Eschenbach Mobilux 4x Illuminated Magnifier

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Handheld illuminated magnifier, perfect for reading small print in telephone directories or price labels, features an easy-to-operate light switch with three filter settings to select different light colours; battery changes are quick and straightforward. Also features handy eyelet for use on lanyard.

Made in Germany with 5 year warranty. Includes case. Magnification 4x (16 Diopters). Lens material: Acrylate.


The lens boasts 4x magnification, making it suitable for most reading needs. You can either use it on its stand in a mobase to enable hands-free work, or as a hand held magnifier; to get optimal results when using this magnifier, place yourself at least 4cm from whatever object is being magnified.

The Eschenbach Mobilux LED magnifier is an easy and efficient illuminated magnifier equipped with a round aspheric hard coated lens for quick magnification of small objects. Easily operated using its large light switch that offers two colors of illumination light sources, it makes work quick and straightforward.

Light source

Contrasting with traditional magnifying glasses, this illuminated handheld magnifier uses bright LED illumination for more natural illumination. SMD LED (light emitting diode) bulbs provide a whiter spectrum and longer useful life while offering lower usage costs. To soften its intensity further, small yellow filters are included with each bulb that can be snapped-on for three distinct illumination options.

Easy to operate, the lamp features a large light switch with easy-to-use controls and eyelet for lanyard attachment. Furthermore, batteries are easy to change (2 AAA batteries are included).

It is ideal for reading small print, such as that found in telephone directories or price tags, without any tremble or discomfort, while its upright position allows both hands to work behind it freely. Furthermore, its Mobase Stand (#1511-001) makes it ergonomically correct viewing height.

Battery life

Mobilux hand-held magnifiers feature powerful LED lighting. Patients often prefer this alternative light source due to its much brighter spectrum and nearly limitless usable lifespan (50,000 hours). LED batteries also last five times longer compared to incandescent lamps. Each magnifier includes three little snap-on filters to adjust color temperature and brightness by softening hue of LED light; additional features of Mobilux LED hand-held magnifiers include voltage regulation by step-up converter as well as clearly defined focal distance using aspheric lenses.


The case features a large, simple-to-use light switch and eyelet for attaching a lanyard. Furthermore, battery compartment is easily accessible while customized lighting colors via filters allow you to personalize your magnifier.

The mobilux LED magnifier can be used either hand-held or placed into a mobase stand for easy reading and viewing with both hands free to perform work behind it. Its ergonomic handle offers comfortable use in either mode – you can change from stand to handheld use at any time!

The mobilux LED provides an excellent view of small print, such as telephone directories or price tags, making it suitable for prolonged use.

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