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An electronic reading aid can provide visually impaired people with maximum independence and maximize what vision remains. Different devices provide lighting, reading magnification adjustment, image capture and color contrast control features as well as options that enlarge or scan text and read it aloud. A low vision specialist can offer guidance in selecting an effective reading aid to meet individual needs.


Optelec offers electronic video magnifiers, e-readers and text-to-speech reading aids designed to maximize remaining vision to increase independence and quality of life. Their products feature high definition magnification, text-to-speech reading aids and scanning; wide screen HD displays with adjustable contrast settings; as well as built in LED task lighting – with desktop, portable and PC/laptop models being specifically tailored to help with tasks such as reading, writing, cooking, grooming, shopping schoolwork or socializing

Optelec’s Compact 6 HD Speech Dock is an accessory designed to turn their handheld Compact 6 HD Speech video magnifier into an easy and hands-free reading machine for full page text documents, providing users with severe low vision an ideal solution for reading documents or books without using their hands while benefitting from text-to-speech functionality and simple controls.

This device features two cameras – one designed for magnifying hard copy text when reading hard copies and another to capture images for processing through OCR for text-to-speech capabilities. It offers various modes, easy-to-use touchscreen navigation and setting customization so clients with smartphone experience can navigate it quickly. Furthermore, there are options to save captured images/documents, customize screen tracking lines, adjust contrast, speech rate settings as well as save captured documents/photographs quickly.

Kyle, aged eight years, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and suffered retinal scarring which resulted in vision loss. To help him cope with this disability he received both a monocular telescope and Optelec MultiView; immediately taking advantage of both self viewing functions and distance viewing mode when writing Valentine’s Day cards for friends as well as reading and schoolwork with it he has found immense benefit using it to keep pace with peers while engaging with school activities.

Handheld Magnifiers

Reading can be one of the more difficult tasks for those living with low vision, making reading one of their top concerns. Many low vision devices aim to ease this task for those suffering from macular degeneration, tunnel vision or other forms of visual impairments. A handheld magnifier is often an ideal solution to increase reading capabilities – this device comes in various styles and is easy to use; some models even feature LCD High definition screens which offer more than 12x magnification!

Dependent upon its style, handheld magnifiers can be lightweight and compact enough to easily fit in your purse or pocket. Many come equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights which help make images more legible in all lighting conditions – perfect for reading menus in dark restaurants, pricing on products or simply finding words on mail and receipts – handheld electronic magnifiers are an invaluable asset in daily life.

Stand optical magnifiers can be the ideal stationary solution. Designed to sit on a base or clamp onto tables or countertops for ease of use and convenience, stand optical magnifiers typically feature built-in LED lighting to increase contrast in images while offering up to 15x magnification power. They’re easy to operate and perfect for anyone wanting something they can use while watching TV or cooking!

There are handheld electronic magnifiers that connect directly to your TV or computer through HDMI cables for improved reading capabilities. These handheld magnifiers feature an easy to operate remote control that lets you move text up or down and left/right for maximum comfort for your eyes. Furthermore, these handheld models tend to be smaller and more compact than desktop magnifiers – perfect solutions for people with limited mobility or hand tremor.

Portable Magnifiers

Handheld electronic magnifiers are small handheld devices equipped with camera technology and screen attachment to display magnified images for easier viewing. The real-time image can serve as both a reading aid for printed or electronic documents as well as close up viewing of food or other objects. Typically lightweight (3-6 lbs), these devices often offer computer connectivity as well as screen options such as customized color mode selection, contrast settings and more.

Portable desktop electronic magnifiers resemble handheld electronic magnifiers in form, yet provide greater zooming power and more comprehensive features. These devices are intended for home and office use with large monitor-like screens that enable individuals to sit as close or far away from magnification for optimal viewing of images in HD quality. Additional features may include self-viewing (mirror image display for grooming purposes), distance viewing, computer/media connectivity features as well as more sophisticated computer/media connectivity features.

These devices feature text to speech capabilities for use with mobile phones, computers and electronic reading aids; video capture and editing features; as well as text to speech conversion from books or phone screens into computer voice. Furthermore, video capture and editing features allow individuals to record videos or edit them with included software before watching back later on their television screen or other external device for easy access.

These digital reading aids are perfect for people with low vision to easily view maps, menus, recipes, medication labels and more. They work great in settings like restaurants or stores where bright lighting requires convenient magnification – not to mention photographs both digital and physical!


Text-to-speech software converts digital text to voice aloud, making the text audible for students with visual impairments, hearing impairments or learning disabilities. Neural network AI voices may even sound more natural than native speakers with strong accents or poor vocal quality! Text-to-speech software also assists those unable or unwilling to record audio and may lack access to a recording studio or soundproof environment.

EPUB Working Group introduced Synthetic Speech Markup Language [ssml] and pronunciation lexicons into its specification of an EPUB eBook to improve rendering by reading systems. EPUB 3.0 supports these enhancements by permitting authors to use cascading style sheets [css2] for specifying desired properties of their book.

Text-to-Speech can provide students with disabilities an accessible solution when recording answers or reading test questions on an exam is difficult or impossible for them. This accommodation can be applied to passages, multiple-choice questions, constructed-response items as well as passages that contain multiple-choice questions or constructed response items; students can select to have them read aloud while depending on their accommodations listening back their responses for constructed response items.

To enable TTS on a Chromebook, select the gear in the lower right-hand corner and choose Settings, followed by More settings within those Settings and scrolling down until reaching Accessibility settings – Text-to-speech will now be on by default; to stop TTS press key again.

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech makes it simple and cost effective for you to transform text into human-like synthesized audio, giving customers personalized experiences while meeting accessibility requirements for applications, devices, and services. Customize voice quality as well as rate and pitch of output; with over 180 voices to choose from there’s sure to be one perfect for you. Take advantage of a free trial period to find one of these services which meets all your needs before paying monthly depending on character sent and processed each month after trial period ends – thereafter monthly charges apply according to number of characters sent and processed each month by Google Cloud.

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