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Enhanced Vision offers lightweight electronic magnifiers that are easy to use. A handheld magnifier is ideal for spot reading items in stores like grocery stores or newspaper articles – such as price tags.

Amigo HD is an advanced portable video magnifier (CCTV), equipped with a Sony full HD auto-focus camera and Full Page Text-to-Speech capabilities. Furthermore, this desktop hands-free magnifier offers convenient reading or working opportunities.

7-inch Widescreen LCD

Display breathtaking HD images with vibrant colors at any distance on an impressive 7-inch widescreen LCD, view enlarged images with magnification and contrast controls available at the press of a button, adjust magnification/contrast as needed for better reading of price tags, menus, letters, prescriptions books street signs etc with ease! Special filters improve visibility for those suffering from color blindness as well as reduce brightness without altering image clarity in case they have light sensitivity issues.

This 3.5 lb monitor easily fits into any bag, briefcase or backpack for convenient on-the-go magnification. Ideal for reading mail, magazines, newspapers, prescriptions and books on-the-go; viewing family photos; seeing objects at various distances and saving captured images! A hands free desktop position also allows easy writing, filing nails or working on hobbies!

Dynamic Contrast

Dynamic Contrast is a feature designed to increase contrast among similar colors by adjusting image luminance to maximize contrast in either dark or light areas of a picture. This technology is implemented into MEGA Side Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging, and MEGA Live Imaging so as to increase sonar return visibility under different water conditions, ranges, depths. As default settings it comes standard on these modes but may also be selected via MEGA Fusion settings.

This handheld, portable electronic magnifier from Enhanced Vision enables users to read small print with magnifications between 3.5 times and 14 times and choose their ideal color contrast setting. At only 1.3 pounds and featuring an ultralightweight 7-inch HD display screen, its autofocus function and one-push manual focus makes using it effortless – you can even connect it directly to any television to project images onto larger displays!

This lightweight and portable reader is perfect for reading price tags, menus, labels, mail, street signs and more. Simply place it directly over text or use its hands free functionality to view objects at a distance; magnification and contrast settings can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button – making it perfect for travel; it fits easily in a purse or backpack and comes with phone and email support as well as a two-year warranty! Available online retailers as well as retail locations.

Easy to Use

Watch full-color magnified HD images on a portable monitor that is thin, lightweight and battery operated – no cables to worry about! With its 13.3-inch display weighing only 3.5 lbs – making transport convenient! Simply tuck it away in your backpack, briefcase or bag for hassle-free transport.

Use this handheld portable electronic magnifier to read price tags, menus, mail, newspapers and street signs with ease! With auto focus and one push manual focus features it’s incredibly user-friendly!

These portable reading magnifiers offer high definition magnification on the go – perfect for viewing price tags at grocery stores or signing credit card slips.

This computer-compatible HD video magnifier offers both magnification and full-page text-to-speech OCR. The 24-inch, high-resolution LCD pivots for self-viewing or distance viewing and 28 color modes ensure optimal image quality. A two-year warranty ensures peace of mind; telephone and online support is also available. Furthermore, this device can even serve as a CCTV connected directly to a computer or tablet for extra convenience; simply set it up, manage it easily, maintain it on an ongoing basis and get hands-free desktop positioning so you can focus on paying bills, working on hobbies or taking care of other tasks necessary.


View images enlarged on a generous, widescreen LCD, while easily adjusting magnification and contrast at the touch of a button. Its compact, lightweight design makes this portable monitor perfect for taking with you on travels for reading price tags, menus, mail, newspapers or street signs on-the-go – plus Amigo offers hands-free desktop use which makes signing bills or working on hobbies much simpler!

Reach out to Enhanced Vision today for more information or a demonstration. Our services span Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

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