harder to maintain an upright head posture during device usage.


A tablet wearable video magnifier is a portable device designed for wear like glasses. Featuring an HD monitor with full color images of objects being magnified, it can connect directly to either your home or office computer for additional magnification power, or work with various popular magnifying software programs. Perfect for people needing moderate to intense magnification who wish to travel easily with their magnifier, these magnifiers make excellent travel companions!

Some tablet devices feature optical character recognition (OCR) systems to read printed text aloud, making this feature ideal for people on the move who need to read mail, menus and bus schedules on-the-go. There are various OCR solutions on the market such as eSight, OrCam and CyberEyez available as options for OCR systems.

These systems are ideal for individuals seeking a portable magnification solution for reading and daily life activities without wanting to invest in an entirely dedicated magnification system. Portable video magnifiers are easy to use, offer high contrast modes and adjustable magnification levels; some even allow images to be saved onto computers so documents can be shared more easily between family members.

Optelec’s Compact 6 HD Wear is an innovative combination of handheld magnifier functionality with hands-free tablet design. Users can lock the Compact 6 HD into its Wear case to free their hands for tasks they couldn’t accomplish while holding a handheld magnifier, such as writing, cooking or paying bills. Furthermore, using it allows for ultimate relaxation when watching television or movies.

A lightweight, battery-operated portable magnifier can easily fit in a purse or briefcase for convenient transport between locations. With its large 10″ screen with customizable features and intuitive operation, full page text-to-speech, and short distance magnification capability (e.g. for cafe menus or bus schedules), this device is perfect for people who require both distant viewing as well as close up views; simply find power outlet with flat surface nearby!

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